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Here Are Reasons Why you must change your old mobile phone to new ones now!

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The apparent reluctance of consumers to change their smartphones, bought in the period from 2015 to 2017, is justified. Most of them do not see the point in updating the device, which still performs all the tasks assigned to it, even if its age has exceeded the incredible by the standards of the modern market 4 years. However, everything can change this year. And the reason for the future changes is not 5G and not even the beginning trend for folding machines.

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The graph below shows that in the period from 2014 to 2017, the computing power of mobile processors has not increased. It was during this period that the so-called market decline occurred, which manifested itself in the reluctance of most consumers to upgrade to a new device. It is understandable, because the manufacturers, in fact, did not offer anything new, annually issuing the same devices with only slightly modified appearance and a set of minor functions. But that suddenly changed?

The most powerful processor for Android smartphones

It’s all about the capabilities of the latest Snapdragon 855, which provides a 45 percent increase in performance compared to the previous generation solution. This is the most significant leap in computing power that has occurred with mobile processors in recent years. In many ways, it became possible thanks to the development of Qualcomm, which produces chip Snapdragon 855, 7-nanometer manufacturing process.

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Many people mistakenly believe that performance gains no longer make sense, because the only thing you can load your smartphone with is games. However, the situation is quite different, because now manufacturers can begin to implement much bolder ideas. For example, to equip branded devices with really cool high-resolution cameras, photos from which will be processed in a fraction of a second, 5g support, which requires a lot of resources, as well as to begin to develop augmented reality technology, which has a really great future.

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