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Facebook develops new way to keep track of Android users

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It is believed that Android users are constantly in danger. Due to the openness of the operating system, giving the opportunity to freely install any SOFTWARE, as well as the lack of effective tools for pre-moderation of applications that fall into Google Play, the owners of devices based on the “green robot” and then at risk of malware. As a rule, this is actively used by scammers. But sometimes the machinations against users and build well-known developers.

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According to the resource Computer Weekly, Facebook was working on the creation of tools to spy on users. This is confirmed by the content of the correspondence of the former Vice-President of the social network for global policy Marnie Lynn Levin, leaked to the Network. According to these data, the company’s engineers were able to develop a unique technology that allowed to establish the current location of each user by comparing the data of cell towers and GPS in order to demonstrate advertisements targeted at the place of stay.

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How Facebook follows you

The main advantage of this method of making recommendations is the breadth of coverage. Even if the user has left the usual place of residence for the application, Facebook algorithms will be able to instantly rebuild and start recommending certain goods and services that he may need in a new place. This is very important for those who go on vacation or just change their place of residence. In this case, the application does not have to re-read the user’s preferences, and immediately begin to offer the necessary products.

Although it was planned that this method of collecting data about users will be completely impersonal, it was decided to use it not for the demonstration of advertisements, and for data, which Facebook has recently paid special attention. Instead of promoting products or services, targeting algorithms began to be used to recommend single users to each other. From this use of surveillance tools Facebook expects to gain much more money, making the site more popular among new users and advertisers.

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