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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 39)

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Episode 39.

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Skylar’s P.O.V
I rubbed my temples as I walked back and forth in the secret room. What shall I do right now? I looked to my left to see Drew deep in thought. In the last few hours I saw a drastic change in the guys’ behavior.
Drew, who used to be cheerful and hyper, is now grumpy and worried. Tom who always makes sly comments is now angry and nervous, but worst of all is Ryder. Ryder who’s always the calm and understanding person is now cussing and calling every person in our gang that is in Miami, California, or Los Angeles to come back here quickly.
I sighed and shook my head. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to defeat them but I know that we will, after all, we’re The Slayers and we never lose. I kicked the chair in front of me and slumped against the wall crossing my arms.
I felt my phone vibrate and took it out to see who was calling, it was Raidon. I frowned when I read his name, why would he call me right now? I started at my phone for a few minutes, should I answer?
“Oh answer it for God’s sake!” Screamed Tom and I jumped. I scowled when I saw him glaring at me but decided not to start a fight; we don’t need it right now. I sighed and pressed the answer button putting my phone on my ear.
“And you finally answer.” I heard Raidon growl quietly and couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. He sounded so panicked, I never saw or even heard him talk to anyone in that tone because let’s face it, he’s Blaze.
“What’s wrong?” I asked tensed. The air in the room shifted and all eyes were on me. I heard some screaming from the other end of the line. What’s going on?
“We need to meet, all of us!” he stated, his voice gruff. Hearing him saying this reminded me of the war of the gangs. It made me wonder if Raidon knows any of this. A voice in my head said that he knew, even Ryder said so. I frowned when I replayed what he said, what did he mean by all?
“Wait, all?” I asked confused. What did he mean by all, does he know … Does he know that Ryder, Tom and Drew are part of our gang? I heard Raidon curse on the other side of the phone and couldn’t help but roll my eyes.
“Yes all!” he growled impatiently. I heard glass chattering and grimaced, are they having a world war III there? I heard another set of cusses coming from Raidon and then came the screaming. I pity the person who’s with him right now, God help him. I was about to ask him something else but a thought crossed my mind, where will we even meet?
“Raidon, where will we meet?” I asked; my voice filled with order and strength. I heard a door slam shut and a few people greeting someone, what is happening there? What is Raidon even doing? Before I could ask what is happening with Raidon he quickly answered me before ending the call. ‘Meet me at your house right now.’ Was all he said.
My mouth dropped in shock, how dare he slam the phone shut without saying anything. What a great boyfriend he is, note the sarcasm. Boyfriend… it’s still weird saying or thinking about that, who knew Raidon and I would date?
I didn’t realize that I was spacing out until I saw someone waving his hand in front of my face. I snapped out of it and looked at the ground blushing. Damn it! Now they’ll know that something’s up!
I looked up to see Drew looking at me weirdly before shrugging. We all sat in silence for a few minutes before I stood up straight remembering what I was about to say to them. The guys clearly saw my startled expressions because all of them stood up looking alarmed. Aw, they’re really protective! Oh my I’m turning into a girl! Someone help me!
“We have to go to my house.” I quickly said walking to the table in the middle of the room and took my car keys that were laying there. The guys looked at me probably wondering why I wanted to go there but I just shook my head murmuring ‘I’ll tell you later’ before walking out of the room with the guys right behind me.
I opened the door and walked inside of the house. I saw a small letter on the counter so I picked it up and read it hiding it from the guys.
My dear lovely Skylar,
I hope we meet soon my love.
You’re the light to my darkness
You’re my damsel in distress
And I’m your knight shining armor
We will meet my love, until then…
I love you,Secret admirer
I read the letter another time and couldn’t help but groan. Who is this freaking secret admirer of mine? I swear I’ll bite his head off; he’s annoying the hell out of me! I quickly put the paper in my pocket and opened the living room door.
The living room was dark so I turned on the lights and jumped when I saw Raidon, Steve, Chad and Luke sitting there. I put a hand on my heart and breathed slowly. How did they even come inside? Before I could ask, Chad answered.
“We have our own ways my lovely lady.” He gave me a big grin and I returned it with a smile. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Raidon glaring at Chad, so he’s jealous? That’s good!
“Hi guys!” I greeted waving at Steve, Chad and Luke who waved back. I looked at Raidon who had his head in his hands and crossed my arms, he can at least say hi too! I coughed tapping my foot to gain his attention but it clearly didn’t work.
Tom bumped into me making me looked at him with bewilderment, what is the matter with Mr. Grumpy now? Didn’t take his pills? I just wanted to smack him across the head but prevented myself from doing so because as I said before, I don’t need any more fights right now.
He made his way to the other side of the room and slapped Raidon across the heard. I flinched when I heard the sound of his slap but my eyes bulged when I thought of what will happen if Raidon smacks him back… a fight!
Raidon quickly stood up and held Tom by the collar, he was glaring and I knew that he was pissed. I ran to the other end of the room and pried Raidon off of Tom. Right now Raidon reminds me of an angry bull and I started laughing. I know it’s not the perfect timing to laugh but I couldn’t help but do, it’s so funny!
Everyone looked at me as if I was crazy which made me laugh harder at their startled expressions. Drew started laughing with me making Ryder and Chad chuckle. Raidon looked at us as if we came from Mars and threw his hands up in anger. After we calmed down; we all sat on the couch facing Luke, Chad, Steve and Raidon. Raidon was the first to talk and what he said made me nervous.
“You know that the other gangs announced war against both of our gangs right?” He asked and I shifted uncomfortably. I played with my fingers looking down and could feel the guys’ gazes on me.
“What do you mean by our gangs?” Asked Ryder and I kept on looking downwards. Nothing could describe what I was feeling. It was a mixture of pain, suffer, and being ashamed. I looked up and saw Raidon’s eyes piercing through mine. His eyes held disappointment and a hint of sadness.
“She didn’t tell you did she?” Raidon asked the guys and I knew that they were looking at me right now with confused looks. I took a quick glance at Ryder and he was looking at me with a torn up expression, I messed this up.
“What didn’t she tell us?” Asked Tom who was surprisingly quiet the whole conversation. I shook my head and felt tears prickle my eyes. I heard Ryder murmur something in a very hushed tone and I looked at him, he figured it out. I stared at Ryder with guilt as I saw him ball up his fists.
“You’re the Phantom Riders aren’t you?” Ryder asked looking at Raidon with a mysterious look that I didn’t understand what it meant. Raidon nodded and Tom suddenly stood up making me jump out of my place to stand in front of him.
“No more…” I was at the verge of tears so I kept my voice low, I didn’t want to show how vulnerable I was. A voice in my head kept on saying ‘it’s your entire fault, now you’ll lose them all.’ And I believed that, I lied to my best friends and now I’m going to pay because I’m sure that they’ll leave me.
I looked up and saw Tom’s face soften for a bit but in a matter of seconds he looked at me with a cold expression. He roughly pushed me aside and walked out of the room with his fists clenched.
Next one to walk out of the room was Drew. Before he went out, he sent me the most painful expression anyone could master up and it made my heart chatter. I waited for Ryder to be the next one to walk out of the room but what shocked me was that he passed by me without saying any word and whispered something into Raidon’s ear making him nod.
I looked at the wall and stared at it for a good couple of minutes before the water works got into action. I ran out of the room as quickly as I can and dashed to our back yard climbing p the tree. I put my head in my hands and curled into a ball sobbing.
I heard something climb onto the tree but didn’t mind looking. Soon, arms were wrapped around me and I instantly recognized the smell, Raidon. I raised my head and saw Raidon staring at me with those amazing blue eyes of his that made me sob harder.
Raidon pulled me to his chest and started whispering comfortable and lovely words into my ear trying to calm me down. I gripped his shirt and sniffed, at least someone’s here for me.
Cain’s P.O.V
I smirked as ‘Massacre’ told us what the plan is; I smirked as he continued on. This is the best way to destroy Skylar and I’m going to do whatever it takes to have her dead or at least injured.
In the last few days I’ve been giving all of the gangs some ideas on how to end The Slayer and The Phantom Riders gangs, it’s fun because you get all the attention and you earn a lot of respect.
Massacre was telling us what’s the plan and I mentally grinned. This is perfect, that way we’ll make sure that both of Skylar and that scumbag’s gangs will be destroyed.
This is going to be perfect!

To be continued..

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