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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 33)

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Episode 33.

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Cain’s P.O.V.
I walked down the hallway to the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator and poured myself a cup of apple juice with a frown on my face. I kept on thinking about Skylar; she’s the only girl that ever denied me. Her mother thinks that I like her but the truth is that I don’t. Sure she has an awesome body that a guy could kill to have in bed but beneath that shell is a person that’s hidden from everyone. My purpose from coming here is to break her like she broke me.
Since my father and hers are really close friends, then they’ll directly accept our relationship but it’s her friends that I’m worried about. I’ve met those three hooligans before, I believe their names were Tom, Ryder and Drew, yeah that’s them.
Tom and Drew are okay, but it’s Ryder who I hate the most. He knows that I’m up to no good by the look he always gives me when I visit Skylar. I smirked at that; maybe lover boy does like her. I always get confused by Ryder and Skylar’s relationship. I know that nothing’s going on between those two but they’re so close to each other.
I took a sip from my apple juice and sat on the chair next to the kitchen’s huge window. I looked outside and saw the backyard. It had all kinds of flowers, roses, tulips, lilies, jasmines and the list goes on. Skylar’s mother has an obsession over flowers so she designed everything outside and made the people who were working go crazy. I chuckled at that, it was a day full of excitement with Aunt Julia screaming at the people and saying that they’re in the wrong place.
This house once was full of joy but it all changed after the accident. I gripped the glass stronger and forced my eyes shut. The accident was the moment where everything changed. A lot of lives changed after that accident. I felt my eyes water and blinked a couple of times then shook my head. It’s not time to think about that Cain, it’s been a long time ago.
I put my head in my hands. It’s all her fault; it’s all Skylar’s fault. She’s the one responsible for this; she’s the one responsible for all the pain I’ve went through. It her fault that her parents changed, it’s all her fault.
I gritted my teeth thinking of her, that devil. I will make her pay; she’s the cause of all of these problems. She’s the one that broke my heart and I will make sure I’ll break hers somehow, even if it costs me my life.
Skylar’s P.O.V.
I sat in Raidon’s car with my hands on my lap. Raidon was sitting next to me and was driving silently. I put my forehead on the window and sighed. I was still thinking of what happened in the school, who is my secret admirer? I sighed once again and from the corner of my eyes I saw Raidon looking at me.
“Eyes on the road” I snapped and he nodded. We spent the entire car ride in silence until Raidon coughed. I looked at him weirdly but he just kept his eye forward.
“So why aren’t you coming to my house to tutor me?” He asked and I raised my eyebrows. He must be kidding me! He broke Ryder’s nose and he expects me to come and tutor him? I narrowed my eyes but unfortunately he didn’t see me since he was busy looking ‘at the road’.
“Oh nothing, I was busy taking care of my dog.” I answered sweetly. He looked at me with amusement then shook his head chuckling. I crossed my arms and saw that we’re halfway there. I mentally cursed myself because I didn’t bring my car, I’m an idiot!
“You’re really mad at me aren’t you?” He asked and I felt his gaze on me. I was about to answer him but I saw a car coming our way.
“Look out” I shouted and the car went left. The driver from the other car started cursing but Raidon continued driving. I looked at him wide-eyed but he didn’t seem fazed. He nearly just got us killed and he doesn’t do anything? I wanted to shout at him but decided against it seeing that I need him.
After I nearly begged Raidon to be my boyfriend or ‘fake’ boyfriend we directly jumped inside his car. He tried to ask me why do I need him but I didn’t say anything. He doesn’t need to know a thing. I only want him to come with me to get Cain off of my back.
I frowned at that, Cain used to be an awesome guy but he changed a lot. He used to be that sweet guy that you want to hug but he changed to be a man whore. I always thought of why he changed that much but it always leads to one thing… the accident.
I closed my eyes not wanting to break down in front of Raidon. Everything changed after the accident. My dad and I used to be so close but everything vanished after the accident. We used to be a very happy family, celebrating holidays together, sitting next to the fire but it all vanished after the terrible incident. Every time I think of it, it brings tears into my eyes. Everyone told me that it wasn’t my fault but I think it’s the total opposite. It is my fault.
I blinked a few times then sighed. I looked to my left to see Raidon looking at me with concern but it was gone before I could blink. I looked at him confused but shrugged and kept on thinking of what to do when we get there.
I opened the door and stepped in with Raidon behind me. The house was quite, I think dad would be on his lap top while mom would be reading and Cain doing something. I looked at Raidon who was busy looking at the house and rolled my eyes.
“Raidon” I said and he looked at me. Something was different about him, the way he acted today was not normal. Raidon usually kept on teasing me and getting on my nerves but his Raidon in front of me was acting civil. Is he turning soft?
“Come on” I ordered and he nodded. I saw something flicker in his eyes but I’m not sure what it is. I decided to continue on and walked into the kitchen but saw no one there. I frowned and turned around only to collide into a wall.
I opened my eyes to see Raidon’s chest in front of me. I looked up to see him looking down at me. I blushed and looked away. I froze when I realized what I did; me, Skylar Brown blushing over a guy? First it happened today at school and it’s happening right now too. What’s happening to me?
That’s called crushing over someone,
and the voice is back. I hate it when I start talking to myself. My heart says something and my mind always disagree on it. I get annoyed when I have an internal battle with myself to decide things.
“Let’s go to the living room.”I sighed and walked out of the kitchen and opened the living room door. My parents and Cain were watching a show and I walked in smiling. They all turned and look at me. My mom’s face was sparkling from joy while dad remained neutral. I saw Cain glaring at Raidon so I turned and glared at him.
Raidon stood next to me and I heard him cough.
“Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend Raidon.” I said smiling brightly. Even though it was false but my heart was telling me something else. The room went quiet and all of a sudden my mom jumped and hugged Raidon. My mouth flew open as I gazed at mom in shock. Did she really just do that?
We sat on in the dining room, silence engulfing us. I played with my mashed potatoes, the sound of my fork was the only thing heard throughout the dining room. Mom was eating her food in silence while dad had his arms crossed looking at Raidon. Cain was glaring at Raidon from across the table making Raidon glare at him even harder.
‘That’s my man!’ I bit my lip as I mentally said that.
“So Raidon, how did you and Skylar meet?” Asked my mother and Raidon smiled.
“We met in a music store then saw one another at school so we decided to kick it off from there.” He sent her a breath taking smile and I gawked when I saw mom blush. I can’t believe I just saw my own mother blush because of Raidon .
I looked at my dad and saw him glaring and Raidon. I wanted to stand up and say ‘way to go mom, you just made it worse’ but held my tongue. Cain coughed grabbing all of our attention.
“So you just fell in love?” He asked with a wicked grin across his face. Cain is up to no good I just feel it.
Raidon looked puzzled before answering “No, we actually-”
“So you know that Skylar doesn’t love you and never will right?” Cain asked and I gritted my teeth. Raidon crossed his arms before answering in the calmest voice “She might-”
“Might isn’t the right word Raidon, might means that she won’t fall in love with you.” Cain answered his voice challenging making me shiver in disgust. What does he have under his sleeve now? If he kept on like this a fight will occur.
I saw Raidon’s fists clench and silently prayed that he won’t do anything stupid. “Expect the unexpected, you don’t know; maybe Skylar and I will get married after five years.” He shrugged and I smirked. So lover boy is dreaming of us getting married? I will enjoy teasing him with this.
I looked at Cain and saw his jaw clench making my smirk widen. “Well, excuse me.” Raidon stood up and walked towards me “It was a pleasure meeting you Mrs. Brown” Raidon extended his hand and my mom stood up. I was expecting her to shake his hands but she hugged him instead.
“Likewise” Mom said after she pulled away. Raidon walked to my father who also stood up. They shook hands but dad had a forced smile. I bet he is still angry about mom blushing.
Raidon walked to the door and I followed him. I heard a noise from behind but didn’t turn around to see what it is.
Once we reached the entrance Raidon looked at me and I smiled “Thank you” I murmured and saw him raise his eyebrows in amusement.
“Sorry, I didn’t hear that. What did you say?” He put a hand on his ear. I chuckled when I saw him do that, he looked like an old man who has hearing problems and was trying to catch what a person said to him.
“Thank you.” I said louder this time and saw him smirk. Oh gosh, here we go again. Raidon was about to say something but stopped and glared at something behind me. I looked at the thing he was glaring at and saw that it was actually at someone; he was glaring a Cain.
I looked at Raidon and saw that his fists were clenched. He closed his eyes then took slow breaths in and out. He opened his eyes to look at me and I gave him an apologetic smile.
“Well I have to go now Skyalr.” He smiled at me then opened the door but stopped midway when Cain started talking.
“What? No goodbye kiss?” He questioned and I gasped. That’s it, we’re doomed. No way is Raidon going to kiss me and the feelings mutual. Raidon’s form went rigid and I cursed under my breath, we’re grilled.
Raidon turned around and did the unexpected. He grabbed my face in both of his hands and in an instant his lips landed on mine. I was about to break the kiss but wasn’t able to. A strong feeling inside of me told me to kiss him back and that’s exactly what I did.
My hands went to his neck and I kissed him back.

To be continued..

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