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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 34)



Episode 34.

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Skylar’s P.O.V
I pulled back and looked at Raidon who had the same expression that I had; shocker. I realized that my hands were still around his neck so I dropped them. I bit my lip thinking of what happened; the way we kissed held so much passion. I blushed at the thought of it. Wait, what’s happening to me? Someone coughed so I turned around and saw that it was Cain, he had the look of pure anger.
I smirked when I saw his face but it was wiped off of my face when I remembered what happened. I looked at Raidon once again and saw that he was grinning. Why is he grinning? He leaned down and blew a breath on my ear.
“We’ll talk later.” Was the only thing he said before darting out of the house. I stood still looking at the door then rubbed my temples. When he said ‘we’ll talk later’ that meant that something bad is going to happen… I think. I spun and walked forward purposely bumping into Cain who had his fists clenched. I can’t believe that he actually once was a good person.
I stood on my tiptoes smiling “Do you think that I’m lying now?” I whispered in his ear and I swear I thought that some will come out of his ears. His jaw clenched and I grinned walking upstairs to my bedroom. I opened the door and closed it when I was in.
I sighed happily and leaned against the wall. I closed my eyes then pictures of Brent crammed my memory. I cringed when I remembered what happened and opened my eyes to look at my room. I always thought that no boy will catch my eyes but man I was wrong.
What if Raidon is the same as all those boys I dated? A knock on the door snapped me out of my daze and I heaved a sigh. I trudged and headed for the door grumbling under my breath. I knew Cain was behind the door so I opened the door with a scowl on my face but it directly fell when I saw that it was my mom.
She gave me a small smile and I stepped aside allowing her to enter. Once she got in I closed the door and sat next to her on my fluffy bed. I looked at her confused but she just patted my knee. Well, that’s weird…
I waited for her to start talking but when she didn’t, I broke the silence.
“Hem, so what do you want to talk about?” I asked her and she lifted her head to look at me. I saw something flash in her eyes, maybe sorrow? She swallowed hard and I was suddenly nervous. Something is going on but I don’t know about it.
“Sweetie” She said and I flinched. She realized her mistake and changed the word. Everything that reminds me of
her makes my heart stop, the pain is too much.
“Honey, we think that Raidon is the type of guy that might use you so we think it’s better if you break up now before he hurts you.” She said and I looked at her wide-eyed. What did she say? Did I hear her correctly?
“Excuse me?” I asked looking at her with a puzzled expression. She smiled softly almost in shame before she opened her mouth and repeated what she said earlier. “I said that-” but I cut her off.
“I know exactly what you said.” I sated angrily and stood up before I continued “Do you think that if you came here just awhile ago then you can just control my life?” I asked pointing to myself. She was about to retort but I beat her to it. “You’ve been gone for almost eight months barely calling me and you expect me to welcome you so happily in my life?” I requested and she looked lost and sad, but at the moment I didn’t really care.
“You think that you can tell me who to date and who to stay away from like good parents do?” I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. “Well let me tell you, you’ve barely been parents to me.” I bellowed and immediately regretted what I said by the look mom was giving me.
She had a look of pain of her face and she winced as if it stung. She stood up and looked at me with tears in her eyes. She left the room without another word and I sat down on the bed and looked down at my feet.
I can’t believe I’ve been this harsh on mom, I mean I know I should have done that but maybe it could have been it a gentler way? I put my head in my head and closed my eyes thinking of what she said. ‘It’s better if you break up now before he hurts you’ echoed through my head and it got me thinking, would Raidon really do that?
I shook my head to get that thought out, Raidon and I aren’t even dating; we’re only faking it. I stood up and walked to my window. Everything was black outside; you couldn’t see anything except for the places that were lightened up by lamps and bulbs.
This is so confusing, if we weren’t really dating then why did Raidon kiss me like that? I rubbed my neck and looked at the floor. My phone started ringing so I pulled it out of my pocket to see who it was… Drew. Oh boy, what did he do now?
“Skylar, oh my gosh, Skylar; thank God.” Tom breathed and I frowned concerned.
“What’s going on?” I demanded and heard someone singing in the background. Tom started saying something but he stopped talking making me worried.
“Skylar, listen to this.” Screamed Drew and I shook my head. The music on the other part of the line got louder and I cursed myself for answering the phone.
“Never mind, I’ll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you too. Don’t forget me, I beg .I remember you said, sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.” Drew started singing ‘someone like you’ by Adele and I heard groans on the other side of the phone. I groaned when I heard him singing, Drew and singing don’t match. He continued singing the second verse and I put my hands on my ears.
“Nothing compares. No worries or cares. Regrets and mistakes. They are memories made.
Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?” He screeched and I think I had some tears in my eyes. Damn, this is far worse than chopping onions.
I heard someone screaming at Drew and he was trying to yank the phone from his hand. The music stopped and I breathed out a sigh of relief; finally no singing.
“Hey Skylar” It was Ryder this time and I smiled.
“Hi Ry” I said and listened to what he said. He told me that we had to go to the race tonight; I nodded as he filled me in the details. I disconnected the line and put my phone in my pocket then walked to my closet. I pulled out my gang leader black leather jacket and black pants with my Armani sun glasses and black leather boots.
It’s show time.
Raidon’s P.O.V
I got in my car slamming the door shut. I turned on the engine and stepped on the gas pedal. I can’t believe I did that, why did I even do that? We’re not even dating because she’s just like every other girl out there.
No she’s not, she’s different, said a voice in my head and I parked aside. That’s the thing; I’m afraid that she’ll be like every other girl out there then use me. No one ever considered why I play with girls. Every girl I’ve met only wanted one thing, my money.
Since then, I knew that I would never find a girl that would like me for who I am so I turned into Raidon the man whore. I never dated seeing that every girl is the same and they’re no different from each other but something in my heart told me that Skylar is the total opposite.
I never met a girl like Skylar before, she’s special. She can kick ass and doesn’t take any shit from someone. She doesn’t look at you from the outside but digs deep inside of you to see who you really are. She doesn’t give a damn if you own millions of dollars but is interested in your personality.
For the first time in my entire life I acted like that in front of a girl. I never kissed a girl out of a liking but I usually kiss them because I enjoy getting something after it. I groaned and put my hand on my forehead
‘don’t you dare have a liking towards her Raidon.’ I screamed at myself but couldn’t help but think of here.
‘She’s different’ repeated a voice inside my head and I turned on the engine. She’s one of a kind and I already have my eyes on here. I thought for a bit then smirked when something crossed my mind. Skylar Brown will be mine, my girlfriend; and she will not be a play toy like others but my real girlfriend that I’ll have
real feelings for.
This is going to be fun.
Cain’s P.O.V
I stayed hidden as Skylar got out of the house. I’m in my car watching Skylar’s every move, I saw her dressed in black but the weirdest part of all is that she was wearing a black boyish wig. Is she on a mission or something? Maybe she works with the CIA?
Skylar entered her Peugeot 908rc; she turned on the engine and got out of the garage. My car was outside and it was dark so she couldn’t see me. I’ve always been suspicious of what Skylar would be doing in the middle of the night.
Every time I come to this place with her parents which rarely happens, I see her climbing out of her room. I remember the first time I saw her sneaking out of her room.
It was really dark that night and I was sleeping soundly in bed. I heard some noise so I sat up straight in bed to see if it was just my imagination or was it for real. I heard something clatter and shot up straight from my bed.
I was in my boxers but I didn’t care, someone’s in the house. I slowly opened the guest room door and slipped out of it. I walked down the hallway and her that noise again. Someone was in the house; I think it was a burglar trying to steal something from this house.
I walked following the sound and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the devil’s room open. I narrowed my eyes and opened the bedroom door wide enough to let me see everything in there. My eyes bulged when I saw nothing, what is happening?
I slowly stepped into her room and shivered when a cold breeze blew. I looked to my left and found the window opened. Uncle Paul and Aunt Julia are still sleeping upstairs in their bed because I didn’t hear anything coming from their room.
I walked to the window and looked outside but found nothing, everything was black. I was about to close it but saw car lights. I put my hand on the wall and bent forward looking down. A black car was there and as I suspected Skylar was driving it.
-End of Flashback-
I gripped the steering wheel harder and grinded my teeth. Tonight I was going to find out what she’s up to. I kept my lights of and followed Skylar. I was a few feet behind her so she couldn’t see me well especially that it’s so dark outside.
I kept on trailing behind her and she suddenly stopped making me park aside. I looked at my surrounding and saw that it was like a secret hideout for gangs. There were a lot of people in here. Most of them looked like gangs wearing all black and most of them had tattoos. Skylar went out of the car and all eyes were on her. Three guys came all dressed in black and greeted her.
The crowd cheered as she passed by and I raised my eyebrows. After a few minutes, two guys climbed into different cars and the crowd’s cheers went louder. A girl stepped between the cars and with a flag in her raised hand. Damn she looked hot with that cut tank top of hers that clung to her body. She was wearing a mini sized skirt that showed her legs. There was a shot heard and the girl put the flag down making the cars go dangerously fast.
I smirked, so Skylar is in a gang and is running an illegal street racing competition? Huh, that’s interesting. Well, better call the police then to arrest them; no one wants the citizens to get hurt right?

To Be Continued…..

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