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He kept sucking and moaning, with his hands stretched out to my b—–s and that’s when it happened…

I tried to squeeze my v—-a closed while he s—-d me. After a short time, I realized I was getting this ever stronger wave of pleasure which eventually hit a peak. I remember suddenly sitting up completely freaked out. I felt a kind of tingling in my v—-a region and was convinced that I had to go pee. I would stop him mid suck-times and rush off to the bathroom. Finally, he stopped me at some point and said that I probably didn’t actually have to go to the bathroom but was actually close to having an o—-m.

An o—-m can be quite a shock to the system, particularly if you didn’t know your body was capable of having one. At first, orgasms can be surprising, accidental, or even scary (or a combination of those feelings). In most cases, though, orgasms are fun and leave people wanting more.

After that wave of pleasure, I fell in love with my uncle, it became more than revenge, I wanted him all to myself, if he could make me experience such tremendous pleasure I never knew was possible, then he is mine and was ready to do everything to keep him. The rest of the ‘lovemaking’ was superb, he was so gentle and showed me a whole new side to sex which was extremely amazing. When he was done, he carried me into the bathroom and we showered together, he cleaned me up thoroughly and I dressed up, without saying a word to eachother, I walked out of their room. That was the beginning of a disastrous relationship between my uncle and I.


We became obsessed with eachother, any opportunity we got, we banged, on the balcony at midnight, in the kitchen when alone in the house, inside the car in the night, this continued for months, meanwhile, I was still sleeping with Sister Margaret and her daughter, also with my aunty. I became a sex object while making money from it. I had already saved up a lot of money and was enjoying my life. I was in love with an amazing man (my uncle) my innocent self believed all the lies he told me thinking he was in love with me like he claimed, not knowing he was just using fake love to have sex with me whenever he wanted.


It got to a point that we became so addicted to eachother, no day will pass without us having sex, we always looked for ways and means to make it possible. My aunty noticed the closeness between my Uncle and I, but she didn’t suspect anything, instead she was so happy I was really getting along with her husband. Then she brought some church people to do the house to do a prayer session for one week and it became so hard for my uncle and I, to carry on with our daily sexual routine. So he devised a means that he thought might be suitable for us.

To be continued……

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