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Follow Your Heart But Don’t Forget To Take Your Brain With You!

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By Victoria James.

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Sometimes we feel, “Am I really doing the right thing with my life?”, “The job I am doing is it matching with my interests or may be it is not what my inner self needs me to do.” To take a decision and stand by it, really is a hard thing to do. Moreover, quitting a job and pursue a career of your dreams is a tough decision to take. Many things are to be looked upon and there are many adjustments to make. “Follow your passion” is a common advice to take, however, it can be misleading at times. Someone who was passionate to become a doctor or a lawyer since his/her childhood and got able to pursue the dream, is really a lucky person.

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Taking a decision to quit my job and continue my studies was the most difficult time of my life. It was like diving into an unknown river by leaving my settled and satisfactory profession, it all mustered up my nerves. The exasperating fear inside me, about how to find a creditable career and whether my career progression trajectory would be affected by this gap, was building up. And this is what discourages many of us to choose between career and a job.

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One night when I was walking, under a dark sky with stars shining brightly, I asked myself, “Am I doing the right thing by quitting my job?” The answer was “Yes!” and let me mention that I am here because of that decision.

Working towards your dreams!

Picking out the best is little difficult, provided the choices are diverse. Is following your heart is a right thing or to be practical and going by salary prospects? Sometimes we have to face odds, it is not necessary that our career goals take us to the highest level of success within a short span of time. Risks have to be taken, it requires time and luck.

So, it took months for me to take a right decision, I took admission in MPhil and left my job to get a career of my dreams. Never ever sacrifice your dream due to so called economic stability, money can always be made, but, a dream once placed away would be tough to pick up over again.

Our present generation lacks decision making skills and there is a cut-throat competition due to scarcity of jobs. Therefore, many people get trapped in doing peculiar jobs to earn money rather than keeping faith in themselves to see superior days. If you feel your career path is not going to provide you with financial bliss, go for a part time job along with your dreams. Putting up with passions at free hours and complementing it with a job, works dual purposes- imaginative contentment and rolling in of extra income.

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Listen to your heart, motivation factor is a must and you must be ready to give your time to your passion. Success will follow you up if you love what you do.
The saying ‘follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you’ is quite appropriate for this scenario too!

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1 Comment

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    Joel Gibbs

    March 2, 2019 at 1:09 am

    Quite motivational!

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