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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 16)

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Episode 16.

It was a good idea I had to let go of Cassey in the forest. Immediately I ran passed the guards they ran after me. By the time I ran to the front of the gate I blanked out. I woke up when I felt water splashed on me. I realised i was tied. My hands and legs were tied to a chair. My visions were a little blurry. I saw my uncle in front of me smiling…
Jordan: welcome back my dear. So you joined your crazy sisters to escape from me right?
Me: Arrgghhhhhh so it’s morning already so fast?? sisters? Did Catherine escape too?
Mr Jordan: (scratching his head) what do you think? Well she wasn’t lucky, she is dead. Your precious sister is dead!.
Me:(I started crying though i had no idea where the tears were coming from) who is the bastard that killed her!!
Jordan: I am the honourable bastard whom killed her. Now if you don’t cooperate you will be next. Are you on my side now?
Me:(laughing) what do you think?? I will rather be the devil’s favourite daughter and dine with him than to be on your side.
Jordan: well I know you will change your mind after this little treat.
From nowhere suddenly someone placed a flat metal on my back. The surface was like that of iron and it was cold. I didn’t see it but I felt it and the pain I felt reached my brain and just then I knew I was electrocuted but not by chair electrocution. It came again and the shock I felt was indescribable. It came the third time and the shock I felt again drove the temporary shock I normally get when I see unpleasant stuffs. I wondered if the pains my sister passed through was like mine..
Me: stop!!! Please, stop!!! I beg you
Jordan: are you ready to join me now?
Me: Thanks for the little strength you can continue.
Jordan: meaning?
Me: do you know what Cassey told me weeks ago when she almost blew you off with insults?
Mr Jordan was looking at me like I was crazy his expression could explain that he had forgotten the day.
Me: the day she came back from school for a visit you were upstairs with my dad. That was the day you came asking for
# 2million . Remember?
Jordan: oh I do…. So what did she tell you?
Me:Your problem is really behind you your being inquisitive always lead to bad things for you or what do you think huh? Well anyways answer this question first. Do you know the tragical thing at that time and now?
Jordan:(raised his brow) not if you tell me.
Me:(laughing) my father was alive as at then but now he’s no more(laughing)
Jordan: stop calling that man your father!
Me: another of your tricks? Well Cassey said to me, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE CALISSA GROW UP YOU ARE 17!!! IF WE DONT FIGHT FOR DAD, WHO WILL?
Jordan: what’s that supposed to mean?
Me: you don’t have anyone to fight for you do you?. Except that George. Where is he?
Jordan: you think Catherine’s knife dug into his stomach?
Me: did Catherine stab him?
Jordan: (laughing) Catherine didn’t succeed he saw the knife first but he wasn’t too fast so in attempt of dodging it, he fell hard on the floor. The knife only gave him a cut and he held it in between his arm. He will soon be here to teach you your second lesson. Andrew is treating his minor implications.(laughing) you girls are nothing close to my boys.
Me: ohhh… I am happy for you. At least a plan was still Put into action.. I bet if your boys were being metalised like my sisters, there would have been a deformity in their brains and they won’t even think of anything except death. But Catherine was so strong. So strong that even you became scared of her and thought she was immortal.(George entered)
Jordan: perfect timing George I am giving you the pleasure of you know(using his head as indication making George smile)
George: my pleasure.
Jordan: not only your sister is immortal Cassey I am also immortal. No pains sees through me. Your sisters abandoned you here cos your ain’t their biological sister. But I like you that’s the reason I am giving you a second chance honey.
Me: I left Cassey and ran back here you can’t brainwash me! I will never join you and become enemies to my sister cos I feel Cassey will come back for me. May the spirits of Catherine hunt you down if really you killed her.
Jordan: well you can only take a horse to the river bank you can’t force it to drink from the water.
Me: do your worst.
Jordan: well then George take your time. I can’t do it myself so I am giving you the pleasure of doing it. And as for you Calissa stick to the ride and enjoy yourself.(he left)
George came to me and loosened the ropes and carried me to the same bed. The idiot had already pulled his shirt. he was smiling like a retard. I can’t take back my words now so I won’t look like a weakling. I struggled with him while he pulled my clothes but he succeeded. He started dragging my trouser but I still struggled with him. He gave me a resounding slap that had echoes. I gave up the struggles but then he fell flat on top of me like a log of wood and I pushed him off me to the other side and another face appeared. I quickly covered myself with my shirt.
Me: why did you do that?
Guy: my name is Michael one of your uncle’s men. I couldn’t stand him use you that’s the reason I did it. Look I want you to take sides with your uncle and plan your escape secretly. I will help you before I get my freedom.
Me: when is your freedom?
Michael: soon. Are you a virgin?
Me: yes
He took out a pocket knife and cut his wrist and after letting some drops on the bed, he tied his wrist with a piece of cloth and kept his pocket knife back in its position.
Me: thank you very much
Michael: I have to go back now you know what to do.(he left)
I slept on the bed close to George and feigned tiredness. George was still lying faintly. As soon as Mr Jordan entered I started crying(pretence started)
Jordan: looks like I really missed out.(smiling) George really did a good job. He is even exhausted and sleeping.
Me: I am sorry I can’t bear this anymore. Please have mercy.(I knelt on the floor and held his leg with one hand and the other holding my shirt against my body) I don’t want to follow my sisters steps which led them to their early graves. Please have mercy.
Jordan: I know you will definitely(standing me up from my knees) come along after all blood is thicker than water.
Me: I don’t understand you uncle.
Jordan: it’s nothing my dear. I want one more thing from you.
Me: anything
Jordan:(smiling) stop calling me uncle call me FATHER.
me: what!

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To Be Continued……

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