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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 9)

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Episode 09.

I have been in my room looking for information on how to rescue her sister when I got a call from my uncle.
Me: good evening sir
Frederick: keep that greeting to yourself, you ingrate! In all I have done for you and your brother you still had the guts to snub me when I called.
Me: I didn’t snub you. We got there but didn’t see anyone nor any package
Frederick:I could have made alot of money today had it been you guys had cooperated with me!
Me: I am sorry for that but I and my brother searched the whole place but didn’t find anyone.
Frederick: my friend called me and told me cos of your foolishness she escaped. My package escaped. now you have to find her no matter what.
Me: I don’t even have her photos. How can I find her?
Frederick: then sort it out yourself. You need to see Mr Jordan.
Me: Jordan???(I pretended not to know) who is Mr Jordan and where can I find him?
Frederick: he is the one who wanted to sell one of his slaves to me because I showed interest and you can locate him at crystal safe better stay on track this time!(he ended the call)
Thank God I will be having a easy access. I only need my friends help.
Me: hello what’s up man.
Roy: hey how you doing bro?
Me: am not good. I really need you to help me with something.
Roy: anything?
Me: am going to crystal safe tomorrow and I want you to go there with me.
Roy: what! Are you okay?? Have you gone nuts?? Crystal safe for what???
Me: please I need you now more than ever
Roy: tomorrow I’ll be at your house. Maybe you need some beatings to make you stop your jokes.(ends the call)
I called my other friend
Me: hello my man.. what’s up
Izzy: I have been busy and you?
Me: likewise me. I just want a favour from you
Izzy: and what’s that?
Me: I need your help. I will be going to crystal safe tomorrow
Izzy: look man. It’s not like I don’t want to help you but I have an important issue at hand.
Me: important than me?
Izzy: no but it could add a meaning to my life so am sorry.
Me: well it’s okay I have Roy already so there is no need to apologise(I ended the call)
I remained in my room thinking so hard and I guess the girl who escaped was Cassey. I don’t want her to go with me else Jordan will kidnap her again and I will have no excuse to give to my uncle if eventually Mr Jordan gets hold of her. Then the maid called me for dinner and a perfect idea just flashed through my mind.
Anita: good evening Mr Myles
Me: evening also
Anita: dinner’s served
Me: okay
Anita: should I also inform your guest?
Me: nope I will do that myself.
Anita: okay then(she left)
I took a PJ from my wardrobe and was heading to Cassey’s room but met Tracy on my way.
Tracy: sir I was about coming to your room to get the pyjamas
Me: not to it is(I gave it to her)
Tracy: thanks but I still need to get one more thing from Anita
Me: okay take your time..
I walked into Cassey’s room Cos the door was opened. I saw her looking out the window wearing only a towel. Her legs were straight and hot . By the time she turned and looked at me I was lost cos her eyes made me confused and at the same time made me forgot my worries. I didn’t want to stop looking at those beautiful eyes until I saw something preventing me from seeing them. I came back to my senses and realised my eyes and mouth were slightly opened. I felt slightly embarrassed cos of the presence of Tracy cos she knows I hardly fall for such things. I told her about dinning and we had a little chitchat. I sat alone in the dinning and I used that medium to utilise my plan. Soon Derek came down.
Derek: why have you been refusing me from seeing Cassey?
Me: and how did you know her name?
Derek: I spoke with her on my way here and we introduced ourselves. She’s beautiful indeed.
Me: you better stay away from her
Derek:(chuckling) relax I won’t steal your woman. She is way older than me and am too young to date anyone
Me: and who told you you are too young to date? You are 18 already. What about Tania huh(laughing)
Derek: well am not interested I hate that girl and her existence.
Just then Cassey came in and kept admiring everything in the sitting room. I had to call her out if it.
We started talking and Derek’s mouth was going off the hook thank God I gave him that look and he looked at my direction. I watched as Cassey drank the whole water and I smiled to myself. It was one of my plans to prevent her from following us to crystal safe. I carried her to her room and entered Derek’s.
I met him shirtless. I wonder if it’s one of his lessons of being an assassin always shirtless.
Me: sit up Derek we need to talk
Derek: it’s already nine just wait till tomorrow
Me: I mean now!
Derek: okay okay (sitting upright) what is it?
Me: tomorrow we are going to crystal safe
Derek:(laughing naughtily) go with your friends and leave me out of it. I can’t do dirty jobs for my so called uncle and at the same time for my brother. Do you guys want to kill me? This was not the life mama planned for Me I can feel it.
Me: funny. But it’s not a dirty job we are rescuing Cassey’s sister
Derek: like I said I won’t go and die because of a small naive girl who let herself get kidnapped. I just won’t.
Me: all our lives we have been killing people why don’t we just do this at least even if it’s this one good(rephrasing his words when he wanted us to rescue Cassey)
Derek: are you getting back at me now? Cassey was in the woods but her sister’s in crystal safe that’s a straight ticket to death and you know we are going to hell once we die. I am not ready to die I still have a lot to do in this world.
Me: come on Derek let’s help her
Derek: we have helped her already at least saving her from the brisk of death is enough to show that we tried. If she can’t stay like that the let’s return her.
Me: stop being scared Derek. You suggested we help Cassey and we did and I am suggesting we help her sister.
Derek: but you are the one enjoying her company when I gave the idea to rescue her.
Me: come on who knows her sister might be a good company. Even better than her Cassey.(I smiled at him)
Derek: well not because of her sister I just feel like helping and also to back you up so what are your plans?
Me: that’s my bloodline. Uncle called me few hours ago. Remember the night we found Cassey?
Derek: how can I forget the day we did our first good it even needs to be celebrated every year.
Me: uncle scolded me really hard for messing up and you know we were not at fault since the package was not seen. He told me to go to the package deliverer so that he will give me information about the package and it turns out that the package was a ‘she’.
Derek: a ‘she’?
Me: yes. Uncle said I will be the one to look for her since it was our fault cos we messed up. And according to Cassey she escaped from crystal safe that night we found her.
Derek: are you thinking what am thinking?
Me: yes. It happened that she was going to be the package but she escaped.
Derek: then the deliverer is the owner of crystal safe. Oh my God
Me: exactly his name is Jordan Williams
Derek: now am at ease. We are not breaking in we are are walking in. I love this it’s been long I had fun.
Me: (smiling) don’t get too excited just get ready for tomorrow.
I left his room and went to mine.

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To be continued..

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