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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 3)

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Episode 03.

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Tracy:good afternoon sir
Me:same Tracy
Tracy:the lunch is served
Me:did you serve Cassey’s?
Tracy:am afraid sir but who is Cassey?
Me:oh my bad she is the lady that came in last night.
Tracy: yes sir. I served hers on the dining was about calling her after you.
Me: just take hers to her room she can’t walk for now
Tracy:okay sir.
I walked to the dining table and ate in silence.

I stopped crying as I heard knocks on the door. It can’t be Reynard cos he never knocked before entering my room or has he changed cos I insulted him? I was looking at the direction of the door as it creaked open and the figure of a lady walked in carrying a tray of food walking up to me filling the room with its sweet aroma.
Miss:good afternoon ma my name is Tracy and I will be at your service. This is your breakfast.
All I could do was nod my head. She dropped the tray on the stool close to the bed and shifted it towards me and she left. I opened the lid of the plates to see mouthwatering delicacies. I ate everything and dropped nothing but the bones on the plate.
Reynard: you must be very hungry how many days have you starved yourself?
I was Surprised to hear his voice was I that hungry I didn’t hear the door open? And what did he come here to do?

After I finished eating I let Cassey’s condition into my thought. Well if she would act all strong,i will have to deal with her in a forceful way. I left the dining and went into her room to see her fighting with food until it was finished. I stood there for seven minutes and I wondered if she noticed me. I guess she didn’t until she finished. She didn’t even notice me until I questioned her.

Me:that shouldn’t bother you. I need to find my sister that’s all
Reynard:do you even know her whereabouts?
Me:I don’t care I will find my way to the place cos I still remembered the name.
Reynard:and what’s the name?
Me:it’s crystal safe. It’s a very big warehouse and it belongs to my uncle.
Reynard:crystal safe you say?
Me: yes it’s crystal safe
Reynard: then your uncle must be a very rich man
Me:that is his problem. I really need to save my sister before they rape her. Please.
Reynard:(surprised to hear that) I will help you if only you tell me how you got to the forest.
Me: forest?(surprised)
Reynard:yes. That was where we found you.
Me: it’s a long story I don’t want to think or talk about it.
Reynard: come on we have all day. So why don’t you tell me to while away time so that tomorrow when you are fully healed like the doctor’s instruction we all can go look for your sister.

Hearing of crystal safe, I knew she must have been kidnapped. What torture could she have been through?? The deadliest warehouse. I have been there before during my first year of working for my uncle cos basically he is a best friend to the owner of the warehouse. I usually see the loads of drugs that goes in there everyday and all the illegal stuffs. Hundreds of men guard that warehouse except they must have lessen a bit by now. So it kept me wondering how she escaped. The boys can possibly rape a girl outside the warehouse. Seven girls can be raped at once and one girl can be raped by six guys. It got me wondering why humans were this wicked?? Finally she agreed to tell me her story can’t wait to hear it.
Me:it was……….(interrupted by Tracy)
Tracy: I am sorry ma for interrupting I came to take the tray away.
Reynard:that’s okay. You can come and take it.
She took it and walked out closing the door behind her. Reynard walked up to me and sat on the bed folding his legs like Muslims as I told him my story.

Cassey just came into the living room to find her beloved sister crying.
Cassey:what’s wrong Calissa?(running towards her as she dropped her bag on the floor)
Calissa: uncle Jordan is here and he is threatening daddy.
Cassey: about what? Come on honey tell me
Calissa: he is asking dad for #2million naira else he would kill him.
Suddenly Cassey stood up in anger.
Cassey: what the heck is wrong with him? How many times will dad lend him money? Since dad has been lending him money,what has been the investment of the money? He still had the guts to ask for more when all he does is to go about sleeping with girls and drinking and smoking and buying of hard drugs.
Calissa:please Cassey calm down. He will hear you upstairs
Cassey: why can’t you be strong? Is that the reason you came here crying like a baby? Grow up Calissa you are 17! If we don’t fight for dad who will?? Where is Catherine?
Calissa: she went out.
Cassey:(feeling sorry for her baby sis) come here (pulling her into a hug) I know what you must have been through. Don’t worry baby everything will be fine..
Mr Jordan: what a sweet family… Cassey you are here and you didn’t informed us?
Cassey looked at him with anger and hatred in her eyes. She refused to talk to him she just rolled her eyes and looked at her father cos both of them had come downstairs together.
Cassey: daddy are you okay?
Mr Lawrence: I am okay my darling. You didn’t inform your arrival why?
Mr Jordan:(interrupting them) brother if you want your family to be happy like this just give me what I want..
Cassey: and what is it you want ehh?? Why would you continue using my father’s weakness against him? Is it because of that you refused to get married??
Mr Lawrence: Cassey!
Cassey: no dad! Leave me alone let me talk.(facing Jordan) aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Don’t you know how to work like a man? Why do you insist troubling our family? Haven’t you borrowed enough money already? What the hell is wrong……
Mr Lawrence: Cassey! enough! Now!(immediately Cassey stopped talking) I won’t watch you talk to my brother like that same way you won’t allow some one talk to your sisters that way. Now listen up its my money not yours okay!!
Immediately Mr Lawrence apologised to Mr Jordan and escorted him outside. Mr Lawrence came in just immediately.
Cassey: dad when will you stop this childish fear you call help??
Mr Lawrence: Cassey you won’t understand
Cassey: I don’t want to understand! What is there to understand when you can’t say no to a little threat. What is wrong with him? He is older than you and yet he acts like you are his father.
Mr Lawrence: I am doing it for the sake of you girls. Since your mother died,i can’t stand to loose any of you.
Cassey: just wait till Catherine comes and tell her that.

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In the family Catherine was known to be the craziest. She rules the house like she is the wife and mother of the house. Cassey took her craziness from Catherine who can insult,kill and ready to be killed for her family. She was a girl who lived her life like a boy. She was a rich kid but grew up as a street fighter. She dresses like a boy and gets angered easily. She is always found amongst boys. (Immediately she entered)
Catherine: what the hell is going on here? Cassey you are back. Why is your face like that what happened?
Cassey: why don’t you ask father!
Catherine: father what happened? Why is fear exposed on your face like that? Is someone after your life?
Mr Lawrence: how many times have I told you Catherine to start acting like a lady you are a graduate for crying out loud and will soon take after me in the company.
Catherine: that doesn’t answer my question!(shouting) I saw that stupid, good-for-nothing ugly potbellied man leaving our compound minutes ago. I left you being vivacious and I came to see you all sweaty and moody and you tell me everything is fine?? what am I? 10??
Mr Lawrence: nothing happened my dear.
Catherine: if you are so bent on lying to me, there is one person who won’t just lie to me. Calissa!
With fear Calissa answered her immediately.
Calissa: Catherine.
Catherine:what happened
The girl was scared. Her father won’t let her talk as he maintained eyes contact with her but she was too scared of Catherine to keep mute. She was still clouded in thoughts whether to answer or not when she heard her name again and she didn’t even know when she answered ASAP!
Calissa: uncle Jordan asked father to lend him #2million or he will kill him…
Immediately Catherine heard this she burst into laughter.
Catherine: there are people who would go beyond boundaries to get drugs and do what they want to get hold of it. Haven’t seen one until now. Who exactly does he think he is? Dad is that the reason you are like this? Brave up man. Stop acting like a kid.(she jumped into one of the sofas and ate some snacks in front of her).
Cassey: is that all you are gonna say?
Catherine: what else? Let the old man settle his case. I know the reason he is doing it.(she winks at her confused father)
Cassey: arrgghhhhhh!!! (Cassey still feels something’s wrong but couldn’t point a finger yet. She walked to her room)

Nothing happened from hence. One week later Cassey graduated from the university. The family celebrated at night. Mr Jordan had visited the previous day when he didn’t see any alert on his phone about his brother sending his money. He warned sternly before leaving.
After the celebration,the family was tired they relaxed on the sofas watching TV
Catherine: finally Cassey you are now a graduate just like me. Soon it will be Calissa’s turn to graduate. Like six more years from now(they all laughed)
Cassey: yeah of course,its not been easy you know
Catherine: I went there before you so I know
Mr Lawrence:I am a proud father. I am so proud of you girls
All:thanks dad.
Suddenly gunshots were heard outside. Unknown to the family that his house has already been surrounded when he left the house with his girls to pick up Cassey from the university.
Mr Lawrence was frightened because his gates were locked and there were guards around so how possible?? As they all stood up and was about heading towards the door, the door was pushed from outside and unmasked but armed men came in and commanded them to retreat. It was two men who came inside. They made the family kneel in front of the table in the middle of the sitting room where bottles of champagne had been kept for drinking later as planned by them
Man 1: seems these guys have been enjoying
Catherine: no we’ve been praying dumbass!
Man 1: I won’t touch you as orders from the boss else I would have given you a breathtaking slap.
Catherine: too bad I wasn’t given that order.(immediately she threw a bottle at Cassey who understood her as they have been maintaining eye contacts for long. Catherine used her bottle to hit the one behind her as it was the one who was talking to her. Immediately she did that Cassey threw hers at the other one who stood near the door both of them fell at once).

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Catherine helped her father while Cassey held Calissa tight on the hand and they all came outside to meet a tight secured armed men. Three guys separated the girls from their father. Catherine defeated the one holding her as she was about running to meet her father, two gunshots were released and the person who dropped dead was their father!!
The three girls ran to their father crying and shaking him to wake up.
Catherine: you bastard! My father is dying come help us take him to the hospital.(she was talking to the gunmen but they were not moved by their tears)
Cassey: father father pls don’t die on us
Calissa: dad come on don’t give up now.
Mr Lawrence: as you have killed me please spare my daughters. (He gave up)

****Back to present CASSEY****
Me: I can’t anymore. I can’t (crying hard)
Reynard: don’t break down now be strong okay…(cuddling me with his arms) I didn’t mean to put you this way or ignite those awful memories it’s just a way of finding your sister. So pls Continue with the story.
Me:(holding his arms) I can’t I truly can’t they killed my father Reynard they killed him. I don’t want to loose my sister. Please Reynard help me. Please!!!
Reynard: I will help you you have to tell me everything..
Me: okay okay.

I hated it when I saw her crying like that. Her story was kind of touching. I immediately swore to save her sister. She can’t stand her father’s death and won’t bear it if she looses her sister as well. But why does she keeps saying HER SISTER AND NOT HER SISTERS???? Well I will have to listen keenly to her story. Maybe a lot did really happened…..

To be continued..

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