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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 40)



Episode 40.

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Ryder’s P.O.V

I kicked the chair next to me and put my head in my hands. I can’t believe she did this to us, how can she even do to us? The Phantom Riders are out worst enemies and she didn’t tell us! All of us are in deep state of depression right now because while we were thinking of the war of the gangs, we find out that Skylar knew that Raidon and his friends are our sworn enemies.
I jumped out of surprise when Tom’s fist collided with the game room’s door making a big hole in it. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms; Tom always was the uptight one out of the entire group. I looked to my left and saw Drew looking at Tom with his jaw dropped.
“Dude, that was so cool.” Drew gushed making me sigh. He ran up to Tom pushing him away to stare at the big whole that was in the wall. I mentally groaned when I thought of Skylar knowing about this, she’s going to kill us.

Thinking of her made me open my eyes and stare at the wall. I knew that Skylar keep this secret away from us because there was a reason. I know Skylar too well, neither of us keep any secrets away from each other so what made Skylar hide what she knew was something big.
“Wow, the party animal’s in the house people!!” Drew’s terrible sing song made me look at him with questioning eyes. Tom held a bottle of vodka in his hand and wanted to crash it. Immediately, I stood up running to where those two morons where standing and took the bottle of vodka out of Tom’s hand.
“You stop joking!” I ordered Drew making him raise his eyebrows. I looked at Tom who was staring at me with hateful eyes “And you, stop crashing the house!” I said looking at Tom’s flaming eyes. Damn, he’s angry!

Drew was making some sort of gestures. My eyes followed his hands that were going from left to right. Sometimes he’d make peace signs, other times he’d point to the right side with him thumb. After a few minutes of me following his hands, I got lost. I shook my head and stared at Drew who was huffing angrily; it’s not my fault he sucks with signals!
“Ugh! You’re an idiot!” Drew yelled irritated. I frowned which made him go crazier. He started pacing the room rubbing his temples. When Tom calmed down, he sat on the sofa in the other end of the room. I knew that the guys were taking this too hard; after all, she did lie to us for months.
“Why did she do that?” Was Tom’s question once we all sat in silence. I sighed and looked his way but instead, looked at his back. All of us sat in silence not really knowing what to say.
“I know that she had a reason to do so, you all know that Skylar trusts us with her life so there has to be a very good reason to do so.” I sighed and saw the others nod. I leaned against the chair and yawned, damn I’m tired.

“Well” Drew stood up making Tom and I look at him. He walked to Tom and patted him on the back. “I’m going to rock with Gaga, aye?” He asked and I chuckled, he’s such an idiot. “What the…” Tom asked confused looking at me but I just put my hand on my forehead. “Wait” Drew held up his finger rummaging through his list of songs. When he reached the song he wanted to hear, he made an ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ sound.
“I’m gonna marry the night
I won’t give up on my life
I’m a warrior queen
Live passionately tonight” The song played and Drew started tapping his foot. Both Tom and I groaned but froze when we realized what will happen, Drew’s going to sing.
“Catch him!” I yelled jumping out of the chair. When Drew saw Tom and I ready to pounce, he took the chance and dashed out of the room. Tom and I gazed at the door and in lightening speed followed that terrible singer.
Skylar’s P.O.V
“Shh, don’t cry.” Raidon murmured and I sniffed. I stared at Raidon and cracked a smile when I saw how he was whispering calming words in my ear, I never saw him this soft. Part of me was saying ‘You’re a gang leader, stop being a little squirt’ while the other part of me was saying ‘Aw, this is so cute!’ After sitting up on the tree for almost half an hour, I decided to go down.
“Come on, let’s go down.” I said my voice hoarse because of all the crying. I took Raidon’s hand pulling him with me but he turned me around and looked at me with worried eyes. I knew what he was trying to say, he was asking me if I was ready to face the guys.
I nodded and turned around but gasped in shock when I was swirled and all of a sudden lips met mine. I smiled and kissed him back eagerly. I ran my hands through Raidon’s thick blond hair and moaned when his tongue evaded mine.
“Are you finished your little romance scene up there or should we throw rocks at you two to stop swapping spit?” Said a voice and we instantly broke up. I looked down and saw none other than Drew with his hands on his hips. Chad and Steve were laughing so hard that they were on the floor making me blush crimson. I looked at Luke and saw him glaring at Raidon; I raised my eyebrow in confusion. Why is he glaring like that?
“So? Wait; please tell me you’re not naked Skylar!” Drew groaned running a hand through his hair and I hid my face in Raidon’s chest. Drew’s comment made the guys laugh harder but it only made me blush even deeper.
Raidon chuckled and caressed my hair but froze when he realized what he’s doing. He was waiting for me to tell him to stop but I didn’t object; it’s nice to feel him doing that. I’m past the idea of not having a boyfriend, Raidon’s amazing!
“Yo people! What are you doing up there?” Screamed Drew from below and I rolled my eyes muttering ‘idiot’ under my breath. “Are you watching porn or what?” He yelled and my eyes went wide.
I looked at Raidon and glared when I saw him biting his lip trying so hard not to laugh while I heard the sobs of the three stupid musketeers who I think were dying from the tears leaking down. Seeing them laugh this much made me chuckle. I let go of Raidon’s hand and started climbing down the tree.
“Stop singing GAGA!” someone shouted and I jumped out of shock. I tried to hold onto the tree but didn’t reach it so I fell down screaming. I landed on my butt yelping in pain; damn whoever yelled ‘GAGA’.
“Ow!” I muttered rubbing my butt as I stood up. The guys were doubling over their laughter; I’m killing them after this is over! My eyes snapped in the direction of Drew and I growled. Drew seemed frightened and started running. I ran after him but rubbed my forehead when I hit into a brick wall.
I looked up and stared at Tom’s honey brown eyes. I took a step backwards and saw Drew hiding behind Tom sticking his tongue out. I looked at both Ryder and Tom then looked at Raidon who was nodding. I sighed and looked once again and the guys with sorry eyes.
“Uh, I know you’re all made at me and you probably hate me right now but I want to tell you why I hid their secret.” I started looking straight at Ryder who had his arms crossed. “When we were at the race a few months ago, Blaze discovered that I was a girl.” When I remembered what Raidon said to me that day, I looked down blushing. Guys don’t have boobs.
Raidon remembered what he told me that day because he started chuckling too. “Raidon told me that he was Blaze’s cousin and I had to follow his orders or he will reveal who I really am.” I said and stared at the furry that Ryder had in his eyes.
“It’s a long story but to cut it short, I found that Blaze was Raidon and that’s where the problems started because if I told anyone who he was then he would tell everyone who I really was.” I explained looking at the guys’ eyes each. Their eyes turned from furry and anger to understanding and sympathy, Drew was the first to talk, oh dear.
“I’m gonna marry the night
I won’t give up on my life
I’m a warrior queen
Live passionately tonight” He started, All of us looked at each other, Raidon stared at me with sorrow in his eyes. After a few seconds, I heard sobs from the back and turned around to see Chad crying on Steve’s chest. Poor Steve was patting Chad’s back awkwardly.
“Shut up!” Tom screamed smacking Drew on the head. We all sighed in relief when Drew stopped his terrible, well I don’t think that was singing but I think it was screaming. Ryder took a few steps towards me and gave me a hug only to be followed by Tom and Drew.
“I’m sorry guys.” I murmured feeling tears prickle my eyes and heard them chuckle.
“It’s okay sis!” Drew said enthusiastically. After we all broke up, Drew looked at Chad and put a hand on his heart dramatically “That was so touching wasn’t it?” He went over and put his shoulder against Chad’s neck. “I know, I can be so touching sometimes!” Drew gasped and we all rolled our eyes. Drew was about to sing and Chad looked like he was about to burst in tears again.
Ryder was the one to save the days because he’s the one that pulled Drew away. “Save it for another time Champ!” He said and Drew stopped. We all looked at him scared of what he might sing now. “Next time, I’ll sing Domino!” He whooped and ran inside the house leaving us all groaning.
“Ugh, this is not going to be good.” Tom said staring at me and I nodding. After a few minutes, Steve was on the phone talking to someone while muttering a chorus of ‘yeah’ and ‘okay’. He disconnected the line putting the phone in his pockets then turned to stare at us with a pale face.
“The battle is tonight.” He said and we all looked at each other wide eyed with the same expression, fear.
Cain’s P.O.V
I stared outside my bedroom window at the cloudy sky. Today is the battle, today is the day that I crush her. I remember when my beautiful Sarah went in the hospital and talked to me with that angelic voice of hers. She told me that she felt something bad was going to happen to her which would lead to her family’s destruction.
Before she died, she gave me a heart shaped locket. There was a key inside on it making me look at her nervous. I asked her what it was for but she told me, search and then open it when the time is right.
I have searched and searched for everything that has a heart shaped key but found none. I sighed and looked at my hands. It’s only a matter of hours and then, the war will start. I knew that there was a big chance in dying within this war but didn’t care, I have nothing to lose.
I gripped the locket and closed my eyes thinking of my beautiful Sarah, she was an angel but my dreams of marrying her and raising a family with her was all destroyed because of her. A few minutes passed and I decided that it was time to change my clothes them relax a little before going to the battle field.
I walked to my closet and started going through my clothes. I sighed when I didn’t find my sun glasses, what am I supposed to do now? There was a shelf on the higher part of the closet so I raised my hand and started touching everything that was there.
I froze when my hand touched a small solid object. I started touching it from all sides and knew it was a box. I clutched it and started pulling it with my hand. I was now looking at a golden medium sized box, why was it even up there?
I started looking at it from all sides and froze when I saw what it had. I took out the heart shaped key that my love gave me and put it inside trying to open the box. I stared at the box wide-eyed not believing that it actually opened.
I started going through everything that the box had and was about to close it when something caught my attention, a letter, there was a letter. I slowly took the letter outside and opened it. My jaw dropped when I read what was inside which made me let go of it; how have I been so stupid?

To Be Continued…..

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