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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 6)

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Episode 06.

Drew stepped out of the car and slammed the door shut, furious that the race ended by a tie and walked to where we were standing.
“F*cking son of a b*ch.” He cursed through clench teeth and I rolled my eyes. Every time Drew ended the race with a tie, he made a fuss out of it.
“Calm down bro, it’s only one race.” Ryder comforting him but knowing Drew, he’s as stubborn as a bull, grumbling about how Spear will pay. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed Blaze and his gang of lost puppies along with their pets a.k.a. sluts were walking in our direction.
I narrowed my eyes at him dangerously but ofcourse, he kept his neutral mask on so that he didn’t seem fazed. I know that the guys wanted to beat the hell out of them, but we holding themselves back.
The smirk on Blaze’s face when he saw how pissed Hunter was along with the rest of the gang irked me.
“Hello Speed.” He spat and I crossed my arms over my chest.
“What do you want Blaze?” I spat his name out like poison to my lips. He narrowed his eyes in warning before setting his eyes on Hunter and grinning.
And it wasn’t a sincere one.
“Well I see that your gang lost its spark in street racing didn’t it Speed?” He sneered, undeniably testing my patience. I bit my tongue before something which might start a fight slips out.
“No, the guys are perfectly fine but I see that your gang lost its spark, didn’t it Blaze?” I mocked, deepening my voice so I’d sound manly.
I stepped forward and he did the same.
“Know who you’re talking to Speed.” He threatened but I just grinned. That tone doesn’t work on me buddy.
“I’d say the same thing to you.” I replied taking in deep breaths calming my nerves before I do something I might regret.
“Aw Blaze baby can we go?” A slut pouted running her finger up and down Blaze’s jacket seductively but Blaze just glared at her.
“Don’t ever call me baby again. You’re just here to please me, you hear?” He growled. The girl shrinked in fear at his threatening almost daring tone. She whimpered and nodded remaining quiete.
“Come on, I don’t wanna waste anymore of my precious time.” He said to his gang. Precious time my ass, you just don’t have anything
better to say. With them walking away, Spear turned around and smirked at Drew before following his leader, leaving Drew clenching his fists dying to practically break his nose.
“Let’s go.” I said to the guys and walked to my car.
“Ahhh!” Drew screamed making all of us jump. Since we couldn’t sleep we decided to watch a scary movie. We’ve settled on Annabelle and lets just say it wasn’t the ultimate movie kind of night Drew looked forward to. When the girl suddenly appeared on the screen looking like demonic, Drew screamed and held on onto Tom.
Tom looked at Drew baffled, the expression on his face gave his thoughts away. He wants to throw Drew on the ground and continue to peacefully watch the movie.
“Dude aren’t girls supposed to do that?” Tom asked bewildered while Drew let go of his shirt and fixed his own.
He swallowed and sat down on the floor, his cheeks turning into tints of red. He tried to hide his embarassment by saying “Yes” in a manly voice. I stiffled a giggle and looked at Ryder who was staring rather weirdly at Drew.
Men . I mentally rolled my eyes. I don’t understand why they always hide their feelings.
Throughout the night Drew kept screaming silently with me trying so hard not to laugh. Tom and Ryder ignored him bit the annoyed looks on their faces gave out how they deeply longed to stick a duffle bag inside his mouth.
‘This one’s for the boy’s with the booming system. Top down AC, with the cooler system’
“Are you sure Drew isn’t gay?” Tom whispered in my ear while Drew sang Nicki Minaj’s ‘super bass’ that was blarring from the speakers.
I sighed, “I don’t really know, Tommy.” I said in a sing-song voice while Tom looked at Drew as if he had eight eyes and four legs.
‘This one’s for the boys in the polos
Enterpeneur niggas and the moguls
He could ball with the crew he could solo
But I think I like him better when he dolo
And I think I like him with the fitted cap on
He ain’t even gotta try to put the mac on
He just gotta give me that look, when he give me that look and the pantie goin off’
Ryder started singing and I looked at him with a ‘what-the-hell’ look on my face.
“What?” He asked, his eyes going wide.
“Don’t tell me you’re interested in guys too.” I whined. I can very well see Drew narrowing his eyes at me.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He cried and Tom started laughing.
“Gay means that you like boys not that it’s a big deal-” but he was cut off by Drew who slapped him on the head.
“I know what it means you moron.” He said and looked at me, “I’m not gay.” He slowly said and I decided to play with him.
Nothing’s wrong with liking guys you know , I wanted to tell him but decided not to voice my thoughts. He’ll turn all drama queen on me.
“Prove it.” I grinned.
“Okay I will.” He grabbed a girl that was standing near us and kissed her smack on the lips. The poor girl was in shock when he pulled away, standing in her place like a statue. He winked at her and looked at us.
“Enough proof?” He asked and I nodded. The bell rang and I hurried to the class after saying bye to the boys. Reaching class, I walked to the end of it and sat in the last row.
The teacher started explaining and I listened until…
“Ms. Brown and Mr. Fox are needed in the principal’s office.”


To Be Continued…

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