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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 13)

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Episode 13.

Immediately I ran inside I was surprised to see three men with Calissa. Is this a setup or what? Thank God my mask was on.
Calissa: see he is here!(pointing at me) I want to go with him to confirm if it’s my sister they saw. Father sent me.
Guard 1: George clearly stated to me not to allow you leave because he still believes you can escape if given the chance. Nobody believes the drama you have acting all this while. Mr Jordan seems so blind to see your drama as a platform of escape and I pity him so much.
Calissa: slate, allow me pass else I will report to my father.
Slate: exactly what your sister said two days ago! You can’t use it now on me.
I stood there confused and afraid at the same time.
Slate: and why is he wearing a mask by the way?
Me: I forgot to remove it immediately we caught her sister whom we don’t really know if its her. If your really not letting her come with me I will go bring her here myself(feigning anger)
I had barely made a move when I heard gunshots and Calissa’s scream then everywhere went blank immediately I felt something hot in me.
I wasn’t comfortable when I saw that stranger with Carey. I just to pretend to make Carey think I believe her. If she hadn’t allied with Mr Jordan he wouldn’t have taken it easy on her. Mr Jordan told me her personally killed Catherine but he won’t show me her body. We had to cook up a better story that we threw her body into a pit before we were able to convince Carey.
I would have killed Catherine myself with pleasure because she has placed me at the brisk of death twice. Well I was happy anyways since she died at last.
Me: sir I don’t trust those guys on the mission to find Cassey.
Mr Jordan: I don’t trust them too especially called Derek. And how did Reynard know Carey’s name cos i dont believe his bullshit computer researches.
Me: I suggest we trace them sir.
Mr Jordan: how? They are already gone. We could have placed a tracker on them.
Me: let’s follow them and see where they stay.
Mr Jordan: that’s a nice idea. We will show them nobody messes with jordan the jaguar(smiling)
Me: should I start going?
Mr Jordan: get started……(suddenly we heard the alarm sound. I traces the sound to where it was coming from and it was coming from the CCTV camera. The white light had suddenly turned beaming red. The screen was white.)
Me: sir the camera has been crashed outside the gate.
Mr Jordan: I told you those guys were up to something. Now move it!!
I ran out of the sitting to my room and collected my gun. I was heading downstairs when I heard gunshots and immediately heard Calissa’s scream as well. I ran back to check the restroom cos that was where she told me she was going. I checked inside but didn’t find her I checked her room as well but didn’t find her. I ran outside to see tissle and slate on the ground. I checked their pulse but was no more. I went outside the gate to see nothing but a crashed camera. I went inside only to see Michael limping towards Me. I never really liked this boy but thank God he will be leaving this warehouse today! But with him shot and these two dead plus carey nowhere to be found, what really happened??!!!
Me: Michael what really happened?
Michael: please help me at least am dying.
Me: tell me what happened to Carey that’s all I need to know I dont care if you bleed to death!
Michael: then the information dies with me.
I hesitated for a while but soon went to him and held him roughly dragging him into the warehouse where the first aid box was. There I saw the screen! Showing a bold visible “BREAK”. No wonder the boys where nowhere to be found. I didn’t give out this notice neither did Mr Jordan cos I was with him all day. Then it has to be Carey or Andrew it betterstill Michael. I turned my gaze at him!
Me: who gave out the notice?
Michael: I did. It was time for break right?
Me: Mr Jordan didn’t give a go ahead to do it!!! Why did you do it??? Now because of your stupidity we lost two men and Carey is nowhere to be found!!!
Michael: if I knew I would be shot do you think I would have put on the notice!!!!
Me: you are lucky you know how to treat your wounds else I would have left you here to bleed!!
Michael: save the energy I knew from the onset you were useless. Carey was taken by gunmen!
Me: gunmen??
Michael: there were many of them. One of the guys who were to look for Cassey I think the youngest was shot!
Me:(confused) I don’t know it happened so fast!
After finishing everything in the kitchen I was tired and I went to take my bath. It was 2:15pm and yet they weren’t back. Tania fell asleep on the sofa. I slept in my room. I felt touches on my legs so I woke up. I saw Cassey worried face roaming over me. She was tapping me to wake up.
Me: Cassey(not sure)
Cassey: yes its me. Where’s Reynard?
Me: uhmmm (scratching my head) his uncle had an accident and he is hurried there. Derek Also followed him.
Cassey: oh my God. I hope his uncle gets well soon. Who is that girl on the sofa in the sitting room?
Me: she’s a family friend she came cos of Derek.
Cassey: Derek’s girlfriend?
Me: no. She’s not
She sat with me looking worried thank God I was able to come up with a lie to calm her down. I know she can and will go crazy if I should tell her the truth.
Me: go and take your bath let me serve you food.
Me: alright(smiling) I am starving
Me: thought as much..

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To be continued..

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