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Episode 5.

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The phone was shaking in my hand as i scrolled, partly for fear of being caught searching his phone and partly for what i was reading as i scrolled. How can men organize themselves in a group just for this? What do they hope to achieve? Bragging rights?
I heard footsteps coming and i quickly dropped the phone on the spot i had picked it from.
” I’m sorry i took long, i had to attend to an issue before coming back” Mr K said as he pushed the glass door and walked in with a non transparent ceramic cup and a bottle of cold non alcoholic wine in his hand.
” it’s okay sir, i was meaning to tell you there wouldn’t be any need….” i said but he cut me short.
” I insist, you are my guest for today”.

It would be useless arguing with Mr K, the ceramic cup he brought for me to drink in wasn’t transparent so he wouldn’t know that i didn’t take the drink until after I must have probably left. All i need do is pretend to take a sip as we converse. He quickly opened the wine and poured some in the cup and handed it to me.


“Thank you” i said. I held the cup in my hands for a while then dropped it on the table.
I tried as much as possible to forget the conversation i saw on his phone from the group chat where he was one of the moderators. The more I tried to forget, the clearer the chats came to my head.
“Are you Ok?” Mr. K asked me concerned.

“Not really. I just remembered i didn’t drop the house keys for my twin sister. I had forgotten she’ll come home before my mum did” I said, not understanding what i was even lieing about. I don’t have a twin sister, only an elder sister, besides, my elder sister doesn’t stay in our house because she’s married, and i left my mum home before coming here. Now i will have to keep up with this lie.
“You have a twin?” he asked, surprised.

“Yes, and we are very identical” i said looking at him and trying to read his thoughts. He must be thinking the possibility of him dis-virgining two identical twin sisters. I wonder how he guessed that i was a V. Could it be smelt? Because from the chats, he described how we met and how he could smell it fresh from me. Now that’s not even the shocker.

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To Be Continued…

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