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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 14)

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Episode 14.

I woke up feeling dizzy and everywhere was woozy like I was being drugged cos this only happens when I was in my uncle’s warehouse if I was drugged. Did Reynard drug me?
I walked out to look for Tracy. I got to the sitting room and saw a girl sleeping on the sofa but it wasn’t Tracy I tried watching TV only to discover everything had been disconnected. I walked upstairs to look for Tracy. The corridor was long and I didn’t know her room I finally found it after searching almost the rooms in the corridor.
I tapped her and she woke up to break the news of Reynard’s uncle. But why on this day that I wanted my sister back??? Well I still wished his uncle a better health. I couldn’t possibly get angry over that it will just show of me as a selfish person.
She offered food which I really wanted at that moment cos I was really hungry due to the long sleep I had
I, slate and tissle were outside when carey came to meet slate begging to go out with the excuse of going to identify her sister. I didn’t buy the idea but still I was happy she wanted to escape. I had pitied the Williams family ever since their stay here on crystal safe expecially the dead one Catherine. She is a strong woman I have to admit. I advised Carey to be her uncle’s side because I couldn’t bear seeing her being tormented since her other sister escaped.
I was at the corner of the house when the guys who are to search for Carey’s sister entered into the warehouse I guess. I didn’t even get to see them when they left. It was actually Carey’s voice that attracted me to the gate. I got to know he was one of the guys cos Carey pointed at him during her quest for passage permission but by then he was wearing a mask. I didn’t really bother myself much I just listened keenly to their arguments and before I knew it gunmen started raining gunshots like raindrops. When I saw they outnumbered us and the guy claiming to take Carey for proper clarification drop on the floor, I had to run to where I was based earlier(at the back of the house). But as I turned myself to go back something hot pierced through my left leg and I felt my whole body electrified up to my brain and I discovered I was weak. I limped to the corner of the house and waited till everything died and calmed down. I still waited there for some minutes just to be more than sure.
I limped back to the gate only to see slate and tissle on the floor but the masked guy and Carey were nowhere to be found. I looked out the gate only to see George with a scared look coming from outside the gate and our gaze met.
Thank God I learned how to treat minor wounds and do justification to reachable bullet wounds by Andrew else this bastard would have left me to die that I was very sure of.
Though he helped me inside I knew it didn’t come from his heart cos the way he dragged me showed it all. He didn’t even allow me open the first aid before he started his rantings.
George: tell me what happened(shouting).
Mr Jordan: what’s going on here? Where is Carey and the boys and who shot you?
I was a little shocked when I heard his voice I guess this idiot’s baritone voice must have made him come downstairs.
Me: Carey was taken away by gunmen and I was shot in the attempt of saving her(I lied. I was really happy she finally left though I really don’t know who might have taken her).
Mr Jordan: I knew those guys were up to something.
Me: no sir. It wasn’t them. The youngest of them I think, was shot in the attempt of saving Carey sir.
Mr Jordan: what??(surprised and confused. He looked at George who did nothing but shrugged) I don’t care to know you all better get to work already. My allies are planning evil against me because I failed to bring Cassey. Mr frednard must pay for this. I wouldn’t have introduced Carey yesterday. This is just one of the risks of having a family in this business.(He walked out)
Thank God he didn’t ask about the boys again and thank God George kept his stinking mouth shut!
Well the notice was just like a television which was at the very close end of the room. A person whose first time in there will not actually see the screen.
Every Thursdays the writing on it that normally showed WORKING will be changed to BREAK. It was already programmed just that it needed a password to be activated each Thursday. So the boys grew the habit of standing close to the screen around 12pm just to be notified on time. This opportunity I think they use in going to clubs and enjoying themselves except I, George, slate, tissle and virus. Cos we were on a service for years and only our assigned day of end of service will guarantee our freedom. As for me I was getting mine this day. As for George I never can tell cos he seems to be enjoying each and every day he spends in the warehouse. I was the one who actually changed the screen notice. I had to use the back door so I won’t be noticed that’s the reason I was at the back of the house.
I was outside the gate waiting for Derek when a black Jeep parked almost in front of me. It didn’t much bother me because a car parked there before and sped off so I was thinking maybe this one would actually do same but I was wrong. It actually became a major concern to me when gunmen alighted from the car and started shooting towards the direction of the open gate. They were five in number. I quickly wore my mask and ran inside the warehouse myself only to find Derek on the floor as well as two other guys. I shielded Calissa with my back cos I was wearing a very thick black flyover suit likely to be considered as a bulletproof but it wasn’t. I could see blood traces leading to the corner of the house but I didn’t bother to check. I quickly carried Calissa to the car after the gunmen entered their car and sped off. I was really weak as a result of the forces of the bullets but I still managed.
Roy: are you okay??where’s Derek??
Me: hurry now he is inside the warehouse. Please hurry.
Roy quickly got down and ran inside and next I saw was Derek already on the backseat we were seated just immediately Roy entered and sped off!!!
I kept quiet not because I had nothing to say but because I felt slightly angered I mean how can Derek and Reynard say such things about my sister. She is my only baby and making her happy has always been my first priority. She always put to my notice about the feeling she’s got for Derek. I don’t know what they see in her they don’t call perfect when she’s absolutely perfect to me. All I could do was to watch the car. I was thinking about Tracy and Tania when suddenly I heard gunshots I remained in the car. Not as if I didn’t wanted to be of help but when I try opening the door, Tracy’s image always appeared on my head plus I wasn’t in the mood to shoot. I relaxed my head and sat verywell in the car until Reynard came into the car panting and he spoke very weak. Immediately the devilish anger and hatred I was feeling disappeared instantly and I knew if they were human, the way they disappeared they would have beaten Usaine bolt. I ran inside the warehouse and carried Reynard though he was very heavy and I feared for dear life. I quickly placed him on the backseat and ignited the car speeding off. I just hope I don’t encounter with accident but that’s very impossible.

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To Be Continued….

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