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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 43)



Episode 43.

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Skylar’s P.O.V

“Drew, go put the suitcases inside!” I yelled over my shoulder. Ryder who was next to me chuckled and shook his head. “You’re impossible Skylar.” He laughed as he saw Drew put his hands on his hips and tapping his foot impatiently.
“You put them there.” He squeaked making me sigh, do I really need to do this? I walked up to Drew giving him my best death glare. He crossed his arms and glared at me, huh, so you want a glaring competition? I imitated Drew’s posture and crossed my arms. After five minutes of non-stop glaring, Drew’s eyelashes started to flutter; he won’t last long!
“Dude, you know you won’t last any longer so just give up.” I recognized that voice; it was Chad. Drew turned his head and rubbed his temples, I win! I grinned as I watched Drew carrying the suitcases. It’s been two weeks since Cain’s funeral and right now, we’re in Raidon’s family house in the country.
“Never was the gentleman type.” Chad piped in and I laughed nodding. “And will never be!” Steve continued while watching Drew struggle with the big bags. “But then again, Skylar was never a lady.” Tom commented and I snapped my head and glared at him.
So Tom wanted me to be a lady, never going to happen! Being a lady means acting in a civil manner and I am not doing that!
Tom realized his mistake and made an ‘O’ shaped mouth. Raidon slapped him on the arm chuckling. “Man, you’re in so much trouble!” He laughed and I turned to glare at him. Raidon sobered up and coughed putting his hands in his pockets. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to Tom who looked like a fish, he had his eyes wide.
“Why thank you Tom!” I said sweetly taking a step towards him. “Come and give me a hug big boy.” I took another step forward. Tom took a step back and looked at Raidon who had his hand on his mouth. “Whoa, easy girl.” He raised his hands in surrender and I smirked.
“You’ll drive them crazy one day, I just know it.” Raidon joked and I smiled. Raidon stood next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist. We walked towards the house and got inside. The house was huge. From the outside, the house is just a typical countryside with bricks on the top; it was the only house in the area.
A field was in front of the house and the scenery was breathtaking. On our way, Raidon talked about the amazing waterfall near the house. As we entered the house, I instantly felt like I’m home.
The house on the inside was cozy and mostly made up of wood. “Raidon, this is amazing!” I gasped when I saw the living room. The living room consisted of and big plasma screen T.V. and three brown leathered couches, each one was on a different side. Raidon decided to give us a tour around the house.
Each room was even better than the other was. The guys were trailing behind me staring at the house with awe. “Uh guys, is anybody here?” Asked a voice and we looked at each other and followed the sound.
I burst out laughing when I saw Drew holding the luggage in both hands looking lost. He was looking from right to left but when he saw me laughing along with the other, he dropped the luggage and glared.

“Ha ha, you laugh, this house is so big that I can’t even find my way out of it.” When Drew said that, he was looking directly at Raidon. Raidon laughed and walked to Drew putting his arm on Drew’s shoulder. “If you haven’t noticed, there’s something called a phone…” Raidon trailed of and the rest of us howled in laughter. Sometimes Drew can be really stupid.
“Oh’ Drew murmured and Raidon cracked a smile. “Come on, I’ll lead you to Skylar’s room.” Raidon winked at me with an annoying smirk on his face. I blushed and turned around, what did he mean by that?
We followed Raidon through the house until we reached the second story floor. There were many doors in this hall and Raidon stopped. “Pick your rooms people!” He screamed and almost instantly, everyone started running and opening the doors.
“I call dibs on this one.” Drew screamed entering a room on my right. Tom groaned and started searching for another room. I was about to walk forward and start opening doors but Raidon held my hand.
“I have a room for you.” He said and I smiled, he’s such a charmer. “Wait” Raidon stopped at I looked at him confused. “Where are the suitcases?” He asked and I shrugged, I think Drew left them in the hallway.
Raidon shrugged then walked holding my hand. It still feels strange to hold Raidon’s hand, I don’t know why but it still feels strange. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t dated since a long time or if it’s because I’m dating my sworn enemy.
I still can’t believe that I’m with Raidon, right here, right now; it’s something unbelievable but it’s true. Tom, Drew, Ryder, Steve, Raidon and Chad became close friends in no time. Steve and Chad are another version of Ryder and Tom, poor Drew is left alone.
Raidon looked at me with a small smile on his face then opened a door. I gasped when I saw my room; it was so big! Thankfully, there weren’t any pink colors. The room was purple and lime green and it was awesome! I ran and jumped on the bed, it was soft.
“So I guess you like the room?” Raidon asked as he sat next to me. I nodded enthusiastically. Raidon chuckled when he saw me like this; I bet he thinks I’m crazy. “If you’re that excited, how will you be when you see the horses?” He questioned and I practically jumped of the bed.
“There are horses?” I screamed and Raidon burst out laughing. “You should have seen your face!” He pointed and I mumbled under my breath, sometimes he can be an annoying jerk. I shoved him slightly as he continued laughing. I huffed and crossed my arms faking sadness.
“Aw come on Skylar, you know I didn’t mean that!” Raidon cried out and I gave him the silent treatment. I heard him mutter something, I’m not sure but I think he said ‘well, there’s only one way to make you happy.’ I gasped when Raidon put his hands on both sides of my face and his lips met mine. Right there, I forgot what we were talking about and kissed him with everything I have.
I snaked my hand around Raidon’s neck and opened my mouth allowing his tongue to invade me. He leaned forward catching me off guard and landed on the bed. I heard something in the room but paid no mind and kissed him harder. Suddenly, there was clapping making us break apart and look up.
Drew was clapping along with Chad and Tom who were laughing silently. I looked at Drew’s hand and stared at the camera. My jaw dropped when I realized what he would do. “This is so going to be on face book!” Drew said while looking at Chad and Tom with a smile on his face.
I leaped off the bed running in the direction of Drew but was caught by Chad. Raidon jumped off the bed and hurried towards Drew who was running for his life, but Tom was pinning him on the floor. Tom and Chad were laughing and I glared at Chad, I guess I have to go hard.

I kicked Chad were the sun doesn’t shine and stood up running after Drew. I hear a door lock and stared at the door on my right, I’m breaking it down. I listened to Drew howling with laughter, God help him when he opens this door.
“What’s wrong now?” I turned my head to face Steve and Ryder coming my way. Ryder was wearing a grey pants and a black hoody while Steve was wearing a green button up T-shirt and yellow pants, weird combination.
“That mother-” I started but was cut off by Ryder. “Woah, what did Drew do now?” He asked and I banged my head on the door and scowled when I hit it hard. I cussed as I rubbed my head. “Posted, wow, thirty five likes already guys!” He yelled making me kick the door; if the whole school sees the picture then Drew’s dead.
“Move a little, we’re going to break the door down.” I heard a gruff voice say from behind me and bit my lip; Raidon in the tough mode is sexy! I counted ‘one, two, three’ in my mind then looked at Raidon who nodded his head. We kicked the door and it broke. Drew turned around and scowled.
“That was my door!” He whined like a child and I glared but smirked and looked at Raidon who had an evil look on his face. “What are you going to do?” Drew questioned looking between Raidon and I. We took small steps forward making him tremble with fear. “Something…” Raidon trailed making me chuckle, oh this is going to be so good!
“Maid!” I screamed as Drew sauntered and stood in front of me. “What do you want?” He said scowling making me shoot him a look of disgust. “Make me a cup of coffee.” I demanded and heard Ryder and the rest laugh.
“But you don’t like coffee.” He replied confused. I gave him a fierce look and cursed lowly so no one could hear. “Go make me a cup of coffee.” I repeated myself and Drew rolled his eyes.
“I should have recorded your make out session.” Drew said glancing at me but suddenly stopped walking. He turned around with a big smirk on his face. “You didn’t.” I said making him chuckle. “Oh yes I did…” He answered amusingly. He ripped off his apron, yes; he was indeed wearing an apron, and walked to his room. Raidon and I looked at each other once again and ran after Drew.
“I’m not and repeat, NOT riding this wild horse!” Drew pointed to the black horse that was standing next to him. Meet Knight, he’s the six year old horse that is standing next to the fool who is too afraid to say that he’s scared of riding a horse. I think Knight officially hates Drew; he’s been giving Drew the hardest time.
“Oh stop whining you pathetic loser! Just ride the horse for crying out silently !” Ryder yelled and continued riding his horse. Ryder’s horse was named ‘Snow’ and I think that the name fitted her perfectly since her color is white as snow.
“Shove it down your throat Ryder; at least I don’t have a dog named ‘Bougar’!” Drew replied making us all crack up laughing. Chad nearly fell off his horse. “Dude, Bougar?” Steve commented making us all go through another fit of laughter.
“I was five when I named him for God’s sake!” Ryder argued; his face was red from the humiliation. “And you’re parents actually agreed with the name?” Tom snickered with the guys. Now tears started threatening to fall, I mean did he have to name the poor dog ‘Bougar’.
“And if your dog runs away from you in a park you would go scream ‘Bougar!’, ‘Bougar!’. I would like to see the people when they hear you yell that while running, their faces would be priceless!” Drew stated. Chad was officially on the floor roaring with laughter as the guys were.
I was holding Shelby, my brown horse afraid of falling from laughing so hard. “I think the people will cover their noses when he screams that.” Tom cracked up and we all fell into fits of laughter… again.
“Okay, guys let’s stop it! He’s was five.” I said trying not to laugh from the guys’ red faces. All of them nodded and continues riding their horses but not without laughing again, dumb*sses.
“The last one that reached the waterfall will have to clean the house for a whole week!” Raidon announced and we all nodded. Now, it’s three in the afternoon. We finished horseback riding and we’re street racing.
We all got into our cars and turned on the engines. We all agreed that the race would start when the clock hits 3:03; there’s ten seconds left. I stepped on the gas pedal and was ahead. All of the guys were behind me so I kept my foot on the pedal and the speed started getting higher.
I smiled when I saw that I was still in the lead but my smile faded when Raidon’s car reached my level. I looked at Raidon from the window to see him staring at me. When he saw me gazing at him, he winked and took the lead.
I glared at the back of the car and tried to get past Raidon but he didn’t let me, each time I go to the left, he does the same. What captured my attention the most was the sight. Everything around us was green; there were trees everywhere.
I saw the waterfall nearby and gasped, it was amazing. I stopped the car and parked under the tunnel that was next to the waterfall then got out sighing. I can’t believe Raidon beat me in the race; I was supposed to win!
I glared at Raidon who had that irritating smirk on his face. The rest parked next to us and got out. “Who knew that Blaze would beat
Speed in street racing?” Raidon said looking thoughtful then grinned.
“I demand a rematch!” I ordered and he chuckled. “Nope” He replied popping the ‘p’ making me glare at him harder. He crossed his arms making his shoulders look even broader than they really are and I mentally drooled.
I snapped out of it and continued glaring but felt a blush spread across my cheeks. “Yes we are, now go into your car so I can kick your ass in racing.” I smiled sweetly at him and his jaw clenched.
“Are you willing to do that again Skylar, because you’re just a girl and guys always win in racing.” He smirked and the others slapped him on the back smiling. I took a step in his direction until we stood head to head.
“You know nothing and you know that I win Raidon, because I can do it like a dude.” I said making him raise an eyebrow. “Get in the car.” He ordered while walking to his car and getting into it. I mentally smiled as I got into my car.
“Raidon, if you cross a supermarket; can you bring me some toilet paper?” Drew yelled and we all started laughing while eyeing Drew curiously. I opened my window as Drew stood in the middle and started talking.
“The one who reached this exact same spot the first is the winner, and the loser will be my personal slave. Yes, that does mean washing my underwear.” When Drew said that, he looked at Raidon making me snort.
“Three, two, one.” Drew screamed and the race started once again. I put my eyeglasses and smiled when I remembered Cain who was in heaven right now. My smile got bigger when I thought of him with my sister up there.
I have all I needed. I’ve amazing friends that always stand by my side no matter what; I have a wonderful life that’s full of surprises and none the less, I have a great boyfriend that I was about to kick his ass in street racing.
And they say girls can’t do what guys do, well I’m going to change their mind because baby,
we can do it like a dude.
– Thank you guys for the support !

To Be Continued……

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