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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 41)



Episode 41.

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Skylar’s P.O.V
I looked at myself in the mirror. I was dressed in black. Two guns were put on each side of my waist plus a knife in the back of my pocket. Raidon and all of the guys were downstairs talking to all the members of the two gangs. Of course we weren’t only four in our gang, there were more but spread across the west coast.
Raidon was telling them what was our plan and why are we actually helping each other. All of our gang hate Raidon’s gang with passion so when they first came to my house all of them wanted to rip each other’s throats out.
Thankfully Raidon and I were there so we were able to stop each and every one of them. There was some commotion coming from both gangs that sounded like some cheering. I grabbed my black sun glasses. My parents weren’t here; they left me alone saying that they had to go on another business work. They said that Cain wanted to stay here because he’s having a lot of fun, as if!
Someone knocked on the door; I turned around and saw that it was Ryder. He took off his glasses and gazed at me with soft eyes. “We’re ready to go.” He said and I nodded looking at myself in the mirror once again. There was a big possibility that I would die in this war but none the less I don’t care, I won’t put thousands of people lives on the edge because of some stupid gangs.
I walked in the direction of Ryder and stopped when I was standing in front of him. I looked at him in the eye and smiled sadly, this might be the last time I might see him. I threw my arms around Ryder and hugged him tightly, Ryder, one of my brothers. In less than a second, Ryder was hugging me back just as tight as I was hugging him.
“This may be the last time that I might see you Ry.” I murmured softly using the nickname that I made up for him. I felt him sigh “I know Skye.” He pulled away and looked at me with such vulnerability. “If something happens to me then…” his voice broke at the end of the sentence. I clanged to him again and closed my eyes because I didn’t want tears to fall.
“Don’t say that Ry, please” I begged feeling some warm tears falling. I opened my eyes to see everything blurry. Ryder was trailing his fingers up and down my back soothingly; he knew what to do to make me feel better.
“Not all of us will get out of there alive Skylar.” He said in a calm but smooth voice. He put me on the ground and looked at me with tender eyes. “I’m saying this because this may be the last time we might see one another, I love you lil sis.” He told me and I grinned looking at the floor. “You know that I love you too right?” I asked him still looking at the ground. I lifted my head up and flashed him a smile. “Well now, I love you even more big bro.” I stood on my tip toes and hugged him another time before backing away.
“What do you think they are doing in there?” Someone whispered. I looked at the door and saw that it was slightly opened. I rolled my eyes when I saw Drew peering at us. When he saw me looking at him, he directly lowered himself. I heard Ryder chuckled and opened the door making Drew fall on the ground, what a fool. Tom was standing behind him awkwardly, did they do something?
“We suck at hide and seek, right Tom?” Drew said after standing up and looked at Tom who glared. “So what are you doing?” He asked me with enthusiastic eyes. He had his hands behind his back and way staring at Ryder and me. I looked at Ryder and saw him nod. “We were hugging, this might be the last time we see each other.” I shrugged looking at Drew whose eyes softened.
Soon, I was engulfed with arms and crushed to a chest. “Don’t dare try to do something funny Skylar.” He warned in a firm tone that held love behind it. “If you do then I’ll bring you back from the dead and smack you across your head okay?” He asked with his hands both put on my shoulders. He stared at me for a couple of seconds before smiling when I nodded.
“Uh, Skylar?” Tom said behind Drew and I was instantly wrapped in his arms. “Don’t do anything dangerous Skylar, please.” Tom said before pulling away and taking a step back. Once again, I nodded and sent a small smile towards the guys. There was a cough from behind and we all turned around to see who it was.
I looked at Raidon who had his arms crossed across his chest. Ryder ushered the guys to leave. Tom and Ryder exited my room and Drew was the one to close the door but not before sending me a wink. Raidon and I stayed silence for a couple of seconds.
“You really have a close relationship don’t you?” Raidon decided to break the ice by asking me this question. I realized that he was talking about the guys and nodded. I looked at Raidon and for the first time this night I looked at what was he wearing. Raidon, like me was dressed in black. He had his hair combed backwards with two guns on both sides of him.
“Yeah.” I sighed sitting on my bed. Raidon came and sat next to me on the bed then took my hand in his. I stared at out entwined hands and smiled a little. Raidon shifted and made himself comfortable. “I was thinking what will happen if one of us lost their lives.” He said and I cringed, I was about to forget about that and then he came and reminded me, just great!
Raidon noticed my discomfort with the topic because he didn’t push it further but pressed his lips to mine. I directly opened my mouth allowing his tongue to enter. We kept on making out for a bunch of minutes before we pulled away trying to catch our breaths.
“We have to go.” I said as I checked my watch. I was about to stand up but Raidon pushed me down and slammed his lips onto mine. All too soon, he pulled away and blew a hot breath on my ear.
“I’m sorry if I haven’t been a good boyfriend, doing all what regular boyfriends should do.” He whispered. I was about to say something but he shushed me. “All I want to say is that this isn’t fake, what we have now isn’t fake.” He pressed and I smiled hearing him say that. “I-I…” I heard him sigh and looked at him with hopeful eyes, is he going to say what I think he’s going to say? I urged him on with my eyes but he just sighed. “It’s nothing.” He said after a few seconds of silence. My hopes dropped and I looked at the ground. “Put on your wig Skylar, don’t want anyone to know you’re a girl do you?” he asked in a teasing voice and I cracked a smile.

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I pushed myself off of the bed and grabbed my boyish black wig that was laying on the night stand putting it on. I turned around and left the room with Raidon trailing next to me. I walked down the stairs and walked inside the living room that was packed with both members of the gangs. The living room looked so small compared to the amount of people here. Our living room alone is like 5 bedrooms combined together so there were a lot of people.
I stopped and soon, all eyes were on us. Raidon, Drew, Tom, Steve, Chad, Luke and Raidon were standing next to me. “Both gangs are gathered here to unite and work as one.” I started deepening my voice. “We must be strong to defeat the idiots who think they can take us on.” A lot of cheers were heard throughout the room encouraging me to continue.
“Tonight is the night that we put everyone in place. Tonight, we will
show them out true power.” All men swung their fists in the air shouting in approval. “Tonight, we will take them down!” I finished and all of them rose to their feet cheering loudly. I looked at Raidon who had a look of pride on his face. He stepped forward and the room fell silent once again.
“We will show them what true strength is. We will show them how dangerous we are. There will be no mercy.” His voiced boomed throughout the room and it was me to gaze at him in delight. “They will get what they deserve.” He ended in a deadly and calm voice making the men go crazy with all their yelling and cheering.
The members of both gangs got into separate big vans that held lots and lots of weapons. Raidon and I got into our own cars while each of the guys got into a van being the members’ leader and controlling what was happening inside.
I slammed my car door shut and stood up straight. Each person that got out of a van was getting two weapons thrown by Drew, Ryder, Tom, Steve, Luke or Chad. I looked ahead and saw that the other gangs were coming out of the bushed.

The fight is being held in a big dark alley that had trees surrounding an empty scary field. The moon was glowing giving us little light. Raidon stood next to me after making sure that all members were in place.
I took out my gun and fired. From there all hell broke loose; all the gangs were shooting at each other viciously. On the opposite end of the field, a large number of people were standing firing at us. Some people from their gang got shot as the people in our gang. I ran and hid behind a tree putting new shots of bullets inside the gun. I saw Ryder hiding behind a tree next to me shooting. I took this as a chance to turn around and point my gun forward shooting random people from the other gangs.
“SHOOT!” I screamed in the highest tone I ever managed to do, then and there, all I could hear were shots going in the air. I ran forward crouching down next to Drew who was taking a gun from a person lying on the floor.
I could hardly see from the firing everyone was going. Everything was blurry and somewhat grey. I tried to shoot as much as I could but out of nowhere all I felt was pain in my arm. I looked at it and bit my lip as pain surged through my arm.
I stood up and ran back towards the tree with my right hand on my left arm. Blood was oozing out of the injury and the pain got worse. I finally found a tree and hid behind it as the commotion went on. Everyone around me was screaming at each other ordering specific people to do things.
I held my arm and shut y eyes as the pain continued. I heard a yell and looked to my right to see Raidon on the floor holding his leg. I panicked and ran towards him then sat next to him looking at his leg. A lot of blood was seeping out of it. I noticed blood smeared all over his head to. I put my hand on his head making him groan. I took my hand away as fast as I could and saw that blood was on it. I looked up and gasped when I saw that he has a big gash on his forehead.
“Oh my gosh.” I whispered nervously. I was about to wipe the blood out of his face but he held my hand and put it away. “Go, they need you more than I do.” He said breathlessly and I shook my head. “Skylar, go!” He said in a demanding tone and I sighed, sometimes he can be such a bull. I stood up and looked forward. Many bodies were on the ground and others were backing down.
“They’re retreating!” Someone screamed and the others cheered. All of the members ran forward taking the enemy’s retreat as a sign of victory. I saw Tom coming my way clutching his stomach. I looked behind Tom and saw tens and tens of bodies on the floor.
Raidon pushed himself up hissing as pain shot through his body and put a hand on the tree supporting himself. I helped him in walking and all the guys walked our way. Every person was celebrating in victory making a lot of noises. It’s getting on my nerves, if they keep this up then someone will suspect something.
“All members, return to your vans at once!” I shouted, my voice echoing throughout the whole field making everyone shut up. Ryder and the others stood next to me but after a few minutes, Ryder walked forward and kneeled next to someone with shock plastered all over his face.
“Guys, you have to see this.” He looked at me then stood up with his fist clenched around something. He opened my hand and put a necklace on my palm. I looked at it taking in every detail. My eyes widened in shock when I realized whom this necklace belonged to, it was Massacre’s. Massacre is the thirst most powerful gang leader across the west coast. That is why the others retreated, they saw that their leader died and that they had no chance winning this battle.
I stood up, started walking slowly towards the dead body, and looked down at it. I looked away when I saw blood coming out of his mouth; it was so disgusting. I stared at the guys who were helping Raidon. What caught my attention was Luke. He was looking at me with a determined look on his face, what is wrong with him?
“Skylar, let’s go!” I snapped my head and looked at Drew who was ushering me to come. I was about to take a step ahead but what Luke said made me stop in my tracks.
“No!” He growled looking at me dead in the eye. We were all staring at him with a ‘what the hell’ look on our faces but he was looking at mine getting more angry by the second.
“If I can’t get her, neither can he!” He shouted and pulled his gun out of his pocket aiming at me. My eyes widened when I stared into his and saw that he had no emotions in them. The guys were trying to calm him down but he would not listen. I looked at Raidon who was watching me with sorrowful eyes.
I stared at the gun and his fingers, he is really going to do it. He pulled the trigger screaming and I closed my eyes waiting for blackness and pain but felt nothing. I opened my eyes to see Chad and Steve holding Luke down.
I looked down and screamed when I saw Cain on the ground with a hand on his heart. I sat on the ground and took his head in my hands.
“Cain…” I whispered overwhelmed with everything that happened around me. The water works started working when I realized that he risked his life for me, this person just jumped in front of me and took the bullet. “Cain!” I sobbed putting a hand on my mouth while the tears started leaking.
“Skylar.” He whispered grimacing in pain when he moved his hand and put it on my cheek. “Skylar please forgive me, I was so blinded with revenge that I-” he coughed a little and I sobbed harder “That I didn’t put in mind what your sister wanted, I’m so sorry Skylar.” He traced his fingers on my cheek and I nodded crying.
“It’s okay Cain, I forgive you but please don’t die on me!” I begged and he looked at me with tender eyes allowing tears to fall from his eyes. I hated him at first but now I am kneeling next to him begging him not to die. A person that would take a bullet instead of me didn’t deserve to die, even though he did many mistakes in the past.
“Do you forgive me?” He whispered, his face even paler than before and I grabbed his shirt. “Yes, yes, I forgive you but please Cain hold on.” I urged him, my vision blurry from the tears that were falling. I felt someone behind me but didn’t turn to look at him, now is not the time.
“That’s all I wanted to hear Skylar.” He whispered and I screamed. “No, don’t do this!” I yelled at him but he just smiled. “It’s time to see my Sarah.” He said slowly. Life began to leave his eyes before he just froze in his place and had a white mask on his face.
I put my head on his chest and sobbed, he just died, the person that saved me just died. Arms wrapped around me and I buried my face in his chest, in Raidon’s chest. He hugged me tightly as I sobbed.
“He died.” I said defeated, my voice thick from the crying.
“I know honey, I know.” Raidon whispered and I tried to calm down by listening to his heartbeat. I heard footsteps next to us and looked up from Raidon’s chest to see Tom holding Cain in his arms.
After a little while, Raidon said we had to go and that the others will take care of the mess that happened. I nodded effortlessly and followed him. Drew was helping Raidon in walking since he had an injured leg and I was holding my arm. I looked up and saw a shooting star which made me smile, my sister always loved shooting star.
May you rest in peace Cain, may you rest in peace…


To be continued..

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