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Episode 4.

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“Please I’m here to see Mr. K” I requested politely.
The lady pointed to an office Accross a narrow passage that had a transparent glass door. I walked to the door and knocked lightly. I could see Mr K through the transparent door. His office was quite small, or so i thought. Maybe it was because there were so many papers that looked liked invoices littered over the big table or the plenty cartons that was piled up on all corners of the office. He waved for me to come in and i pushed the door and let myself in.
“Good morning sir”. I greeted him
“Ah… My pretty. I thought you’ll stand me up” he said. He beamed a smile at me and i smilled back.
” You look smashing” he said as his eyes scanned my whole body. Who smashing epp? Abeg gimme phone make i commot. I said in my mind.
“Thank you sir” I said smilling.
He stood up and pulled up the chair opposite him
“Pls sit” he said, pointing to the chair.

There was an apple laptop open on his table with a black I-phone 7 lying on his table. Is this the I-phone 7 that he plans to give me? I thought in my head.
“What can i offer you?” he asked
“Nothing” i said quickly, remembering the dream i had the previous night. If that dream were real, then i was definately sedated. I would avoid eating or drinking anything here.
“No…. No…. I have to get you something. You can’t just come to my office and refuse to take anything”.
He stood up before i could say anything else and made for the door. I had decided as i waited for him to come back that i wasn’t going to eat whatever he brought back. I would insist.


I looked at his table and picked up one of the littered papers on the table. It was an invoice for the sale of a Samsung galaxy s7 edge. My eyes caught the I-phone 7 on the table again. I looked back at the door, there was no one in sight so i picked up the phone and pressed the home button. It was unlocked.

A WhatsApp message popped in from “virgin hunters”. It was obvious that this was his personal phone and not the one he intended to give me. I wanted to drop the phone then another message came in from “virgin hunters” again. I looked, it was 4 unread messages from the same WhatsApp contact. It was a group Chat.

The name sounded weird. What kind of people would name a chat group “Virgin hunters”? I thought.
Curiously, i clicked on the group chat. What i saw shocked me beyond measures……..


To Be Continued…

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