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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 32)



Episode 32.

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Skylar’s P.O.V.
The crowd cheered as Blade’s (Ryder’s) car passed the finish line. I looked at Tom and smirked. He was leaning against his car with his head in his hands groaning. I shook my head grinning and walked towards him.
I had the weirdest dream yesterday. It was sunny at the beach we were alone. I was wearing a ripped short shorts and a plain sky blue t-shirt. I had my head on someone’s shoulder and this someone was hugging me tight. A single tear escaped my eyes and I quickly wiped it away. I looked at the guy’s face but didn’t see him clearly. From his features, he had dirty blond hair and was tall. He was wearing a black T-shirt with denim jeans. The wind blew making my hair go everywhere.
I shook my head and focused at what’s in front of me. I stopped standing next to Tom then bumped my shoulder with his. He was glaring at me and I chuckled, well I wasn’t the one who agreed on the bet bucko.
“100 bucks buddy.” I reminded him making him grit his teeth.
“Don’t remind me.” He hissed through clenched teeth and I smiled.
“You are going to lose sucker.” Tom teased making Ryder clench his fists.
“Zip it Shorty.” Ryder snapped and I laughed evilly, this is going to be good. Tom huffed and crossed his arms mumbling under his breath.
“I’m not short.”He denied and I threw myself on the couch. I looked around searching for popcorn but pouted when there wasn’t any. Awe, come on! There’s a movie playing in here!
The two nut heads were still arguing with one another and I rolled my eyes. Where’s Drew when you need him? Wait, don’t answer that!
-1 hour later-
“Shut up Tom!” Ryder screamed and I cursed under my breath. I put the T.V on mute, stood up then fixed my shirt.
I pulled Ryder and Tom apart then turned to look at Tom.
“If Ryder wins then you owe me 100 bucks. Got that?” I raised my eyebrow waiting for his answer. Tom took his precious time in thinking and finally nodded.
-End of flashback-
I looked at Ryder and sighed, he was showing off again. All I need right now is a camera to take a picture of him and show how much of an idiot he looks.
“I’m awesome.” Ryder stated passing by and I huffed murmuring ‘as if’ under my breath.
The next day was really boring, a lot of homework. I walked down the hall to my locker searching for the guys at the same time. I looked at my left and held my book tighter, Raidon was standing there. I looked ahead avoiding his gaze and walked forward.
I frowned when I saw that no one was standing there but I shrugged, I’ll probably find the guys in the cafeteria. I entered the code and the locker opened but something fell. I looked down and noticed that it was a rose attached with a piece of paper.
I picked the rose up and opened the paper: I dream of you every night
I think of you everydayTo kiss those rosy lipsTo hold you in my arms
That day will comemy love, but till now I have to stayhidden
To my love, Skylar
Your secret Admirer
My jaw hid the floor when I read the note. I looked around but found no one in the hallway since most of them are in the cafeteria right now. I scrunched up my nose and put the paper in my pocket. Random thoughts crossed my mind making me even more confused. I rubbed my temples and sighed, I have a stalker now. I closed my locker and was about to turn around but a voice stopped me.
“Nervous are we?” A voice I know too well whispered in my ear and I shuddered. I froze in shock thinking of what I did. What the hell? I don’t shudder. Raidon put his hands on my hips and pulled me backwards making my breath hitch.
“W-what are you doing here?” I said trying to sound serious but I failed miserably. I heard him let out a soft laugh before the warm breath met my skin, once again making me shudder with delight. I was about to ask him to answer my questions but he beat me to it.
“Just wandering around and then I saw you” He blew a breath and I closed my eyes. Why is he doing this? Moreover, why am I reacting like that to his touch and breathe? I’m never like this; Skylar Brown is the tough girl that has guys around her finger, not the other way round!
He kept on moving his hands all over my body and I bit my lip. I opened my eyes when I didn’t feel his touch again. I turned around but saw no one. I opened my mouth as if saying something but closed it. Was that a dream or was it reality? Did Raidon really do that or it was all part of my imagination?
I shook my head and walked down the hallway to the cafeteria with millions of thoughts crossing my mind. “Oh this is so confusing.” I mumbled.
I opened the door and entered the house. The was some movement in the living room so I went to check it out. I decided to ignore what happened today and move on with my life, he was just teasing me. I opened the living room door and stood shocked in my place.
Sitting there was my mother and father. I opened my mouth wide in shock clearly confused. When my mom saw me, she jumped off of the couch and hugged me. I hugged her back with the same enthusiasm then pulled away.
“Oh my dear, you’re so gorgeous!” Mom cried and I smiled back.
“Hi mom” I said and she smiled hugging me back again mumbling ‘I’m so sorry honey’ all over again. All of the bad events that took place in this house with me and my parents faded away only to be replaced with happy thoughts. I knew mom would be excited when she saw me again but not this excited! Wow, she practically threw herself on me.
A cough made my mom break away from me and I looked up to see my dad with a small smile on his face.
“Skylar” He mumbled and I nodded.
“Dad” I answered and for a moment neither of us spoke. I was surprised when my dad hugged me. Not taken back I hugged him with all my strength making him groan in pain.
“Sorry” I mumbled guilty seeing him nod.
“Its okay” He paused but then smiled a full smile making my heart flutter. I nearly jumped in joy when I saw him smile his first genuine smile. I haven’t seen him smile like then since the… accident. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths because I didn’t want to cry in front on my parents.
I smiled too and hugged him again.
“I missed you dad.” I mumbled on his shoulder and he squeezed me.
“I missed you too sweetheart.” He replied making me grin.
Me and my dad had the best of father-daughter relationship, well
had . After the accident everything changed. My relationship with my parents changed, I changed to be who I am today… a tomboy. I got my blond hair from my dad and my blue eyes from my mom, a perfect combination. My dad has short blond hair and big ice blue eyes while mom has long brown hair with brown eyes. Both of my parents are tall, like really tall and turns out that I take a lot from them. My mom, Julia Anna Brown is forty while my dad, Paul James Brown is forty two.
Mom clapped her hands and I turned to look at her. She held an excited look on her face which made me question what she did this time. Then I remembered what mom said.
“Mom, you said that you’re coming here after three days.” I looked at her puzzled and she nodded.
“I know” she waved her hand like it was nothing “We just wanted to see out daughter ASAP” Mom said and I nodded.
“Well, nice to see you all grown up Skylar.” Said the voice I dreaded the most.
I swallowed turning around and plastered a fake smile on my face “Cain” I greeted coldly and he smirked. Seriously, what’s up with that guy and smirking?
“Hello Skylar.” He greeted in a posh accent and I gritted my teeth. I didn’t pay him much attention then looked at my parents but before I could say anything Cain said “Your mother told us that you have a boyfriend.” He paused and my eyes bulged “I bet that your parents are so excited to meet him as much as I am Skylar, right?” He continued and I clenched my fists, b*tch.
“Of course I want to meet him!” squealed mom and I gave her a fake smile when inside I was screaming. What will I do now?
“How about we invite him to dinner tonight?” suggested Cain. All I wanted to do right now is bring a whip and start hitting him with it.
I heard my mom squeal before clapping saying that it would be a very nice idea. I looked at my dad hoping that he would argue with them but turns out that he was already planning to give the boy the ‘talk’. The talk is when my dad threatens the guys I date saying that if they break my heart he will break their bones and send people to kill them, it’s nothing really.
I excused myself saying that I have to call my boyfriend and went upstairs trying to think of what I should do. They expect me to bring my so called boyfriend when I actually don’t have one. I felt someone following me and out of nowhere I was pinned to the wall. Memories of Brent came clashing by and I pushed that person off of me ready to give him a piece of my mind but stopped when I saw Cain. I would actually be very pleased if I kick him so hard to put him in a coma but seeing that my parents are down stairs I decided against it.
“What are you doing?” I sneered and saw that disgusting little smirk that was plastered on his face.
“You” He stated in his deep voice trying to look sexy. Some girls would fall on their feet for him but not this girl! For the first time I took his appearance and saw that he was wearing a white sleeved shirt and denim jeans. He looked different from the last time I saw him. He used to have very short hair while how his hair was spiky. He put an earring on his right ear which made him look more like a gangster.
I laughed when he said that. I walked up to him and whispered in his ear in a deadly tone “On my dead body.” I tried to calm my nerves but him standing next to me made it all worse.
He started laughing and I narrowed my eyes, you aren’t in a position you could laugh in. He came closer and blew a breath on my ear “You can laugh as much as you want Skylar, but let’s see who will be laughing when you come back with no one by your side.” Not waiting for my reply he turned around and made his way down the hall leaving me shocked.
I hate him.
I leaned against the wall and sighed. What will I do now? I kept on thinking and finally made up my mind.
I pulled up all my courage and knocked on the door waiting for him to open up. After a few seconds the door opened and the devil himself stood there. He raised his eyebrows and I closed my eyes.
“Can I come in?” I asked finally looking up to meet his eyes. He looked surprised but nodded then opened the door wider allowing me to come in.
After I entered, Raidon closed the door and started walking ahead, probably to the living room.
I kept on following him till we reached an oak wooden door. Raidon opened the door to reveal a huge office. The office was all red and black. The first thing that caught my attention was the leather looking sofas and the big wooden desk. The room was filled with trophies and medals.
Raidon sat behind the oak wooden desk ushering me to sit on the sofa. I sat on the sofa and before he could ask anything I blurted it out “I want you to be my boyfriend.” I looked at Raidon waiting for his reaction but was surprised when I saw him smirk.
“Excuse me?” He asked and I crossed my arms knowingly.
“I want you to be my boyfriend.” I said slowly which made his smirk widen. He leaned against the desk and I watched him carefully.
“And why is that?” He asked teasingly making me clench my fists. He’s doing this on purpose.
“Because I need you!” I replied impatiently and froze in place when I realized what I said. Raidon leaned back and started playing with his pen clicking it, it was so annoying.
“So?” I asked trying to get it out of him but it didn’t seem to work.
“Well…” He drifted off and I waited for him impatiently.

To Be Continued…

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