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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 4)

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Episode 04.

Cassey:father!!!(crying and shouting)
Catherine: leave me alone you bastard! I have got to bury my father
Calissa:(silent as she was in shock)

The gunmen had to drug them and drag them into their van and they sped off. In all this the shooter wasn’t seen.
It was another morning. Cathrine was awake already she was determined than ever she was ready to kill and be killed for her sisters cos she’s all they have got now. She looked around and the place wasn’t familiar.. luckily for them they weren’t tied. She quickly went to the other side to wake her sisters up.
Cathrine: Cassey, Calissa we have to be strong for eachother now that father is no more.
Cassey: so it wasn’t a dream? It’s real??(crying)
Cathrine:that’s the reason we need to fight or eachother I love you both just in case anything happens.(they had a big hug with Calissa who was in shock)
Four men immediately entered and took the girls to a bigger room. Very spacious and conducive but was empty with little light.
Cathrine: why did you bring us here? Who sent you to kill my father?? What do you want from us??
Voice: cathrine,cathrine,cathrine! What a strong girl or boy you have grown up to be? Be calm and cooperate with me I am sure you wouldn’t want to get hurt or end up like your father!!!
They walked in circles searching for the person talking because the room was dark than normal. suddenly the lights were turned on. Now,it was clear as the person faced them slowly.

Jordan: all what your father had to do was press a button but he refused he was bent on not lending me because of the change he has been borrowing me but look now he is dead and his money source has been channelled to me….. What a great loss I sympathise with you.
Cathrine: you call #6million naira a change? I bet if that money was given to a charity home their prayers would have transformed his life but you, because you are such a useless, ungrateful and the foolish person you are. You couldn’t invest on it. Instead you used it on your shabby old self. (Jordan slapped her)
Jordan: don’t dare talk to me like that I am still your uncle.(standing in front of cathrine)
Cathrine:(scoffs) you ceased to be my uncle yesterday when you killed my father. You old rag!(he slapped her again)
Jordan: I am older than your father, give me that respect!
Cathrine: you should have thought of that and protected your integrity before you came begging like a pathetic, homeless toddler(she spat out blood)
He was about slapping her again but she held his hand and pushed him back.
Cathrine: I won’t let you hurt me again
Jordan: oh really this is just the intro of what I have in stock for you.
Cassey: meaning??
Jordan: bet you girls are virgins right?
Cassey: have you been doting on us?
Jordan: nah. It’s one of the benefits of having a proud father and an honest brother. (He laughs) just imagine how much I will make.
Cassey: what do you mean by that?
Jordan: very soon you will know.
He started walking towards the exit and he stopped at the door.
Jordan: (to the four gunmen) tie them up. These girls can go crazy sometimes.

The girls were tied up.
Cathrine: we have to be strong. Calissa even though you aren’t our biological sister, please make sure you don’t give up And fall on the bad side. We will fight for you because we love you.
Cassey: cathrine she is still in shock.

Jordan came into the room followed by gunmen who carried different types of tools along. Finally they came in with a big basin which had fire burning inside.
Jordan: are you ready to join me??
Cathrine: not in this life!!
Jordan: speak for yourself! Cassey?
Cassey: are you daydreaming? You must be the biggest fool of the month to think I will ever be in your command.
Jordan: maybe you want it the hard way( he flung his hand in the air signalling his men to come forward. They came forward and dropped the equipments on the table close to them)
Jordan took a very sharp pocketknife and brought it in the view of the girls.
Jordan: if anything happens know it was your fault cathrine(he slit her on her chest and did the same to Cassey but he pecked Calissa who was still in shock)
Cassey: youl ugly maggot! How dare you!!
Jordan slapped her hard.
Catherine seeing this used her energy and raised herself and the chair then turned round and hit Jordan with full force as he fell on the floor. It was so fast and no one could stop her.
Jordan: how dare you? ( He stopped the gunmen who were running towards cathrine and he stood up and went to her himself)
Jordan: you think you are strong right! (He laughed and used the same knife to slit her face and it gushed out blood And he licked it plus the cut on her chest. He dropped the knife and pressed her breasts and laughs at it)
Cassey: you should be ashamed of yourself. You old filthy rag!
Jordan: oh I can’t take two. Be patient my dear. You will be next.( to the gunmen) loose her (pointing cathrine) and tie her on the bed at the end.
Jordan: time to have fun girls..

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Cassey:(crying) please let her be. I beg of you please.
Jordan went to Catherine and sat on top of her. He licked his mouth and pulled his wears. Cassey couldn’t see what they were doing but she could see Jordan’s head and his movements.
Jordan: don’t worry we will be fast.

The thought of her uncle taking away her pride made her breakdown. She couldn’t do anything as she was tied else she would have taught him a lesson. All the struggling she did were in vain. As she gave a out a loud shout when something painful distracted her from her thoughts.
Cassey’s eyes were red. She closed her eyes as free hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She couldn’t bear her sister being raped by their uncle. She cried freely and uncontrollably.
Jordan:you are so sweet my dear. Uh! Ah! Ah! (As he pumps his body inside her)
Catherine: please stop! I can’t take it anymore.
Jordan didn’t listen,he kept pumping himself until he was satisfied. He wore back his clothes and walked out with the gunmen.

The sisters couldn’t talk to each other. There was silence until their uncle came inside again. This time, Jordan came in with two other men who appeared wealthy.
Cassey could see the bundles of nairas given to their uncle before the men took off their wears . It seemed Catherine was awake cos she kept screaming..
Catherine: no, no, please! Don’t do this to me. Please!
She could feel pains as she was used like a porn star. She was raped analy and in the vagina. The men used her switching positions respectively until they were satisfied.
They left after thanking Jordan saying all bullshit that she was tight and enjoyable. After nightfall Jordan came into the room again. This time he loosened Catherine as she was very weak and tied her to her chair. Then the gunmen came inside. They poured her water and she woke up faintly. She was wrapped with a clothe.
Jordan: hello beauty sleep. So you slept off after enjoying those gentlemen. What a bad girl you are..
Saying this he took out a metal rod with its handle wrapped with cloth. He brought it out and smiled to himself in satisfaction cos the #sign at the end was thoroughly burnt.
Catherine: oh no! Please don’t do…..(she couldn’t finish her words before it landed on her chest)Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(she shouted until she lost her voice to the pain)
The #sign could be visibly seen on her chest. Cassey felt for her sister. They have been there for two days without food and now this torture and Catherine seems to be the one paying for it. Jordan brought another rod which had $sign and placed it after the #sign. Catherine couldn’t shout this time as she felt life leaving her gradually. Jordan brought out another rod that had the €sign and placed it before the #sign. Catherine didn’t make a sound. Her eyes were shut and blood gushing out of the cuts her uncle gave her previously. Cassey feared for sister’s life. She thought Catherine was dead. She felt useless at that moment.
Cassey: make me pay and allow my sister to rest. Please I beg of you.
Jordan: just be patient my dear it will soon get to your turn. Only she can save herself until she tells me she is under my command then I will leave her alone and treat her immediately but if not I won’t hesitate to torture her to death.
Calissa finally got off her shock.
Calissa: please leave my sister alone please.
Jordan:(walked up to her) pretty one, I won’t touch you if you act nice. You don’t have the foolishness these two girls have. Foolishness they call bravery. You are my child cos I was the one who made my brother to pick you up and train you else you would still be in the streets by now. Those awful cold and strange people every night. Those mosquitoes every cold nights that were more than vampires….
Calissa: stop! Stop! Stop it don’t say anymore.
Jordan:(smiles) well I saw something great in you. so don’t worry cos i am going to unleash that greatness.
Catherine: you still open your filthy mouth to call my father your brother?(talking weakly and smiling faintly)
Jordan: DON’T YOU DIE???(he went to her and punched her) out of the girls I hate you most. You are a woman yet you act like a man. Well you tasted really nice I saw myself as gay thought I was having fun with a man(laughing hard)
Catherine: I am ready to die. You can do all you want it won’t make me regret anything I am doing now.
Cassey: don’t talk like that. We need you to stay alive
Jordan: it’s 10:12pm already. I need to have fun before going to bed or what do you think?(he patted Cassey on her cheek) but I won’t touch you now.(he moved to Catherine,loosened her from the chair and moved her to the bed again).
Cassey begged him but he paid deaf ears and did it again with Catherine then tied her to the chair again.
Jordan: get ready to face six men tomorrow afterwards you are history. Well goodnight.(he laughed and left with his men)
Cassey: are you okay?(crying)
Catherine: Cassey you need to escape with Calissa
Cassey: what about you??
Catherine:(laughs weakly) I am dying Cassey. You and Calissa need to run. Escape is what I want for both of you
Cassey: I can’t leave you here
Catherine: I love you all. I can’t bear the pain anymore. you need to escape with Calissa.
Cassey: I am not going anywhere! We all will be fine. I will make sure of that.
Catherine: listen to me. You are strong but you won’t be able to go through all I have gone through. Do this for father stay alive and take revenge. Please Cassey the life of Calissa is in your hands. Do this it’s my last wish I want you to do.
Cassey: how can I do that when I am tied here.(crying)
Catherine: don’t worry tomorrow I will execute the plan I have.

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Cassey and Calissa cried with Catherine till they fell asleep….

To Be Continued…

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