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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 15)

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Episode 15.

I never knew Tracy could have that side of her and she seemed nice and quiet. Well I know how to deal with her. I cried myself to sleep for treating me like trash. I guess the nap I took must have lasted for long. But I had a terrible dream.
I saw myself, Derek, Tracy and Reynard wearing black throughout I searched for my brother with my eyes but couldn’t find him. I realised in front of us was a grave and a coffin was close to the grave. Soon the coffin was carried and dumped into the grave. I could see people crying. Even Tracy was crying like her life depended on it. I wondered why they were all crying. The coffin was opened for us to see for the last time and then I saw Roy my brother breathless and lifeless in the coffin inside a grave before my very foreeyes. Tracy’s cries and mine were in a competitive battle. I scratched every hand trying to hold me. I wanted to join my brother and be with him. As I was crying I was shouting. I shouted a loud NO before some few no,no,no,no,no followed and I woke up suddenly sweating profusely. I saw Tracy and a strange lady staring at me with concern written all over their faces. Thank God it was just a dream.
I had finished bathing so I wore a short sleeveless gown I saw on the bed. Maybe Tracy might have placed it on the bed while I was in the bathroom. As I was about heading out for lunch, she was just coming in carrying a tray.
Me: I thought I was coming downstairs to eat?
Tracy: no need for that it will be too boring.
Me: okay.(she dropped it on the stool while I shifted it towards me opening the lid.) What About you? Won’t you eat?
Tracy: don’t worry about me. I have eaten already(I could sense she was not happy)
Me: what’s wrong? Why are you sad?(covering the plate)
Tracy: it’s nothing to be bothered about. I am fine.
I shifted towards her and rubbed her palm in mine to make them warm.
Me: you know am not buying that so come on tell me please.
Tracy: it’s about someone close to me
Me: your boyfriend?
Tracy: not yet my boyfriend but I was going to accept his proposal today before he left with Reynard and Derek
Me: so what happened?
Tracy: my whole body is shaky and I feel something is not right. I am scared and most of all I feel something has happened to someone I care about.
Me: it’s okay Tracy nothing has happened to the one you care about. As long as you haven’t dreamt it, it’s nothing. Have you felt darkness erupt the presence of light in you?
Tracy: no I haven’t
Me: then nothing happened to your boyfriend cos that’s what I felt when my father was murdered. So don’t make that your major bother just pray for them okay?
Tracy: okay. Thanks am okay now(smiling)
Me: what are friends for? After all two heads are better than one and a problem shared is a problem half solved. So can I eat now?
Tracy: of course(smiling) I never asked you not to eat.
Me: how could I have eaten when your face was like that?
I ate to my satisfaction after finishing the food. I carried the dishes to the kitchen with Tracy following me behind. We got to the kitchen and I washed the dishes after arguing with Tracy On whom to wash it. Since I won her to her game she decided to clean some parts in the kitchen which wasn’t really necessary. I finished washing and was looking at her without her noticing.
Me: but the cylinder is clean why cleaning it again? Are you okay?
Tracy: yeah I am okay but I can see some dusty smoke
Me: are you sure you are fine Tracy?
Tracy:yeah I am very fine. I won’t lie to you. I am alright.
Me: well you just lied to me and I don’t know if I can trust you or not.(collecting the towel from her)
Tracy: why would you say that? I am really fine
Me: because Tracy, the dusty smoke you have been cleaning is not a dusty smoke but your shadow!
Tracy: (used her index finger to swipe the surface and no stain was attached to it) I am sorry
Me: it’s okay…….(I had barely finished my statement when I heard someone’s scream).
The person shouted a loud no!
We quickly ran to check only to discover it was the girl sleeping on the sofa. She was sweating profusely turning her head sideways with a series of Nos coming out from her mouth. She finally opened her eyes and saw us.
When I followed Cassey to the kitchen and after the argument of whom to wash the dishes, I suddenly felt my heartbeat stopped and it resumed again beating so hard and fast. I suddenly became weak and filled with sadness. I don’t know how to explain what I felt but it was the same feeling I got after the death of my parent’s information reached me. An instant and heavy headache joined what I was feeling and I could feel my world recycling. Until Cassey touched me. I was shocked to the touch but couldn’t express it. She was so concerned about me. I had to lie but she caught me at it. I knew she was about scolding me before a loud NO distracted her. We ran to the sitting room to find out it was Tania. She was having a nightmare. I wondered if the devil still had nightmares. She suddenly woke up and was staring at us with fear.

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To be continued..

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