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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 38)



Episode 38.

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Raidon’s P.O.V
I slammed my door shut and walked into the house angry as hell. Those officers kept me in the interrogation room for a whole day, a whole day. I just wanted to grab that detector and beat the life out of him, but of course I couldn’t.
I was about to walk up to my room but heard some voices coming from the kitchen so I turned around and entered the kitchen only to be greeted by whipped cream. I stopped in my tracks and gritted my teeth, what the hell? I couldn’t really see anything but the only thing that I had in mind was that the guys are so screwed.
I put my hand on my face and wiped the cream off. I opened my eyes and stared and my idiotic friends that were covered in whipped cream and were trying to control their laughter by putting their hands on their mouth.
Chad couldn’t help but to burst out laughing and the others followed suit. I grabbed the towel that was on the counter and started cleaning my face. The guys had o be that dumb to throw whipped cream, in my kitchen! I put the towel on the chair beside me and glared at the guys.
“What is the meaning of this?” I shouted clenching my fists and the guys stopped laughing realizing how serious I was. I spent a whole day in the f-cking interrogation room with nothing to do but to answer the detector’s questions. Steve came and stood next to me then put his hand on my shoulder.
“Dude, we were only trying to have some fun.” He exclaimed and I growled. I looked at him with deadly eyes then slammed him against the wall holding him by his collar. Having some fun? Well let’s see if you’re going to have some fun when I beat the shit out of you!
“Having some fun?” I asked in a calm voice and he nodded looking mad. I couldn’t blame him; when I’m mad, then God help the person that messes with me. From the corner of my eyes I saw Chad and Luke stand up and make their way towards me.
“Raidon, man calm down!” Chad said trying to pull me off of Steve but I turned my head and glared at him. He looked taken back for a bit but look determined to pull me off of Steve. Luke approached me slowly then stood between me and Steve making me lose my grip on him. Luke put both of his hands on my shoulders and gave me a pointed look. I nodded and turned around pulling a chair out then sitting on it.
I sighed then put my head in my hands. Someone put their arm on my shoulder and I mentally cursed. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, I was bombarded with various kinds of questions.
“Shut up!” I yelled and they all stopped talking. Chad was murmuring something to Luke but the only thing that I caught of it was ‘I was just asking him if he could share her with me.’
‘Ladies and gentlemen
this is something they call
a ground breaker
so let me first apologies
to shirts and the ties
for your make up’
I rolled my eyes when Steve’s phone rang. He answered it by a simple hello and all of a sudden his eyes went wide with concern. My eyes darted to Luke who was looking at me with the same look I was giving him, worry.
Steve looked with a look that said ‘not good’. After a lot of ‘yes’ and ‘yeah sure’ Steve closed his phone and looked at me straight in the eye frozen with shock. Chad waved his hand in front of Steve’s face but it didn’t work, he was still frozen. Luke stood near Steve and took a deep breath making me close my ears.
“Wake up sucker!” he screamed so high that our glass door moved. Chad had his hands on his ears and was scowling; I bet he’s deaf right now. You see, Luke has a really great voice that could make a person go crazy, he hits high notes squeakily and makes the person want to hide in a hole. Steve snapped out of it and looked at me once again.
“We have a problem, a very big problem.” He stated and my eye brows creased in concern. I never saw Steve this nervous so it has to be something really big for him to act like this. Before I could ask him what happened, Steve continued making my jaw drop in shock.
“That was a member of our gang saying that the other gangs are getting ready for a war with us. They want to get rid of us and ‘The Slayers’ gang. They’re already all set for war.” He said in a shaky. Luke and Chad looked at Steve as if he was crazy but I knew that he wasn’t kidding.
I’ve been suspecting an act like this from them and I already have a plan in mind. What attracted my attention the most was hearing him say ‘The Slayers’ gang. Wait? Skylar’s in this too? Hearing Steve explaining what the member told him made me even more nervous. What if something happen to her? Will she be alright?
A voice in my head said ‘suck it up, she can do it!’ but I couldn’t help but felt nervous. I clenched my fists and stood up knocking the chair down. They want war? Then I’ll give them war!

To Be Continued….

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