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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 5)

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Episode 05.

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It was another morning. Water was splashed on their faces to wake them up. They woke up at once but were very weak.
Catherine searched for the tool box in the room with her eyes she found it and smiled to herself.
Catherine: who is that bastard that splashed water on my face??
Gunman 1: will you shut up you slimmy bitch!
Catherine: oh I remember you! You are the bastard whom I broke his head with a bottle in my father’s mansion(laughing mockily) come on don’t be shy tell me how it felt..
Gunmen 1: trust me I promise you will get double of that pain.
Catherine: how??
Gunman 1: after you are being played with, you will become ours and we are the ones to make you history!(he laughed) I want to also taste you.
Catherine: you will pay trust me.
Jordan: ahh you girls are awake! (He said as soon as he pushed the door open)
Catherine: I dreamt of my father and he said ‘hi’
Jordan: how dare you!
Catherine: I have seen your end in my dream. I saw how you died! My father revealed it to me. Care to know?
Jordan: tell me let me see the possibility
Catherine: firstly you were stripped naked and your hands and legs were tied to the ceiling having your body sway in the air. You were flogged mercilessly. Secondly a riffle was forced into your anus. Thirdly you were loosed from the ceiling and tied to a chair, acid was poured on your feets. Fourthly, your fingers were chopped one after the other with respect to time. After that hot metallic rings were placed on the roots of your fingers. After that hot rods with different alphabets were placed on your chest and FOR WILLIAM’S FAMILY was stamped with the rods. You were taken into a forest and tied to a tree. Fish was rubbed on your eyes and the birds came and fed on them. A knife was used to slice your face and neck and salt and pepper were added to the cuts.

Then your stupid men woke me up. It hurts me so much that you didn’t die in my dream but with all that you are already dead. I was happy when I saw the person torturing you.
Jordan: (he was angry and fear could be seen on his face) and who was this person?
Catherine: it was a masked woman. She was about revealing her face before your useless men woke me up! I just hope to be the woman.( Laughing hard) you are afraid. I can see it. No matter how you try to hide it. Your end is nearer than you think.
Jordan: (slapped her) shut up!
Catherine: I hope I die an honourable death Jordan!(smiling wickedly)
Jordan: she has gone nuts send in my guests before she totally becomes mad!(telling the guards)
Six men were led into the room. It didn’t scare Catherine cos she has planned her sister escape and she was sure it will go well.
Catherine: let’s get this done with once and for all(smiling)
She was loosed and held on her two arms and was led by two gunmen.
Catherine: leave me alone! I will walk myself. I am ready for this.(they didn’t believe her at first but she forced her arms out of their grip and walked towards the bed herself. This was to allow her return herself to her chair without the gunmen holding her)
Jordan: good girl. Seems you are cooperating now. Only if your father had given me that money you all would have been together by now. But look at me now I am making more than that amount. You girls are business itself.
Catherine laid on the bed as the men used her randomly. She removed her mind from the rape and was thinking about her sisters.

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By the time they were done, It was already noon making it three days since their kidnap,starvation and Catherine’s torture.
The men paid Jordan and even gave him more than agreed before they left.
Jordan: Catherine look at the wealth you are bringing me. I wonder the amount of wealth Cassey would bring to me.(he laughed)

Catherine stood up from the bed tiredly and dizzy. She felt like fainting but she won’t just give in cos it was either then or never she needed to be strong for her sisters. She was shaky. She looked at the toolbox and it was still where it was. She smiled and then staggeredly hit the table it was. The toolbox fell on the ground and scattered all the tools inside on the floor. She fell on the floor pretentiously and stylishly picked a pocket knife and hid it in the clothe wrapped around her without the knowledge of anybody in the room.
Jordan: you useless guards! Pick her up! Can’t you see she is trying to commit suicide? Pick her up after tonight she is all yours.(talking to George)
George: yes sir(facing Catherine) you see, I told you. After you are being played with it will be my turn. You will regret ever playing with a bottle.
George forcefully placed her on the chair and tied her hands nd legs without tying her to the back of the chair. She gave an evil smile.
Jordan: I will be back(he left with George and the guards)
Catherine: I have got a knife. Cassey I put my trust in you.(Cassey was already crying seeing what her sister had been going through)

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Calissa was speechless as she was in shock again something that happens to her when she sees things not pleasant.
Cassey:(sniffing) I won’t disappoint you sister!

They were suddenly awoke from their sleep when Jordan and his guards came in. The guards brought the basin of the fire because it was taken away after it was used on Catherine.(there was only three guards)
Jordan: seems you all are awake. Catherine you have tried and have really worked hard. Now let’s get Cassey working.
He took the metallic rod again with #sign and placed it on Cassey’s chest. She screamed like her whole body was on fire even after it was removed. She started crying she felt like loosing herself to scratch off the burning part from her chest.
Jordan: easy girl. This is just the beginning.(he left with the guards leaving the fire basin on the table near the toolbox)
Catherine: now we have to get working I can’t watch any one of you get hurt. (She stood up then jumped over to the basin of fire and stretched out her hands. The ropes tied around them were loosed. Then she took the pocket knife and freed her legs as well. She then loosed Cassey and Calissa..
Catherine: don’t go anywhere yet. Sit on the chair and put your hands behind the chair like you were being tied. Be in the position you were being placed before.
Cassey: okay(she obeyed)
Catherine went over and helped Calissa cos she was still in shock. She picked the rope pieces and threw them in the basin of fire to get burnt then she quickly went over to sit on her chair folding her hands and placing them in between her legs with the pocket knife inside.
It was dark when Jordan came in discussing with George.

To be continued..

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