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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 18)

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Episode 18.

Michael: what do you think you are doing!!?
I was happy he came at last he was my hero. I saw him holding four cellophane bags two in each hands…
George: what do you think I am doing I want to have sex with my girlfriend and You are intruding our privacy..
Michael: well I will call this rape! Mr Jordan wants her urgently and I am to lead her there.
George: tell me where he is and i will bring her there myself..
Michael: when the boss gives orders we follow them accordingly.
He walked to us and transferred the two bags on his right hand to his left hand and dragged me to stand up. George saw his injured wrist and held it.
George: what is this and why is blood stains on your wrist?(he asked with suspicion and not concern)
Michael: that’s none of your business. When I sustain injuries I treat them myself so mind your business and don’t ask me how I sustained them.(forced his hand out of George’s grip)
Michael dragged me out as I followed him roughly. I guess he was angry..
Me: Michael I am sorry.
Michael: why should you be sorry??
Me: I just feel I should be sorry and I can sense you are mad at me.
Michael: yes I am! Cos you always appear weak and vulnerable in his sight. Some girls in your shoes will fight him till their last breath.
Me: I didn’t he forced himself on me..
Michael: that’s the reason I am telling you to fight him no matter what! Promise me that! Because I can’t bear to see him hurting you again.
Me: I promise. I will try my best to fight him with every atom of strength in me.
Michael: that’s good. You should keep your promise. (He faced a door and pressed some digits on the security centre and the door opened)
This room was like a club. It looked like a bar. Drinks and smokes everywhere. Mr Jordan was sitting on a big sofa sipping his drink as he crossed his legs.
Michael: here she is sir.
Mr Jordan: yeah my damsel..(standing up, he hugged me)
Now I want you to go into that room and change into these clothes one by one.
I took the things from Micheal and headed there. I placed everything on the floor. Micheal is so unbelievable. He bought SP along. I smiled to myself and started my fashion charade. I got commendable comments from both Michael and Mr Jordan. Michael’s smile lit up my whole day. I finally finished my fashion charade and kept everything in the paper bags and took them to the bar room.
Mr Jordan: you looked like a model. Michael sure do have great taste for fashion. Michael you can go and show her her room so she can rest.
Michael collected the bags from me and I followed him. He pressed the password on the security centre again and the door opened and we came out of the big room into the hallway.
Micheal: so do you like the clothes?
Me: I love them Micheal thanks alot.
Michael: it’s nothing
On our way we met Becky.
Becky: ma’am where should I bring the food?
Micheal: bring it to her room.
She gave me that look again and left. We soon got into the room and it was just a description of a female room. I am sure if Mr Jordan had married he would have treated his family with so much love and care.
I sat on the bed while Michael was busy arranging the clothes in the wardrobe. He soon finished and came to join me on the bed. His eyes peered the window and I could tell he was thinking. Knocks came on the door I didn’t see the person cos Michael was already attending to the person. soon he came inside with a tray then I realised the person was Becky.
Michael: your food is here(smiling)
Me: thank you(he placed the tray on my thighs).
Michael: don’t mention I can also feed you if you let me.
Me: don’t worry thanks you have done enough already.
Michael: and I am ready and willing to do more.
Me: then tell me how you got here(I jokingly said as I opened the lid of the plate. (Michael stood up and walked to the window I wondered if the question vexed him.)
Me: you don’t have to tell me if you can’t. I only asked jokingly.
Michael: no it’s not that. I just realised it’s been long I thought about my real life and my late family.
Me: I don’t understand(covering the food)
Michael: eat first then I will tell you everything(giving me a fake smile)
I hastily finished everything. I just couldn’t believe I haven’t eaten for a long time.
Me: I am done(placing the tray on the stool close to the bed) come on Michael I am done eating you should come and tell me.
I left the bed and walked up to where he was and found him crying.
Me: it’s okay. Just tell me and you will be fine.(he looked at me with his red and teary eyes he resembled a lost child) it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me anymore I really understand.
He covered my hands with his own and walked me to the bed and we sat down.
Michael: it’s not like I don’t want to tell you of course I will tell you. It all started when I was in my final level. I was admitted into the university at age sixteen cos of my impeccable knowledge for computers. We usually hack accounts in my department just to test our abilities and that’s when our principal gives us the permission. But on a fateful day, my department came up with a plan as at then I was in level four. The plan was to hack a multi millionaire’s account. This competition was unknown to the authorities of the university it was just between the students.
The account belonged to one Mr Frednard Myles. Throughout the whole semester the account could not be hacked as a result of the strong firewall. The competition was still fierce in the second semester but still no one could. In our final year’s first semester, some eventually backed out cos they needed to be serious for their final year. I didn’t give up cos I didn’t have any means of getting money cos my parents died when I was in level three while my kid sis was in level one. I had to adapt to the hacking of accounts to sustain ourselves but I couldn’t understand the reason this particular one was difficult.

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To Be Continued…

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