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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 19)

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Episode 19.

I still didn’t back out from the deal of hacking the man’s account instead I fell in love with this girl during my second semester and she really promised to help me after showing me her identity card of being a computer operator for the leopard’s warehouse. I didn’t actually know the place. She stroke a deal that she will give me access to hack the account while I transfer the money to her own account. I agreed without thinking twice. After four days she stroke the deal, she really stood by her words and I hacked it. I transferred half of everything in the account I hacked into her account. Maya was her name cos it was boldly displayed on her identity card.
A week after the transfer, some guys appeared at my motel demanding I followed them. I refused to cos I was scared it might be Mr Frednard. The disturbance became persistent so I called Maya I wanted to tell her to transfer some money to me so I can travel outside the country with my sister but when I called all through the day the number does not exist. I was more than devastated. It soon became known that the hacker was needed that Mr Frednard was angry so he ordered the search of the thief. I couldn’t hide forever the little money I had I spent all for my sister’s education and mine. It was a particular day I will never forget, my sister came to spend her holiday in my motel. I thought the men who were disturbing me had taken ‘no’ for an answer because they stopped disturbing me for the past two weeks so I wasn’t against my sister coming. Three days gone we lived like couples. We enjoyed our time together she was the only one I had in this world and I loved her dearly so does she. I even forgot about my love for Maya, the strange men and the police. It was this fateful day. It was as if we were being monitored.
My sister came out of the bathroom with a towel round her from her chest down to her thighs. I had to excuse her so I went to the kitchen. The next thing I heard was her scream. I got to the bedroom which also serves as the sitting room to find those same disturbing strange guys three of them. One held my sister’s neck while the other two came to my direction. The two men tied me to a chair and joined the other one in harassing my sister. They continued harassing her until she fell unconscious. Then they came to me.
Guy one: the jaguar wants a meeting with you yet you refused him like he was a plague. You will have no choice than to follow us now else we will take you to the police and report your crime of hacking and stealing…
I was shocked. could Maya have spilled the beans to these guys? I had no choice than to follow them, i looked at my sister she was only 17 tears fell from my eyes. I wasn’t sure if she was dead. I could feel it. Me: is she dead? Guy one: no one survive us(they all laughed mockingly and took me into their vehicle)I found myself in Mr Jordan’s house.He told me I was very foolish. Mr Jordan: Michael Michael. Do you know that you are very foolish? hackers are always anonymous but you made yourself a foolish idol known by everyone. Me: who are you? Mr Jordan:I am the jaguar. sorry about your sister. if you wanted revenge you would have simply told me and I would be glad to help you than to act foolishly. Me:I don’t know what you are talking about. Mr Jordan: are you trying to tell me you didn’t hack my friend’s account because he killed your parents and you wanted to take revenge On your parents behalf. Me:I didn’t know about that(instantly the guilt I felt disappeared and I felt anger). Mr Jordan:tell me the truth. Me:I didn’t know i only saw the guy who planted the bomb on my parent’s car but I never knew who sent him. Mr Jordan:can you recognise him? Me:yes I can. Mr Jordan:well I have him here. he brought a guy who had a scar on his side face. Mr Jordan: now confess The guy: I planted a bomb in your parents car. I was sent by Mr Frednard Myles. please have mercy.

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To be continued..

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