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[STORY] ZADIRA – Another Love Journey (Episode 07)

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Episode 07.

“Aahh!” Michael groaned when the rays of light invade his eyes, he shaded his eyes with the back of his palm to avoid penetration of the light rays. He looked around to see bushes and stream. He also saw someone standing very close to the river.

“Zadira, is that you?” Michael asked. She has been talking to fishes in the river before Michael’s voice interrupted their conversation, she turned back to look at Michael who is staring stupidly at her.

“You are beautiful” Michael muttered unwittingly not knowing when and how those words escaped his lips, he scratch his head wondering why he was suddenly feeling nervous before the western Zadira who is now adored with white polo and feminine jean trouser with white feminine shoe.

“Thank you” she replied, her cheeks burn with so much excitement; a strange feeling she doesn’t know it exist. She learnt from a girl while wondering around the world that when your outward look is complimented, you have to appreciate.

“Ummhh..” he scratch his head as he move closer to her not knowing what else to say, he was thinking that he almost died and he is supposed to be in land of death or hospital not at river bank, he want to engulf her in a bear hug.

“Januumm!” The stream made sound as Michael drop inside in an attempt to hug Zadira but, she disappeared and she is very close to the river.

“You are wicked Zadira, go and wear bra am seeing the shape of your b—-t!” He scream and covered his eyes with his both palms to spite Zadira while standing inside the water, she giggle and remember something.

“Do you want to suck my b—-t?” She asked not knowing what she meant by that, she overheard a naughty girl with her boo on a date saying that when her boyfriend told her she has a big b—-t.

“Oohh.. my, forget just wear one” he gasp at the words of his Zadi as he fondly called her before today, the idea of making Zadira behave like human is a bad one. He shook his head and nod when Zadira showed a bra in her hand. She disappeared to wear it.



“Who is that? ” asked the blind old woman who is sitting in front of pavement of six rooms without protector, she flog her walking stick furiously thinking is umenel-agbara (sons of hades) have come visiting her to grant her ancestral passage as the custom demands for an elderly woman who had lived right.

“Ijele my beloved son” the woman said with so much joy undertone, Michael bend and kiss her cheeks. She touch his face and little drop of tears fall from her eyes, he named Michael after his own dad ’cause Michael behaves like him. They both lived together after the death of his father before Jackson asked him to live with them for better education.

“I thought something had happened to you, I had a bad dream and you died in the dream. That was why I called Jackson ’cause my dreams always comes to past” one thing the woman is not aware of that she has been a means of fulfilling the inevitable, Michael allow her touch him more to make her happy.

“Mama, is your Ijele in flesh and blood” Michael proclaimed happily as he kiss her again, the old woman is always affectionate about the boy that’s why Michael refuse telling her about what he had gone-through in the hands of his uncle her son Jackson. She was grateful that nothing wrong had happened to her Ijele. What would she have done if her dream had come to pass? God forbid! She said inwardly, rebuking the negative spirit.

“Why didn’t you return yesterday, Jackson said you were meant to arrive yesterday?” the blind old woman asked her son who in turn stare at Zadira suspiciously who has been enjoying the melo-drama that the both are displaying, one thing she didn’t know is that she has just experienced pure love that made her journey from the spirit world to mortal world.


“Can you imagine honey that idiotic boy that he is supposed to be in the village, went ahead and had an accident” Felicia complained in the car feeling unconcerned about the innocent boy’s life. They just received a call that Michael had an accident.

“That boy is cursed, this is how he killed his parents, he won’t be able to do the same to us” Jackson pull-over at the hospital parking lot as he and his wife marched into the ward.

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“He should just die and let us be” Felicia cursed as they march into the hospital ward, both of them wishing him the worst in the world.


“Sir and ma, we are sorry that your brother’s son body cannot be found in the emergency ward anymore” the doctor explained calmly, Jackson grab the doctor by his collar.

“You should better provide my brother’s son or you will rot in jail” he threaten the doctor with venom in his voice, the doctor didn’t say anything he brought out a recorder of how they wished the poor boy death. The couple left his office in shame.


“Mama, there is no salt ooohh” Michael complained when he searched the house to find out the salt has finished. Zadira appeared with a satchet of salt wearing a short red gown and a red high heels looking astonishingly and ‘breath-takingly’ beautiful (I don’t know if you can find that word in the dictionary o, so go and argue with your ancestors) taking the breath of Michael away whose greedy eyes refused to leave her body. He was surprised that Zadira is looking more beautiful recently.

“Is Zadira not beautiful?”

To Be Continued…..

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