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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 17)

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Episode 17.

My eyes opened in disbelief is this man okay or what?
Jordan: call me FATHER as from now
Me: okay
Jordan: call me now I want to hear it from you
Me: fa…. fa…..father(arrgghhhhhh. I just can’t bring myself to call the genesis of my predicament FATHER!)
Jordan: there is no need to cry over it just continue calling me FATHER and before you know it the word will start coming out on its own. Trust me. I will leave you to get yourself together aftermath join me in the sitting room he will take you there(pointing to Michael who had entered with him)
Me: okay.
He left and Michael came to me
Michael: hey are you just going to stand there? Don’t worry my eyes are closed.
Me: (smiling) thanks I really appreciate it
Michael: it’s nothing. I just had to do what I can do. Anyone in my position would do same.(he closed his eyes when he saw me wearing my shirt)
Michael: can I open my eyes now?
Me:(laughing) of course you can.
He opened his eyes and walked me out.
Me: what about George?
Michael: when he regains himself, he will find his way to his room and he won’t even figure out what hit him.
He laughed and brought me into a wonderful sitting room. So this man wasted and lavished my father’s money here. As I entered, I saw Mr Jordan watching TV. My father was once like this I thought. He saw us and paused the movie and smiled at me gesturing me to come and sit near him. I looked at Michael and he nodded his head signalling me to go while I was bottled up in anger but mainly maintained my countenance.
Jordan: now you are my one and only jewel and forever you will be. Micheal go to the boutique a classy one and purchase everything in there that will suit my damsel. Everything you know a girl will need. Take this and go(giving him a card I didn’t bother looking at) you know the password now get going!.
Michael left leaving I and Mr Jordan alone. I was a bit scared.
Jordan: I know you must be very hungry. Becky, Becky!(he called out)
Voice: yes sir.
Mr Jordan: come here now!
Immediately a petite, young, chocolate scotch lady walked in. She was wearing a sleeveless orange coloured shirt and a tight black trouser with flat black shoes to match. Her hair was made ponytail. She was the maid I guess because her apron showed it all.
Becky: sir, you called me.
Jordan: I want you to prepare everything in that kitchen for my pretty damsel.
The maid looked at me before she left but I don’t trust the look more like a pleading and warning look..
Jordan: don’t worry you will finally live the life I have always planned for you(he played the movie)
This man is throwing me off balance with his words I just hope there are no strings attached. We watched the movie in silence.
Shortly George came in he was confused when he saw I and Mr Jordan in that manner. I became uneasy and uncomfortable cos I know he will definitely spill the beans.
Jordan: here comes the strong godson. come give me a handshake.
Confused George still came forward to shake his hand then Mr Jordan used his right hand to make him sit near him and held both of us on our shoulders.
Jordan: I saw the blood stains on the sheets. And cos of what you did, Calissa has finally agreed to be on our side the rest is history. We have to celebrate and because of what transpired earlier today, both of you are now officially dating. Do I make myself clear?
George: but sir I didn’t…..
Jordan:(cutting him short) no buts and refusal from both of you. My words are final. Henceforth start behaving like couples there’s nothing like young couples. You never can tell your wedding might be next month…
George: yes sir
Me: yes father
I was quite happy cos George didn’t spill the beans and I was safe. I didn’t really pay attention to the movie they were watching because I had my mind somewhere else. I was thinking of Micheal who saved my life and I will be forever grateful to him.
George: what are you thinking. I have been talking to you(shaking me).
Me: me? Were you actually talking to me?(I looked around Mr Jordan was nowhere to be found)
George:(holding my shoulders) I was and am still talking to you. What really happened in the room??
Me: what do you mean what happened??.
George: both of us know we didn’t had sex. So how come the blood stains on the bed? Or have you started sleeping with your secret admirer? Huh! Tell me!!
Me: I don’t know what you are talking about.. please leave me alone!!!(I yelled as I forced myself off his grip and was walking away when he dragged my left hand and twirled me to face him)
George: did you plan this on your own or you have someone on your side?? Answer me!!(shouting)
Me: like I said I don’t understand what you are talking about. If you won’t accept the fact that you saw blood stains on the bed you can go to hell!!(poking my index finger in his chest)
George: how dare you?(he slapped me and I fell on the sofa. Hmm was I that light??)
He sat on me his smiles showed he was up to no good.
Me: stop this what are you doing!!.
George: (smiling) we are dating right?? So we can now as well have sex anywhere and anytime(unbuttoning his shirt)
Michael where are you!!! I punched George but it was as if all my energy punch was just a mere touch.
George: don’t you try silly things with me your pleading means nothing to me….

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To be continued..

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