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[STORY] ZADIRA – Another Love Journey (Episode 04)

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Episode 04.

“Is that you, Zadi?” Michael asked with surprised and happy tone, she turn sharply smiling broadly that took breath from everything that draws breath. the sun stood still on her beautiful face. If there is a word more than beautiful, that is what she is.

“the one and only Princess Zadira” she walk to his front, standing close to him. Michael sap in the beauty before him.

“Eeh… ee…” he scratch his head not knowing how to say what he intended to, she raise her eyebrows urging him to go on. He showed her the tray that is now empty.

“Since you have sold it in your palace, can I have my money?” he asked smiling sheepishly, passersby where wondering why he is standing and talking like someone is with him.

“Hahaha” she couldn’t help it but laugh at him, she raise her right hand on the air. A thousand note appeared on her hand, she gave it to him, to his amazement and bewilderment.


“Oh… Lord I am very very grateful, for all you have done for me…” Felicia sing sweetly with her nice voice, she is the current song leader in the church.

“Mummy, am hungry” little Adaora complained, she has eaten already but she is fond of wasting food and as mummy princess no one dares scold her little Adaora else the person will surely face her wrath.

“Go and take from the pot, the remains is for Michael” she run her hands on her beautiful hairs, Adaora giggle and left for the kitchen.


“Aunty, good afternoon” Michael greeted happily, dropping the tray on the tiled floor pavement, the bulb in the passage isn’t showing any light which means PHCN have withhold their light..

“Aaahh… you are back already? ” Felicia asked suspiciously eyeing the tray! she is not expecting him to be back by this time or coming home with empty tray. She stretches her hand to have the money.

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“Do you owe anybody, cause you’re giving me one thousand naira” Michael explained how a good samaritan, bought all the pawpaw fruits and also asked him to keep the change.

“Aunty, are you no longer going to give me the 500naira for my exam fee?” Michael asked when his aunty refuse to bring up the topic of his exam fee payment.

“Tomorrow morning” he walk inside the house straight to the kitchen to feed the worrisome worms in his stomach, Felicia glance at the one thousand naira note that lie on the white plastic chair beside her. She will add it with 29,000naira she has at home to buy a new android phone. She hissed and continue making up.


“So this boy want to stop me from buying this phone” she took one thousand naira from the 30 thousand wad of naira on the study desk, she hide it under the bed.

“My money ooohh…” her husband stands up from the bed to see her wailing, at the bed side. He stands before her.

“What happened? ” he held her hands, looking confused. She made a mock cry that her plan is working.

“Honey, can you imagine that the thirty thousand naira I dropped on your study desk that one thousand is missing from it” her husband shouted what, rush out of the room, one thing he had in mind was to beat Michael.
“My money ooohh….My money ooohh’’ she kept on wailing in mockery whilst smiling inwardly to herself.


“Uncle good morning; I’m ready to…..” he stopped halfway on seeing his enraged uncle coming with a straight face to where he is arranging his books inside the sitting room, he became frightened. His uncle slapped him without a second thought.

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“What is good about the morning, you thief!” He slapped him again, Felicia behind them hold her husband back from beating him. She has a perfect punishment for him.

“Go and use the money you stole, and pay for your exams”. Felicia said with a serious face.

Tears drop from his eyes as the couple walk out on him. He wondered what he ever did to warrant this kind of punishment. “God why? why do bad thing always befall good people? Now how am I a going to pay for my exam fee? They didn’t even allow me to defend myself…” he laments bitterly.


“Haaa!” Zadira appeared in Jackson and Felicia’s bedroom, a flame of fire burn on her body cause of fury. She waves her hand and the wad of naira on the table disappeared including the one under the bed.

“O Zadira!”

To Be Continued….

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