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Episode 7.

Mr K picked up his I-phone 7 from the table and started touching the screen. He had a slight frown on his face as he pressed. Has he noticed that i tampered with his WhatsApp message? I threw my face away and pretended i was looking at the phone he just gave me. I hadn’t even switched it on yet, hadn’t been able to figure which was the power button.
There was a soft knock on the transparent door. I looked back towards the door, It was the lady i had met on my way to Mr K’s office, the lady that stood on the Samsung stand. She just stood at the door without looking into the office or attempting to enter.
” Pls excuse me for some minutes, this must be important” Mr K said, looking at me for approval.
“No problem, take your time” I said.

I felt relieved. I have the opportunity to peruse my new phone or even pick up Mr K’s phone again and continue reading the chats that shocked me earlier. I was still getting over my feeling of consternation and there was nothing else i would see in his phone that would put me in the same state of shock i was initially.

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Mr K smiled and stood up from the chair. He was a bulk of a man. Initially, I would pitch him as averagely built, but today, under this brown suit, he looked bigger than he was yesterday. His frame was Machismally poised and he moved like a bouncer. I was beginning to fear this dude. How would I fare if he planned to rape me? It would be like a bull on a sheep. I have to figure a way to run away before he starts implementing whatever he planned because after reading the previous chats on his phone, i already knew he had a plan.

Mr K opened the door and left with the sales rep. I was alone again in the office with his I-phone on the table and and mine secured in my hands. Was he going to let me go home with this phone?
The phone on the table vibrated again. Another message from “Virgin hunters”, I thought. The temptation to pick up the phone from the table and check his chats was stronger than the attraction of being in a magnetic field of unlike poles. I had the I-phone 7 he gave me in my hand, that was supposed to be my mission. I should be thinking of a way to escape this office and not the thoughts of spying on Mr K’s chat again. My curiosity overwhelmed me, I picked up Mr K’s phone again from the table and pressed the home button. WhatsApp Icon wasn’t difficult to locate, i pressed it, the first chat on the list of current chats was the group chat that caught my attention earlier. I entered and i wished i hadn’t.
” hahahaha….” someone whoose name was saved as Ochu wrote……………..

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To Be Continued…

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