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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 37)

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Episode 37.

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Cain’s P.O.V
I walked down the dark alley till I reached the abandoned warehouse. When I called the police to tell them about the street racers and gangs, I asked someone about the four people that were in the front. Of course, the guy was so dumb that he quickly answered me by ‘The Slayers’ gang that Skylar was in. After a few more questions, I knew that most of the gangs hate them because they have everyone under their control.
I opened the warehouse door that made some noise and stepped inside to see all the gangs inside. I swallowed and took a few steps inside and all heads snapped towards me. I’m not going to lie but I’m scared like shit right now.
I tried to compose my facial expressions so they don’t realize I’m scared, hell who wouldn’t be? I’m walking into a warehouse full of the most dangerous gangs with no back up or anyone. The one sitting in the middle of the warehouse ushered me to sit in front of him.
I put my hands in my jean pockets and walked forward sitting on the chair. Around me sat all of the other gang leaders and I crossed my arms, if I didn’t convince them to turn over ‘The Slayers’ I’m toasted.
“Are you telling the truth?” asked the first gang leader and I nodded swallowing difficultly before answering.
“Yes, the leader of ‘The Slayers’ gang who’s called Speed is having a lot of trouble and is at the spot weak, so right now it’s your only chance to destroy him.” I answered looking at the leader in front of me in the eye.
He was a little taller than me and had dark black hair. He was wearing big sunglasses so I couldn’t really see his eyes but I knew that he was dangerous. There was an aura around him that screamed ‘Danger’ all over.
Everything he was wearing was either black or leather, the same as every other member in the warehouse. He looked deep in thought but his eyes but the same fire I saw when I entered. He looked at the other gang leaders surrounding him and nodded.
He looked back up to me and I couldn’t help but gulp making him smirk. His smirk was menacing and I looked at the other gang leaders who were looking at me with the same expression. Finally, they all stood up and I stood up with them.
The gang leader that I was talking to and was also named ‘Massacre’ stood in front of me and my fear increased. “Welcome to our gang ‘Sharp’” He said and I nodded a serious look on my face.
He leaned forward and whispered in my ear “If I found out your lying, then your head is mine.” He said in a deadly whisper and my breath hitched, note to self, never lie to “Massacre”. Before I could do anything, he left with some followers leaving me with the rest of the gangs.
Skylar’s P.O.V
I woke up and groaned; lesson number one, don’t ever cry in the middle of the night then sleep, it gives you a headache when you wake up. I pulled the covers off of me and slowly slipped out of bed.
I yawned as I opened the bathroom and walked in, wow I’m tired! I stood in front of the mirror and my jaw dropped, I looked awful! My hair was sticking out everywhere making me look like a scarecrow and my eyes were crimson red, understatement; I looked horrifying.
I splashed some water on my face and started brushing my teeth, what happened yesterday? I froze remembering yesterday and spit out everything I had in my mouth. I ran out of the bathroom and started searching for my phone; I need to know what happened to the guys.
I heard my phone ring and I followed its ring. I opened my drawer and found my phone buzzing, that’s strange, and I didn’t put my phone here. I took it out and saw who was calling, Drew. I look at the phone confused, aren’t they supposed to be in the questioning room? Just answer him God damnit!
“We are the champions, my friends!” Oh my, not again! I’ll survive anything but not Drew’s horrible singing. I don’t understand why he even likes to sing, his voice is awful! A person usually sings when his voice is good but not when he sounds like he has something stuck in his throat!
“And we will keep on living till the end!” he continued. Oh Mary, please help me survive this life time. Wait a second, shouldn’t it be ‘’we’ll keep on fighting till the end?’’ I heard car horns.
“Stop singing you stupid baboon!” someone screeched and I burst out laughing, I think he was an old man. Drew told me to hold on a second, probably to kick his ass. I heard some yelling and shouting but the best of all was the sound of a hammer. Uh-oh, what happened?
“Well, took care of that.” Drew said after five minutes and I raised my eyebrows, do I really want to know? I thought for a moment then shook my head, I don’t think so. I paused for a minute then remembered what I was about to ask.
“Why aren’t you in the police department?” I asked after a few seconds of silence and heard Drew chuckle. He was saying something but I couldn’t hear him because of the car horns on the other side of the line. Where was he anyways?
“Drew, Drew I can’t hear you!” I said but I think he didn’t hear me from all the noise. There was a lot of sound and Drew raised his voice but I still didn’t hear. I caught a few words before the line was disconnected, he said ‘meet us at Ryder’s, it’s really important’.
I drew the phone away from my ear and looked at it puzzled, way to keep me calm Drew! Usually, when the guys and I meet at Ryder’s house, it means that there’s a huge problem; a really big problem. Ryder has a room that no one knows of but me and the guys, it’s a little like Raidon’s secret and huge room but smaller.
I put my phone on my nightstand and sighed, I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen. I opened my walk in closet and took out my navy blue jacket. As I wore my jacket, I took my car keys and headed downstairs.
I opened the garage door and walked to my car. After I got in my car I started driving to Ryder’s, his house was a few miles away so it shouldn’t take a long time to get there.
I turned on the radio and Justin Bieber’s ’baby’ was playing making me groan. Seriously people, Justin Bieber? I have nothing against the guy but the song is so old, put something new! I chuckled as I remembered Tom kicking the stereo because ‘baby’ was on; he started cursing him making us all laugh.
After a while, I reached Ryder’s house and parked outside then opened the car door and walked out. Ryder’s house was a two story house and was classic, Ryder never liked rocking colors like red as an example in his house; he usually goes with calm colors like sky blue.
I opened the house and found the guys waiting for me in the kitchen. When I went in all of their eyes were on me and they were filled with concern. I stopped in my tracks and looked at them worried, something’s happening.
I looked at Tom confused but he just sighed shaking his head. Tom was sitting on the counter with his head in his hands and was wearing a big sized red short sleeved shirt and baggy jeans. Drew was sitting on the chair next to the kitchen table with folded arms his eyes were alarmed. Ryder was standing next to the sink and was in deep thought; this is more serious than I thought.
“What’s wrong?” I asked panicked, there’s a really big problem. Ryder stood up straight and ushered all of us to follow him. Ryder left the kitchen and walked upstairs with me hot on his heels. Once we entered his room, Ryder typed his secret password and the small library he had turned and in its place was the secret room.
Ryder’s room was so clean, you can’t find anything that isn’t in its place; he’s a neat freak! His room was a mixture of white and grey. The walls were white while everything else was either grey or grey and white. On the left wall of his room he had a small library filled with books for well known authors as Lios Lowry, the one who wrote ‘The Giver’.
We entered the room and sat down at the ‘Conference table’. The room consists of a big round and thick table with four leather chairs were surrounding it. The room had four computers connected together and a spy kit.
Each of us sat on a chair and I impatiently waited for Ryder to start talking. “I just got new from our fellow members of the gang that most of the gangs of San Diego and some gangs from the other parts of California are planning to wipe us out, they want us gone.” I looked at Ryder with disbelief and he continued.
They want to turn San Diego into a world of ciaos and the only thing that is stopping them is us. They know that we are very powerful so they’re joining other gangs to kill us. Our members told me that they are planning to have a war… a war with our gang and ‘The Phantom Ryder’s” My breath hitched when he said that.
“Blaze’s gang and ours against their gang and others.”

To Be Continued….

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