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JOB INTERVIEW: How Much Should We Pay You As Salary? Is It A Trick? Best Answer

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One of the toughest question one can encounter in a job interview is when being asked the “Amount to be paid” as an employee.
Over times, many has ended up losing job opportunities due to response given to this kind of question.

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How Much Do You Want To Be Paid? Is it a trick? What are you supposed to give as an answer?
Well, if you’re lost in this circle, thinking of answers to give. We here at ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT are sure to help you out with ways and how to escape using simple tricks/procedures.

Who doesn’t want fat earnings? Who doesn’t want to be paid big? Of course, everyone’s dream is to earn big irrespective of what they’re doing.

The funny reality remains; “Every organization knows what you’re entitled to get/receive on daily basis“, but most times, such questions are meant to test your level of greediness and integrity. And that’s why many job applicants have lost juicy positions due to this simple-tricky question.

Some answers on the internet says; “always run deep-in checks on the company/firm before applying” “seek more informations from already-workers in the company/firm” etc…

Well, these answers are pretty okay and good to go with, but what about cases whereby you didn’t except to get that type of question? Or situation whereby they company is still a start-up firm? Or happens to be the first thing you’re asked? Or better still in other forms that might get you off-set?.

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In tackling this question, it depends on the kind of company/organization you’re dealing with.
From our researches here at ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT, we discovered;
Companies mostly held by blacks, asks this question and end up misbehaving while
Companies held by whites, seeks your opinion to know what you’re aiming at, and probably capable of.
(Kindly disregard thoughts of hating “blacks” for doing this, it’s a funny-truth. Meanwhile, not all blacks posses this type of treatment in dealings, only few does).


  • Do they have pension plan?
  • What other benefits or perks are to be expected?
  • Do they pay bonuses and commissions?
  • Is there access to soft loans?
  • Is there a well defined career path?
  • Are there “leave allowances“?
  • Do they have “weekends off“?

Kindly tackle these before going ahead to make your salary/earning claimant!


– I believe the company has a payment scheme and I don’t mind being part of it. Am here to serve.

The above answer is a killer response, no matter how trick-ish the interviewer might be, you as an interviewee must win succumb without losing positions and every other entitlement from the firm.

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We hope this help! Which other best answer(s) do you feel one can give this type of interview question? Let’s have chats in the comment section guys!

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