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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 35)



Episode 35.

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Skylar’s P.O.V
I got out of my car and closed the door. Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed someone in the shadows. I looked up but so no one, strange. I heard footsteps coming this way and knew that it was the guys. I looked to my left and watched Drew, Ryder and Tom coming my way.
Drew was the first one to arrive followed by the other two. Tom looked like he could blow up any minute while Ryder looked worried and somewhat mad. Drew held a smile of his face and was chuckling. I looked at him confused but he just shook his head.
“Told you nothing happened.” Commented Drew looking at Ryder and Tom who looked relieved for a second but their expressions turned into ones of distress which made me even more confused. Drew looked at me and noticed how I was giving him a look of uneasiness but brushed it aside.
“They were worried something happened to you.” He stated and I nodded in realization. Tom started grumbling under his breath while Ryder looked at me with crossed arms. He raised his eyebrows questioning and I rolled my eyes knowing what he wants.
“I had a talk with my mom.” I said looking down at my shoes and heard Drew let out a laugh.
“What did she say this time?” He asked trying to control his laughter. I rolled my eyes and looked at Ryder and Tom then glared when I saw them trying to hold in their laughter. It’s fascinating how their mood changed from gruff to hilarity. I decided not to answer and walked ahead passing by Ryder and Tom. Drew was still snickering and the two duos were still chuckling.
There was something telling me that someone was following me but I pushed that feeling aside. I kept on having this aura from the minute I left the house and now it’s haunting me again.
The guys walked behind me till we reached the arena and the cheer erupted once again. After a few minutes the guys and I were standing in the middle watching the race between various gangs. I glanced at ‘The Phantom Riders’ and saw Blaze looking at me. I directly looked ahead feeling something warm reach my cheeks.
Drew looked at me weirdly before shaking his head and looking ahead. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly composing myself. I opened my eyes and breathed out a sigh of relief since no one saw me. I pretended to look at the crowd when I looked at Blaze who had his arms crossed and saw him smirking. He probably saw me turn pink.
He put his arms down and made a small ushering sign for me so no one can see. I knew that h wanted to talk alone so I gave him a small smile. He talked with his gang then walked into the shadows.
I looked at the guys and saw them watching the race; thank God they didn’t see any of this. I swallowed loudly grabbing their attention “I’m going to get something from my car.” They muttered their ‘Okays’ not looking at me.
Passing by gangs, I walked in the direction where Raidon went and when I was close someone grabbed me and I slipped into the shadows. I was pinned against a wall and then lips met mine. I kissed him back knowing who he is and in return he put both of his hands on my face and deepened the kiss.
I pulled away needing some air. I looked at Raidon who was looking straight into my eyes breathing heavily. After we both regained out breath, a smirk was plastered on Raidon’s face. I then remembered where we were and pushed him away fixing my jacket.
“What are you doing?” I hissed glaring at Raidon who just smirked in response.
“Kissing my girlfriend” He air quoted girlfriend and I huffed. My eyes bulged when I realized that he said that in public and quickly put a hand on his mouth. He’s going to have one hell of a talk tomorrow. My heart fluttered when he said girlfriend but I frowned when I remembered him quoting it.
My hand fell and we stayed in silence. I looked down to see regret written all over his face. I wonder why I am getting so emotional, I promised myself not to fall for anyone but here I am feeling somewhat hurt for what Raidon said, a jerk said.
“Skylar, I didn’t mean it-” He broke the silence, his voice hoarse and I snapped my head up looking at him, more like glaring.
“Shut up.” I hissed clenching my fists looking at his face. His face turned angry but then a soft expression took over his face. I gritted my teeth; I didn’t want pity from anyone. When I looked into his eyes I didn’t see pity, I actually saw the total opposite.
I told you he’s different said the same voice I’ve been hearing for the last week. I always pushed that voice aside but this time I believed it. I shook my head and looked down, when he knows what happened in the past he’ll leave me like others did.
I turned around but before I could take a step forward I was pulled back then twirled having him plant his lips on mine in a soft kiss. He pulled back after a few seconds then looked at me with a smile on his face.
He opened his mouth to say something but people started running in all directions. Police sirens were heard and my eyes went wide in realization. We both looked at each other and nodded. I ran to my car and watched as the guys did the same. We all looked at one another making sure that no one was missing and turned on the engine.
All of us drove in different directions and I went in the direction of my house worried. Once I reached the house, I opened the door and got in closing it slowly so I wouldn’t wake up my parents. I tip toed to my room and opened the door slowly.
A cold breeze blew and I looked around my dark, cold room to see the window opened. Someone was here. I knew it was Cain who entered my room but didn’t want to slam his room door open and make a scene so I closed the window yet again slowly.
I changed my clothes and put of short shorts and a baggy shirt. I slipped under the covers and thought of what will I do, I promised myself but here I am breaking my promise. After I saw how miserable he was after she was gone, it made me pledge to not fall for a guy.
I closed my eyes and after a few minutes, I wandered off to wonderland.
I woke up yawning. I stretched then looked at the alarm clock on my left; it was 10:30 a.m. My eyes bulged and I took the covers off of me. I opened the bathroom door and stripped entering the shower. I sighed when the hot water touched my skin, it’s so peaceful when I hear water running.
After I finished, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I grabbed my tooth brush and started brushing my teeth. I remembered what happened yesterday and went out of the bathroom quickly; I have to check on the guys.
The memory of Raidon kissing me made smile but it was wiped off when I remembered what will happen when I tell him about the accident. The thought of Raidon made me think of something else, my secret admirer.
I still can’t spot who might be the one that put the letter in my locker. As I got dressed, I kept on thinking who might be my secret admirer. I know that it can’t be one of the guys because we were best friends since forever and I’m not about to change that.
Could it be one of Raidon’s friends? I shook my head at the thought, no, it couldn’t be. I thought of someone at school who might have a crush on me but found none. Ugh, this secret admirer thing is getting on my nerves.
I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at my reflection. That army colored short shorts and sleeveless dark green shirt look good! I ran down the hallway to the kitchen but stopped in my tracks when I found no one. I shrugged; my parents and Cain are probably outside at work.
The door bell rang and I walked to the foyer and opened the door. Two police men were outside and my heart dropped. Both the police men looked at me with a tough look on their faced which made me even more nervous.
“Skylar Brown?” Asked the first officer, he had short red hair and light brown eyes. I nodded slowly and both officers looked at each other then nodded.
“Please come with us, you are a suspect of illegal street racing and gang formation.” The second officer stated and my heart dropped. This couldn’t be happening, how could have they found out? I stood frozen as the two officers grabbed me and led me to their police car.
They opened the door and I sat inside looking down. All of a sudden I felt numb, does this mean that they arrested Tom, Drew and Ryder? I tried to push that thought away but couldn’t help but think of it.
Raidon’s P.O.V
I woke up and got dressed in a dark blue short sleeved shirt that had ‘I’m the Boss’ written over it in black and light blue jeans. I went downstairs and made myself coffee.
I couldn’t stop thinking about Skylar since yesterday. Her lips on mine where the best thing I’ve ever felt, man I’m so whipped. I groaned when I realized what was happening. My original plan was to make her fall in love with me not the other way round.
When I kissed her yesterday with all my passion, she kissed me back but I was such a fool to air quote ‘girlfriend’. I almost ruined it but I couldn’t let her go so I kissed her again. I saw some insecurity in her eyes and it made me wonder what she was thinking at that moment.
I was about to say how sorry I was and that I want her to go out on a date with me but those stupid cops interrupted us. It made me think how did they find our location, did someone track us then called them?
No one would dare call the cops because they know the consequences of it and after all most of them are gangs so they wouldn’t risk doing that. I walked out of the kitchen to the living room and plopped down the sofa.
I turned on the T.V. sipping my coffee. There was nothing good on so I chose a random channel and to my luck soup opera was up. I groaned and cursed myself and the T.V show. I grabbed the remote and clicked on the button but the channel didn’t change.
I threw the remote on the wall and stood up walking to my room but stopped when I heard the door bell ring. I grumbled under my breath and turned around walking straight to the entrance hall and opened the door to see two cops standing there.
“Raidon Fox?” Asked the chubby looking cop and I nodded crossing my arms leaning against the door frame raising my eyebrow.
“You are arrested for being a suspect of illegal street racing and formation of gangs.” Stated the thin guy and my eyes went wide. The only word that I could think of was… Holy fucking shit.

To be continued…

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