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Natural Beauty: How To Improve Appearances Of Stretch Marks Using Turmeric

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There are many creams that promise to clear stretch marks but they are not always effective. Plus, many of them have chemicals that may even do more harm than good.

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That’s why more women are turning to other more natural means of attaining a smoother skin. Turmeric for stretch marks have been shown to be effective and it’s worth a try.

How to use turmeric for stretch marks

According to a study, this spice contains curcumin, a chemical compound that boosts the functions of cell membranes on the skin and changes their physical properties.

There are four main ways to use turmeric for stretch marks

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1. As a paste

Crush some dried turmeric roots into chunks, mix them with water and apply on the affected areas twice a day until the stretch marks start to fade.

2. With lemon juice

You can also use turmeric and lemon or cucumber juice to clear your skin. Apart from clearing stretch marks, this solution also helps to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Apply on the area of your skin where it’s needed and leave it on for about 15 minutes before washing off. Using this regularly will help to restore the skin.

3. Turmeric and coconut oil

Combining turmeric powder with coconut oil is also a good remedy for stretch marks. Mix both, apply the mixture to your skin and leave for a few minutes before washing off.

4. Turmeric and saffron

A mixture of turmeric, saffron and lemon juice can also be combined to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and maintain healthy cell membranes.

So you now have a few options if you want to use turmeric for stretch marks. These ingredients are relatively safe to use. However, if you think you may be allergic to them, be sure to patch test first or seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

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