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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 42)



Episode 42.

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Skylar’s P.O.V

I looked at the grey sky as I fixed my blouse. Cain’s funeral was today and all of us were attending. I was wearing a knee length black skirt with a pale black blouse and a pair of black heels.
After Cain’s death, the police started investigating about the issue. Later on, they knew that there was a whole lot of shooting when they asked the citizens. They said that Cain’s death was accidental because he was walking near the gun shooting and was shot. I never thought police officers and the investigators were that dumb, they didn’t even care about his death because ‘there were other important issues going on.’
Everyone went hectic with Cain’s death and many tears with the news. Cain’s parents, friends, and family were here. Cain’s and my mom were weeping downstairs while Cain’s father along with mine were sitting silently, that’s how I saw them before going up to my room. As for Luke, he ran away when the guys were too busy with Cain, no one knows where he is, not even his family. Raidon swore that he’ll find him and when he will, he’ll pay for everything he had done.
I still wonder why Cain saved me. First, he comes up in my life shooting glares and hating me and then he dies for me? I knew that there was something behind his actions in the battlefield, was it because of guilt? I’m not sure.
My door opened and someone knocked in. His scent filled my nostrils and I smiled. Raidon was shot in his leg and had a big gash on his forehead. We managed to convince everyone that all of us were playing a game that was dangerous, the fools actually believed us!
My arm that was shot is now wrapped with a white bandage, but of course, I’m hiding it from everyone. Tom who was clutching his stomach in the war was now alright but he’s still feeling a slight pain where he was shot. Raidon who had a gash on his forehead told everyone that he hit his head hard and he fell on the ground, which is why he couldn’t walk well.
“Are you alright?” Raidon wrapped his arms around me and I nodded. In the last few days, I stayed at Raidon’s house because he couldn’t really walk well. We spent a lot of time together and it was actually nice! Apart from Drew coming and ruining our moments
but other than that, it was great.
“We have to go to the church soon Skylar.” Raidon reminded me in a soft voice. Raidon and I finally made everything official between us; our relationship was open for everyone to know.

I sighed and held Raidon’s hand walking out of my room. As I passed Sarah’s room, I couldn’t help but feel something in the pit of my stomach. My mind and heart told me to go there so I stopped. Raidon turned and looked at me confused but I just gave him a smile.
“I forgot something in my room.” I said with a small smile on my face. Raidon made an ‘oh’ shaped face and turned around to go with me but I held his hand and pulled him backwards.
“Uh-it’s something…” I trailed off when I didn’t have anything to say in mind. He smirked as I struggled with what I wanted to say, he’s an ass! What is something that makes guys blush in embarrassment? I mentally did a happy dance as I thought of what I had to say.
“I forget to bring ‘girl stuff’ Raidon, only if you want to come with me…” I quoted and wanted to burst out laughing when I saw his face. Raidon’s face was beat red and as seconds past by, his face turned into different shades of red. Finally, after waiting for his answer, he coughed regaining his posture and said ‘I’ll be waiting for you downstairs’ before dashing down the stairs.
I turned around then walked towards my sister’s room. No one opened this room since her death a long time ago. My parents didn’t want to change anything in her room because they always wanted to feel her in the house. I thought that it was plain stupid at first but I know what they meant by keeping her room as it is.
I put my hand on the door handle and pushed the door open. Her room was still the same. Her light pink bed was made tidily and her pictures on the nightstand were still there. I took a few steps forward and smiled as the memories flooded back. I looked at her pictures and felt tears prickle my eye; I miss her so much.
I looked around the room and took a deep breath; it still smells like her. I frowned when I saw a paper on the floor, it looks like a letter. I walked forward and picked it up, why is it even on the ground. No one entered her room, right?
I gasped when I saw that it was Sarah’s handwriting, but what surprised me the most was the writing on it. The letter was directed to Cain, why is it directed to Cain? All of these questions overflowed my mind but I decided to read what Sarah wrote.
Dear Cain,
I don’t know why I am writing this my love but I sense that something bad is going to happen. I have a feeling in the pits of my stomach telling me that something horrible is going to occur, if not to someone then it is to me. Something in my head is telling me that what will happen could make my whole family fall apart and I do not want that. I am scared of what might take place but if something happens to me then I want you to take care of Skylar. If I cannot be next to her when she has her first boyfriend and grows up then I want you to be near her, to make her feel happy, to make her feel that someone is next to her and supporting her no matter what. I don’t want anything to happen to my sister. Moreover, I don’t want anyone hurting her. That’s all I want Cain so please take care of her if something happens to me.
Another thing I want to tell you is that if something tragic happens to me then I want you to move on. I’m not telling you to directly date a girl but I don’t want you to hold yourself back because of me. That’s all I have to say my love. I am repeating myself but if something happens to me then I want you to take care and protect Skylar with your life. I want you to know that if you miss me, and then know that I miss you. I’ll miss everything about you. You’re smile that lightens my world. Your eyes that I melt in them, I’ll miss everything about you. Be strong my love, and never give up. Always know that I love you with all my heart Cain; always remember that.

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With all love, Sarah
I stared at the letter as no words escaped my lips. I was speechless; she knew something was going to happen to her that night and still, she wasn’t afraid. I looked around the room wide-eyed and took a few steps backwards before sitting on the bed, her bed. I sat there staring at the wall feeling numb. I felt nothing; I couldn’t feel anything but pain and sorrow.
“Skylar where are you? You’re taking too…” Raidon didn’t finish his sentence. He was here in the room and was watching me. I didn’t turn around as he took steps in my direction.
“Skylar, are you okay?” He questioned as he sat on the bed. I kept my face neutral and handed him the letter. After he finished with the letter, he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer. I felt a cold breeze passing so I looked up and saw that the window was opened.
I stood up ignoring Raidon’s protests and went to the window. I wanted to close it but felt some presence next to me. I looked to my right but saw no one. Did you ever feel someone standing next to you but at the same time, no one’s there?
I hear Raidon sigh from behind but paid no mind; he didn’t talk about the letter but led me out of the room to the car that was parked outside. I sat in the car and waited till we reached the church.
“Cain will forever be in our hearts.” Cain’s mom finished and walked down the steps to her chair. I looked at my lap and finally decided what I should do. I stood up and walked up the steps to stand behind the podium. Everyone’s eyes were on me and I saw Raidon flash me a proud smile, which encouraged me even more. I stared at each of the people in here and began.
“Cain and I didn’t have the perfect relationship but deep down, I know that he is a good person. Cain proved that a person can be loyal to the end and forever will be. Cain’s heart is so big to fit everyone he loves and cherishes. Why I’m talking in the present tense, well that’s easy, Cain will forever be with us and will never be forgotten.” I looked at my parents who were smiling proudly then looked at the guys who were looking at me with pleased eyes. “I don’t have a lot of things to say but I know that Cain was my brother, is my brother and forever will be my brother.” I finished and stepped down the podium.
I put a rose on Cain’s grave and took a step back. Everyone left except Raidon and I. We were standing in front of his grave alone. I stared at what was written on his gravestone
‘A brother and a friend, you will forever be in our hearts.’ I smiled when I read that because it was true. I looked up at the sky and saw it smiling down at me.
After my little speech, my parents talked to me and told me how proud they were. For the first time, I felt satisfied with what they said, it make my heart flutter to hear them say that. They told me that they had to go back to their business trip but they promise to call and come back shortly to have a family time together.
“Even though I hated him at first but I’ll miss him.” Raidon suddenly said breaking the silence. I glanced at him and saw that he was looking down at Cain’s gravestone. After we were done, Raidon and I started walking away; we were heading to his house.

“Pikaboo!” Said Fred and the girl screamed making me jump. Jeez, do they have to scream this much? It’s annoying me! I had my head on Raidon’s chest; he was caressing my cheek. Both, Raidon and I were watching ‘Nightmare on Elm Street part 6’ and I love it, except for the very annoying girl screaming but Fred is awesome and I love him! Raidon coughed and I knew he did that to get my attention.
“I wanted to talk to you about something.” Raidon said making me look up. His bright blue eyes bore into mine making me melt into them but I remembered what he said and looked at him with an expression that said ‘continue’. He struggled with what he was going to say which made me wonder, is he
that uncomfortable with the topic that he was going to talk about…
“Skylar, I think I love you.” He said with a determined look on his face and I gazed at him shocked. He thought that what he said was wrong because he stuttered as he corrected himself. “I mean, I know it’s too early to fall in love and you don’t have to say anything but-ugh!” He ran a hand through his hair and I smiled at his nervousness.
I heard him mutter ‘I’m so stupid; I just ruined it.’ This only made my smile widen. I’ve been thinking of this for a while and knew that I was falling for Raidon and I’m falling hard. He looked at me with pleading eyes; did he think I‘d reject him? I decided to play with him; I want to make him more uncomfortable just for fun.
“What? What do you mean ‘You think you love me?” I quoted the sentence with my fingers and saw him panic even more and I mentally laughed, this is so fun. “You can’t say that!” I pressed putting a fake angry look on my face. “It’s either you love me or you don’t!” I said in a monotone voice, which made him get even more jumpy.
“I-I didn’t mean that, I j-just thought t-that…” He stammered gazed at me worried. I decided that it was enough so I flashed him a smile making him confused. I sat up and hugged him with a big grin on my face. “I think I love you too, Raidon Fox.” I whispered then pulled away only to see a big smile on his face. I leaned closer to him and he did that too until our lips met, I think. I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped when I realized that I kissed someone’s hand, who the hell put his hand?
“Aw, this is so cute!”A voice gushed. I looked up to see Drew smiling wickedly at us. “I love it when you guys kiss, it’s so nice that it makes me want to puke!” His face turned emotionless staring at both Raidon and I. I glared at Drew but the idiot didn’t seem to notice because he was too busy trying to fit himself between me and Raidon, b*tch!
The guys chuckled as they entered the theatre, yes; we were in Raidon’s theatre room. Steve, Chad, Ryder and Tom came into the room and sat behind us, they probably want to annoy us.
“Hey guys I want to talk to you about something.” Said Tom making all of us turn and face him while Drew groaned cussing, he really loves this movie and didn’t want anyone to interrupt him while watching. “Yes?” Drew asked agitated and I pushed him, he can be such a moron sometimes.
“I was thinking of going somewhere to forget everything, to forget all our problems and pain, somewhere peaceful.” He said and we heard sniffing. We all turned to face Drew who was holding a tissue pretending to wipe fake tears off of his face.
“Aw this so sweet.” He said and then looked at Tom. “Are you finished yet?” He asked and we all rolled our eyes. Tom paid no mind to Drew because he looked at us waiting for our answers. All of us nodded our eyes in approval and began thinking of a place to go to.
“Hey, my family has a house in the country so we can probably go there. It’s amazing because no one’s around us and you can find a waterfall if you go ahead so I think we’ll have a lot of fun!” Raidon suggested after a few minutes of silence.
We all looked at each other with big smiles on our faces. I was about to say something when someone screamed.
“Ahh!” I looked to my left and saw Drew putting his hand on his mouth. When he realized that all of us were looking at him, he turned around and faced us with an innocent look on his face.
“That wasn’t me, that was the girl.” He pointed to the screen and resumed watching the movie making me roll my eyes. He’s a freaking douche!

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To Be Continued…..

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