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Our Favourite Tech from CES 2019



Our Favourite Tech from CES 2019

Like every year, this year also in January The Super Classy and Tech-savvy CES In Las Vegas had so much to offer. If you are into betting with Betway, we are sure you would love some of the gadgets that you can have in the near future.

While the Betway experience is great, we are sure you can expect a lot more – and that’s what we will talk about here.

With technology and Innovation Galore, it was nothing less than a tech extravaganza.
Everything there, had something to offer, something novel and exciting.
From super exciting 8K TVs to Super stylish and loaded smartphones. You say it and it was there. You bet!

Let’s see what are the products that stole the show:

From the world of TV, the main attraction was the Samsung 75-inch Micro LED 4K TV. The modular TV with modular panels was one of the main highlights.
Other significant ones, were LG signature OLED TV R. This TV can be rolled up into an aluminium base when not being used. A display of just 3mm thickness and amazing colour display, it stole the hearts of millions.

From the world of smartphones, there was HonorView20 also made a splash.
Huawei-owned Honor displayed its best design so far. The unique feature was the hole-punch display. The smartphone is a nice mobile with a good display.

From the world of VR, there was Oculus Quest. Facebook-owned Oculus. It launched and showcased its third VR headset.

It promised of near oculus rift like feel and experience without the cumbersome wires. With superb design and hand-tracking controller technology, it made for a great and convenient VR headset.

In the world of computers, there were many showcased models from different brands. Some of them were Dell XPS 13 (2019). The repositioned webcam made it a better version of the previous one. It’s an upgraded version of the XPS 13 with Intel 8th-gen chip.

Another good laptop came from the house of Samsung – Samsung’s Notebook 9 Pro (2019). Samsung came with one of its best laptop models and it looks like this one can make the cut in 2019.

Another great one was the Huawei MacBook 13. This one is a very attractive, super-sleek portable and ergonomic model from Huawei.

A good gadget for the crypto junkies was Ledger Nano X.

For cryptocurrency geeks, it was a dream come true. The flash drive-sized Nano X comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It can be connected to computers and mobiles to send and receive Cryptocurrency wirelessly.
The one that really made people drool was the world of games. With Razer HyperSense Concepts, every shot, every move, every jump could be felt and experienced.

With the promise of making Gaming more expensive and action-packed. Razer showcased its new line of products. It included a gaming chair, keyboard wrist pad rest and gaming mouse with built-in haptic feedback.

CES 2019 was all about innovation and pushing the bar and raising expectations in the world of tech.

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