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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 20)

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Episode 20.

Mr Jordan: what do you want the fate of this man to be Michael?(smiling at me)
Me: death(I decided with anger without keenly looking at him)
Mr Jordan smiled at me and handed me a gun. I took the gun and I didn’t hesitate to finish the five bullets on him. Still I wasn’t okay. I didn’t feel any better.
Mr Jordan: you owe me Michael and I have a deal to strike.
Me: Mr Frednard must have killed my parents but you killed my sister. I will never make a deal with you.
Mr Jordan: your sister was just a distraction. I had to help you deal with the distraction. The moment you hacked that account was the moment you signed a death warrant for anyone close to you.
Me: you had no right to do that she was my sister.
Mr Jordan: if you don’t strike this deal with me I will gladly and willingly hand you over to Mr Frednard who will gladly drink your blood.
Me: what’s the deal
Mr Jordan: good. I want you in my custody for two years. Firstly I want you to hack Mr Lawrence Myles’ account. Then you will set passwords in where I ask you to set them. All my computer units will be controlled by you and in that process you are to teach Andrew everything. In two years time you will be free to pick up a start from your life.
Me: I will only help you in one thing since you helped me just once.
Mr Jordan: then let me make mine two. You might want to know about Maya.
I was surprised as I looked at Mr Jordan with pleading eyes.
Me: I will help you if you tell me please
Mr Jordan:(laughing) maya is known as maya myles. The only child and daughter of Frednard Myles. She used and played you. She wanted her father’s money but he believed he had done enough already for her and what could a high school girl need money for all the time.
Maya created that firewall you couldn’t crack she saw your attempt to do it. So she saw you as the perfect fool for the job then she went to strike a deal with you. She had the charm of captivating men’s hearts so you became the prey. You hacked the account cos she let you do it. You transferring the money into her account was the most foolish thing to do.
Me: if she was that professional why didn’t she hack it herself?
Mr Jordan: she needed a pawn and you were the perfect pawn. If she had done it herself, her father still had another computer operator who no longer lives in his facility but comes if needed. So she would be caught easily. The moment you did it. All traces led to you.
Me: I will strike the deal with you one one condition.
Mr Jordan: and what’s the condition?
Me: you will pay me every month. If you don’t oblige then take me anywhere you want. I believe no matter where you take me to my end is death. I would gladly die and join my family.
Mr Jordan: alright. Your monthly payment will be #50,000 and nothing more.
Me: transfer it to this account. So by two years i should be expecting #1.2 million.
I wrote out my account to him and started working for him. I did what he asked me to. I taught Andrew and as well Andrew taught me how to fight. It was our little secret. So don’t be surprised I know all the passwords in this warehouse. Andrew up till now remains my best friend. That’s my story.
Me: (I was already crying by now) so sorry.
Michael: it’s okay(smiling as he wiped my tears) I should be the one to apologise cos I hacked your father’s account. I didn’t know he was your father until the day he was killed.
Me: it’s okay. That’s past now.(I held his face and looked at his sad eyes).
He held mine also and we stared at eachother’s eyes. He kissed me. He was still kissing me and stopped all of a sudden.
Michael: I am sorry. I was lost. I shouldn’t take advantage of your vulnerability.
Me: it’s okay. It was partly my fault also.(he stood up)
Michael: I should go now see you soon.(he left before I could say a word)..

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To be continued..

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