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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 7)



Episode 07.

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I made my way to the principal’s office and was greeted by Janice, his secretary. She was a forty year old woman with ginger red hair and big brown eyes, but she covered them with glasses.
“Hi Janice.” I greeted and she gave me a warm smile.
“Well hello Skylar. The principal is expecting you in his office now.” She said and I nodded.
What had I done this time? I mentally groaned
I sighed knocking twice on the door before cracking it open, just to see the principal talking to Raidon.
When he saw me he smiled and ushered me to sit down. I rushed inside and sat down on the black leather couch facing a smirking Raidon.
What the hell? Why is he smirking? Oh my gosh, something bad is going to happen I just know it.
“As you see Skylar, I called you here for a reason.” No shit sherlock.
The principal started and I had the urge to roll my eyes but refrained to so. I didn’t want to his one of his crappy lectures that’ll ruin my mood.
“Mr. Fox here needs help with Mathematics and since you’re a straight A student, I figured out that you should tutor him.”
My eyes literarly bulged out of their llace. Excuse me? I wanted to chop the principal’s head off. Why God, why do you hate me? This is so unfair!
I looked at Raidon only to see him chewing on his bottom lip trying hard not to laugh. I gave him the most intimidating glare I could muster at the moment but it was of no use. Son of a gun, I mentally groaned.
“So what do you say?” The principal asked folding his arms. He didn’t really need my answer, but he was just showing how much of a nice principle he is to the new student.
I clenched my jaw but tried to act normal. I knew that I can’t get out of this one, so I just nodded and dropped my head glaring at the floor.
” Splendid, then you’ll start tutoring him from today Skylar.”
Today ? Has he gone mad? Great, just great. I’ll be having Mr. Jerk at my house today. Isn’t life full of rainbows? Note the sarcasm.
I slowly swallowed but nodded because I knew I had no say in this. What the principal wants, he gets and no arguing.
“There is no longer a detention for you Ms. Brown and Mr. Fox I expect your grades to improve. Understood?” The principal asked Raidon, his full attention set on him now. Raidon just nodded and smiled at the principal.
“You can go now.” He dismissed us and I quickly got out of that room.
I can’t believe I’ll be tutoring that dumbass over there. I huffed and walked down the hallway.
I heard someone’s footsteps echo behind and I didn’t need to turn around to know it was Mr. I’ll-Make-You-Fall-For-Me.
I kept walking until he grabbed my wrist and spun me around. I looked at him wide eyed and wanted so bad to wipe that sassy smirk off his darn face. “What do you want?” I hissed.
“Well since you’re ‘tutoring’ me.” He emphasized on tutoring. “I want to know if it’s going to be at your house or mine.” He smirked and put his arm on my shoulder.
I looked at him with a ‘what the hell’ look but that just got his smirk to grow bigger. I just want to kick him his family jewels so bad.
“We could go to my house and have a little fun.” He wiggled his eyes and I plastered a fake smile.
My smile instantly dropped and I glowered. His brows furrowed in confusion. Good .
“First of all put your hands off of me. Second of all I will never, and I do mean never get it on with you. The thought of it just disgusts me. ” I pretended to gag and he scowled.
“You’ll want me sooner or later,
sweetness .” Gosh, he was so full of himself. That confident, really?
“And why is that?” I narrowed my eyes. I just hate him, ugh.
“Because I always get what I want.” He whispered in my ear. I could feel my heart beat intensify. He took his arm off me and walked away, this time smiling in truimph.
“Oh and I’ll be at your house after school.” He yelled over his shoulder.
How does he know where I live? Only if he’s stalking me… He’s stalking me!
I was about to ask him how did he know where I live but he was gone. I kicked the lockers besides me and one of them actually bent. Uh -oh, I better get going or I’ll be in trouble. The bell rang and students started to scramble out of their classrooms for lunch break.
I hurried to the cafeteria and waited for the guys on our usual table but not before grabbing food for each of them – and myself of course.
The guys came into view with Drew and Tom clearly arguing about something and Ryder looking bored as ever. When Ry spotted me, he came running to the table taking a seat.
“I swear Drew is the stupidest person alive.” Ryder said before taking a bite of his pizza. Drew came and sat next to Ryder, slapping him on the back causing him to choke on his food. Tom and Drew burst out laughing while I patted Ryder on the back.
“Drew that was mean.” I scolded in a serious tone but with Drew being Drew, he kept smiling like an idiot and I inturn cracked a smile.
Ryder wiped his mouth and glared at Drew but suddenly smiled. It held some sort of evilness I was suddenly worried of what might happen to Drew.
“Aw Drew, I love you man.” Ryder grapped a bottle of water and poured it all over Drew. I’m pretty sure the whole cafeteria was watching us, probably recording this as well.
“RYDER WHAT THE HELL?” Drew exclaimed throwing his hands in the air.
Ryder shrugged, “You started it.” He stated in an a matter of fact tone which made Drew narrow his eyes, dangerously might I add but smirk all of a sudden. Oh I knew that smirk very well.
“Drew what are you going to do?” I hissed and he winked.
“You’ll see.” He smiled and took off his shirt. I put my hand on my forehead and chuckled. Drew just had to do that! Now all the girls of the school are probably drooling over him and his well chiselled body.
I looked at Tom and he smirked knowing that Drew was doing so only to capture the girls’ attention.
Ugh, sometimes he could be such a playboy.
“Thanks so much Drew, now all of the girls are glaring at me thinking that I’m dating you.” I groaned slapping Drew on the shoulder.
“Ouch, do you have to be such a boy?” Drew scowled and I took a threatening step towards him which made him hide behind Tom.
Tom rolled his eyes and kept walking “You’re such a girl sometimes Drew.”
“Now you look here Thomas Meyer. I, Drew Young, am not a girl. At least I’m not the one who has cornrows and looks like a maid.” Drew deadpanned shaking his head while Ryder next to me chocked on his drink and snorted.
“Oh, that was a good one Drew.” Ryder laugher.
“Oh shut up.” Tom muttered, a scowl on his face. “At least I don’t have Avril Lavigne’s ‘Girlfriend’ as a ring tone.” Tom smirked playing with his black lip ring.
“What are you talking-?”
‘Hey, hey you, you.
I don’t like your girlfriend
No way , no way
I think you need a new one’
Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend started playing and all of us burst out laughing.
“Sorry, just needed to know if it’s true.” Ryder smirked holding his phone.
“Nice ringtone.” I commented and Drew glared at me.
“WHO CHANGED MY RINGTONE?” Drew demanded and Tom raised his hand.
“That would be me.” Tom smiled goofily.
I chuckled, “Guys I need to go. I have to tutor Raidon.” I rolled my eyes.
“Make sure to use condoms.” Drew said and made a ‘tsk-tsk’ sound.
“Naughty Skylar.” Tom joined in and I punched him in the arm causing him to scowl and rub it.
“Bye guys.” I said and walked to my car hearing them mutter their good byes.
I opened the door and walked in.
“You’re late.” I screamed dropping my bag onto the floor. None other than Raidon was leaning against the wall, both hands folded on his chest.
To be honest he looked like one of those runway models, but I won’t tell him that.
“You should have seen your face.” He laughed clutching his stomach. I took two long steps and didn’t hesitate to kick his leg.
Suffice it to say, I was more that pleased to hear him hiss in pain.
“Damn girl, you have quite a leg.” He grunted kneeling down and rubbing his leg.
“How did you get here?” I asked bewildered. Oh my gosh is he stalking me now?
“Obviously by my car.” Raidon snorted and I glared. Mother-
“Well thank you captain obvious.” I blurted raising my hands up in the air and he huffed.
“I meant how did you come in here?”
“Secret.” Was the only thing he said. He was clearly enjoying this. I shook my head not wanting to waste my time on his sick games. I just want to finish this already.
This is going to be one hell of an hour.


To be continued..

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