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Sony promise to surpass Face ID in 2019

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In 2019, Sony will launch the production of smartphones with support for facial recognition technology, which will be provided by a hardware complex like the TrueDepth system from Apple. However, unlike the cupertin solution, the development of the Japanese will be more perfect, identifying the owner by his face with greater accuracy and thus reducing to a minimum the probability of erroneous unlock, which sometimes suffers Face ID.

Fundamentally, Sony’s facial recognition technology will replicate the echolocation that bats use for orientation in space. This means that, in contrast to the Face ID, which is based on the projection of laser points on the face of the user, Sony will use the wave pulsation. Thanks to her smartphone will calculate the time it takes wave to reach the face and all kinds of projections on it and back.
Face recognition from Sony

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Unlike Face ID, Sony’s proprietary development will be able to produce identification even with significant removal. According to representatives of the company, the recognition will occur even if the owner is at a distance of 5 meters from the camera. It is interesting that such a range has not had a negative impact on the quality of recognition. For successful unlock still requires open eyes and the naked lower part of the face of the owner.

Unfortunately, mass production of smartphones with the latest face recognition technology will not start until the summer of 2019. According to representatives of Sony, they need a little more time to bring the technology to perfection, optimizing it in accordance with the requirements of the software. Given the complexity of the implementation, the technology should be expected only from Sony’s flagship devices.

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