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[STORY] Sadiat My Witch Classmate

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A very short story written by Okoro Daniel O.


It was during my Primary(basic) one class when this girl, Saidat by name joined our class. She’s a new girl in our class.

Meanwhile, in my nursery classes, I was given a position of class captain, and the same position was handed to me again after resuming basic one. And as a class captain, I usually sit alone.
The day this girl joined, our class teacher insisted I find her a sit beside me which I did.

(Sadiat – A very crazy annoying girl that can frown for africa. She’s intelligent tho, but her angry looking face makes me think she’s a witch.
She’s fair in complexion just like me “back then tho, when I was still fair in complexion”. The very day we treated “MARRIAGE” topic in FAMILY LIVING subject that the teacher used I and her an example of Father and Mother was the day the whole class started calling us Husband and Wife which I hate!)

On a very annoying Friday morning, I and this girl had a serious misunderstanding simply because I lost her borrowed pencil. She insisted I find her the pencil(and that; it must be her exact same pencil). After spending time tryna locate where I had misplaced the pencil and all effort tryna achieve that couldn’t avail. I returned back to her and tell her I couldn’t find it.

She blew hot on me, and insisted I find the pencil for her or else, she’d destroy my things. (I was like WTF! My things?!).
That day, my breaktime wasn’t blissful as usual cos I was filled with thoughts of what the girl would do.

After breaktime, we resumed class, I tried pleading with her to spare me more time in order to settle down and think where I had lost the pencil. She didn’t even give me a listening ear as her frowned face couldn’t make me look at her for a second.

Few minutes to clossing, I started feeling uneasy of what’s gonna happened. Is she gonna beat me? Is she gonna report me? What’s this girl gonna do to me? These thoughts kept running inside me.

After clossing, the girl did as promised, guess what she did?

This girl took my precious water bottle(which mom just bought for me) and threw it off fence into a locked compound beside our school.
I became weak, I tried retaliating, but she ran off my outreach and left for her house.

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I held straight to her house, on getting there, I met her mom, then explained everything that happened to her. Unfortunately for me, she sided her and respond my explanation with, “why did you lost her pencil in the first place”.
Hearing this, I went back to school to see if I could jump the fence off to the next compound to go fetch my precious water bottle. All efforts tried climbing couldn’t avail.
I became worried and thoughts of what my mom would do to me if she gets to hear this kinda news(that a girl threw away the water bottle she just bought for me because I lost her pencil?). The thoughts of how to explain the issue to her started falling tears off my check.

It’s already past three and I’m still inside school alone crying. I summoned courage, then went home. On getting home, I met my siblings(Bro. Nelson And Bro. Ben) whom has been worried about me and why I returned home late. I explained the issue to them with tears in my eyes.

At first, they both laughed at me that an “ordinary girl” did this to me despite all the Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee I used to form at home and that she even went scot free without me beating her to pulp.

Few minutes later, Bro. Nelson asked if I knew her house, then I replied “yes” and that I even followed her home, but her mom sided her.
He was infelicitous with the reaction her mom took. He then told me to dress up and get ready to take them(him and Ben) to her house. “We’ll kill that girl today!” he said.

I went inside the house to change off my school dress to normal house wears. Coming out, I met them both dressed like people in “ISAKABA” (that popular movie).
They also tucked in matchet and knife into their pockets. (I’m sure that movie “ISAKABA” must have motivated them to do that, cos it was the reining movie back then.)
I was dumbfounded and also happy while the thoughts of “Yes! I’ll show this girl that I have people that can fight for me too, after today, she’d stop messing with the wrong guy!”.

I quickly dressed up, then also fetch for the nearest stick as my own weapon, just in case.
Immediately, we departed for her house which was just a 5 minutes walk from our house.
On our way, thoughts of what would happen started flowing inside me. “Are we gonna kill her? Won’t she use her witch(which I usually think she is) on us?”.

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Few minutes later, we arrived their house street, from afar after sighting her mom and siblings(her sisters) sitting down outside, I quickly notified my brothers about them.
They asked “Is she among the people sitting outside?” I said “No”.

We kept going… “ol! boyl! Are we gonna beat them or what?” these thoughts kept running inside me.

Finally, we arrived the place! Ghen! Gheun!!

Well, there’s passer-by road(like a farm road) beside their house, that was where we passed home and even greeted them without making a single scene in their house.

After getting home, I asked my siblings why they did nothing to them. They replied, “Let’s wait till tomorrow, Saturday – we’ll plan well then go back!”

Since then, I’ve been waiting for the Saturday to commence, and it hasn’t arrived.

Thanks for reading.


I’m still the only crazy Okoro Daniel O. that can play any type of role! Tankio!

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