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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 36)



Episode 36.

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Skylar’s P.O.V
As I sat in the interrogation room, I kept on thinking of what might happen from this day forward. Some things will change that’s for sure, but the part that kept me on thinking about it was how they found out.
I looked at my fingers and puckered my brow; if they know the truth then I’m dead meat. I know that they’ll call my parents and it’s probably going to be a scandal for them. I looked around the questioning room once more and scowled. It was all black and reminded me of death; all black.
I grimaced when I thought of it. I shook my head and took deep breath, Skylar, don’t think of it. I sighed and put my head in my hands groaning. I heard the door open and looked up to see the investigator coming this way. I looked away and rolled my eyes, are we going to do this again? I mentally groaned when I thought of it.
Didn’t they think that two hours sitting here were enough, they aren’t getting anything out from me. The investigator pulled the chair out and sat on it putting his hands on the table. I looked up at the bark haired man that has been questioning me for nearly two hours and sighed dramatically.
“Did you forget your lipstick here or what?” I asked him and he glared. I wanted to laugh out loud at his face but held myself back. Some people may say that I’m crazy but I’m actually not. It’s fun messing with an investigator’s head, he’ll send you home directly; I think.
He pursed his lips and gave me a fake smile, I smirked at that, I’m getting on his nerves. He leaned back on the chair and looked at me straight in the eye looking for any kind of fear or worry. I gave him my best death glare and crossed my arms. I decided to make him even madder so I put my feet on the table.
He looked at my feet then at me with pure anger written all over his face. I pouted making him even angrier then slammed his hands on the table. I was about to wince but kept myself in control not wanting to give him the satisfaction of making me nervous.
“Look here little girl, are you going to spit it out yet?” He asked with his voice dripping with venom and I laughed quietly. Investigators are normally calm and collected but this guy over here is totally another story, don’t the cops know not to put an investigator with a temper. I decided to have more fun and looked at him funny making him stare at me with a puzzled look on his face. Huh, this is so easy!
“Are you PMSing or something?” I asked playing with a strand of my short blonde hair. He stood there shocked but the furious expression soon returned to his face. He threw his hands in the air and I heard him grumbling ‘this is useless’ under his breath. He turned around and stormed out of the room leaving me grinning from ear to ear.
I am used to people like him, especially in the police head quarters. When I was younger I always got caught in doing some ‘illegal’ things as they call it, to me it was just some regular achievements that a teen wants to accomplish; for example run down the hallway of the school screaming fire making the students go wild or spraying a picture of a nude lady in the basket ball quart.
I chuckled as I remembered what the guys and I did when we were young. Once we broke into the police department and attached all the wires of the Californian coast’s news channels, of course by the help of the intelligent Ryder and informed the people that wars between gangs of San Diego are going to break out. Of course the stupid citizens believed what was told and ran away screaming and warning one another.
The guys and I spent the whole day laughing our asses off because of what was done. The police kept on searching for the intruders for several months but found nothing and left the case aside. What can I say? We’re that genius.
I started humming ‘You Da One’ by Rihanna and tapped my foot as I sang it in my head. ‘You the one that I dream about all day. You the one that I think about always. You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave! My love is your love; your love is my love.’ I stopped when I heard someone outside talk.
“Dude, I told you we had nothing to do with it.” A few seconds passed and I heard mumbling from another person. I concentrated on the voice and looked at the door in anticipation as it opened up. As I expected, Drew entered the room struggling to get out of the officer’s grasp.
“Are you def?” He cried out looking at the officer like a crazy person and at the same time making me laugh. That boy is totally crazy, at the most horrible situations he can’t keep his lips sealed. He continued arguing with the officer and calling him names till the officer had enough and pushed him on the chair then left slamming the door behind him.
Drew looked up and a smile formed on his face as he leaned forward outing his arms on the black table in between us. I cocked my head to the side as I took in his appearance. He was wearing a bright pink T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans.
“And what are you doing here?” He asked me, an arrogant smirk set on his face. I looked at him with my eyes wide but then shook my head. I gave him an amused look trying to make him think that something was on his face and mentally smiled when I saw that it was working.
“What are you doing here?” I asked stressing on the ‘you’. He rolled his eyes and leaned on the chair crossing his arms. I sighed dramatically making me grit my teeth. Now is not the time for jokes Drew! He closed his eyes and lifted his face up. “Please don’t let the girl be pregnant.” He prayed. I nearly fell off of the chair when I heard him say that. Did I hear him correctly? Did he say please don’t let the girl be pregnant? Drew opened his eyes and flashed me a grin as he saw my shocked face.
“They arrested me for ‘having sex with an underage girl” he girl quoted the sentence making me raise my eyebrows but none the less continued “and the mother thought that I was trying to knocked her daughter up purposely.” He finished rolling his eyes and I looked at him in disbelieve. That guy had gone mad, that’s for sure.
Drew chuckled as he stared at my face. I bet anyone could have burst out laughing at my expression and I knew that Drew was trying to control his laughter. After a few seconds he cracked up laughing and I snapped out of my trance then glared at him, does this look as the best time to be the joker?.
“You should have seen your face.” He pointed at me laughing hysterically and I looked away glaring at the wall. Drew started saying how I looked like ‘scream’ and my face was hilarious. The door opened then Ryder and Tom came storming into the room clearly mad.
Ryder huffed as he sat on the chair while Tom slammed his fists on the table making me cringe. We spent a few minutes in silence until Doctor Drew decided to save the day with his comments.
“Did they accuse you of running in wall mart naked too?” He whispered looking at Tom and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Tom and Ryder snapped both of their heads to glare at Drew making him scowl.
“Tough crowd” Drew murmured and I cringed. I looked at both of the boys and saw that Ryder has his hair spiked up and was wearing dark blue denim jeans and a light blue short sleeved shirt. I looked the other way and saw that Tom had his hair in his regular corn rows and was wearing baggy clothes; as usual.
I remembered what I was going to ask them “Why are you guys here?” I asked and they were about to answer but I quickly cut them off. “How are you guys here?” I asked and all of them nodded. Ryder was the first one to speak. He put an arm on the table looking bored and started talking.
“As I was coming here, I heard some of the officers talking. They said that someone called at midnight to inform them that an illegal race was being held surrounded by gangs. Apparently, the police came and searched the entire area ten talked with the caller. The caller said a name that was yours and the cops started asking people about who are your friends because the caller said that there were four people in the gang and they directly suspected us. The caller said that you have a boyfriend that he thinks is also a suspect so they arrested you boyfriend who is…”
“Raidon” I answered and clenched my fists. Who could do this, but more importantly how did he know me. I remembered the letter I got at school from my secret admirer and put a hand on my mouth. Can it be him? I shook my head and closed my eyes. It can’t be him; my ‘secret admirer’ wouldn’t do that since he ‘secretly’ had a crush on me.
Seconds turned into minutes while minutes turned into hours and there wasn’t any result. Till now, three investigators came to this room and ended up slamming the door shut, Drew has that effect on people.
The door opened but I didn’t bother to look up again expecting the person to be another investigator but the boom of his voice made me freeze in place. “Skylar Brown, you get up here right now.” Ordered a voice I knew too much, my dad. I looked up and saw that he was calm but had so much anger in his eyes.
I looked at the guys and all of them were giving me sorry glances. I stood up and walked up to my dad who stepped aside clearly telling me to walk forward but at the same time telling me that I was in deep trouble.
After they let me out from that horrible place I sat in my dad’s car and waited till I got home. I knew that I was in deep shit and wasn’t happy about the lecture that will last long for approximately two hours. The police said that they have to ask us more questions tomorrow. I’m so excited for it… Not!
I opened the car door and slammed it shut. I knew that my dad was walking behind me angry as hell but I didn’t care. After ‘her’ death they expected me to be the perfect daughter which I’m not.
I opened the door of the house and walked inside only to see my mom standing in front of me with a disappointed but an outraged look on her face. She was fuming, her face was red and so were her ears. Ha, her ears.
“Sit down young lady.” She ordered and I walked to the living room plopping down on the couch. I waited for both of them to come on and get this finished already. Mom and Dad came through the door infuriated and sat in front of me. After a few seconds of silence mom began talking.
“We are so disappointed in you Skylar.” Mom started and all I wanted to do was roll my eyes. They go travelling around the world for business while here I am sitting alone in this house.
Mom was about to continue but dad stood up clenching his fists with his face beat red. I knew he was trying to control his anger from his features.
“I never raised my daughter to be like this, formation of gangs? Illegal street racing?” He stated and I looked at the window. I didn’t want to hear what they had to say because I knew that I will never toss street racing away. I zoned out in the middle of his lecture but what caught my attention was what he said next.
“You weren’t like this Skylar, you were better than this.” He finished with a livid expression on his face and I stood up gritting my teeth.
“I wasn’t like this huh? Wasn’t like this? Talk about yourself dad. The moment Sarah died you’ve turned 360 degrees and changed for the worst. It isn’t my fault that I’m not good in everything. It isn’t my fault that I am not like her.” I stated and knew that my anger was rising up but continued.
“After your perfect daughter’s death you’ve changed a lot. When I needed time to pour my heart out where were you huh?” I asked looking at my mom’s shocked face but at the moment I didn’t care one bit.
“You couldn’t handle the pain that you started traveling and barely stepping into this house because it reminds you so much of your perfect and dead daughter. Did you know that when she died I considered it my fault and nearly committed suicide from all the pain that I went through? But the important thing is that when I wanted a parent’s shoulder to cry on, I didn’t found any.” I raised my voice and saw my mom put her hand on her mouth with tears pouring down her face.
My dad looked hurt but before he could say anything I ran upstairs to my room. As I was going up, I saw Cain walking down the stairs. He raised his head up high and looked at me. It was obvious that I was upset making him smirk. I looked down at my feet then opened the door slamming it shut. For the first time in a few years I curled up into a ball and started sobbing quietly.
They didn’t know how much it hurt me to lose my only sister. I remember that day like it just happened yesterday. I was at a party at my friend’s house and it was practically midnight.
I called Sarah and asked her if she could pick me up. Sarah was my older sister, I was fifteen while she was seventeen and was going to be eighteen in a month.
I waited and waited till it reached one past midnight making me nervous. I got a call saying that mom would pick me up. I got so worried that night but what shocked me the most was when mom told me that Sarah got into a car accident.
She was driving with her lights on when all of a sudden a tractor shows up and hits her from the left side of the car, from her side. When we reached the hospital, they informed us that her injuries were fatal and she wasn’t going to survive. I spent that night crying and crying but what hurt the most was what she said to me before she breathed her last breaths. ‘Never give up Skylar, always be strong.’ Was her last sentence before she left this world and went to a better place.
After that incident everything changed. My parents changed and more importantly, I changed. Mom and dad weren’t the same parents I knew once and they started making excuses for not coming to the house when I knew that the pain of losing their daughter was too much.
-End of Flashback-
I clutched the pillow and sobbed harder, why did you have to die Sarah?
Cain’s P.O.V
I smirked as I saw Skylar running up the stairs to her room. When she slammed the door shut, I put my ear on its surface and heard her sobbing quietly. It made me grin seeing and hearing her in pain. I may seem heartless but that’s the truth. What she did to me was far worse than what I’m doing to her and what I will do to her.
She made me lose Sarah, my sweet Sarah. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. I used to be lonely and sad but when she came, my life turned upside down. She was everything to me, her golden wavy hair and her beautiful big brown eyes. We’ve been the best couple for over four years but Skylar had to ruin it all. She had to go to her friend’s party in the middle of the night and call her sister to pick her up. I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth at the thought of it.
Skylar had to ruin everything for me with just a stupid mistake that cost my love’s life. A voice inside of me told me to let it go and this wasn’t what Sarah wanted you to do but I forced that thought away. I will make Skylar pay, in one way or another.

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To Be Continued…

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