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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 10)

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Episode 10.

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I felt someone fling off my duvet. I rolled to the other side of the bed when I saw the person almost jumping on the bed.
Me: what’s wrong with you Roy!(kneeling on the bed)
Roy: I told you last night I was coming to beat you out if your jokes.
Me: I wasn’t joking man! (I left the bed And sat on one of the sofas)
Roy: like seriously?(sitting up)
Me: I want to go rescue somebody.
Roy: it’s been long I heard that word. We kill Reynard we don’t rescue
Me: we can change that and I really need your help
Roy: anything for you my love.
Me: I am no gay.
Roy: neither am I! So how is my woman faring?
Me: I don’t know she’s somewhere in the house.
Roy: hope you haven’t divulged it already?
Me: come on she has been living here for the past two years what made you think I will expose you now?
Roy: cos you are like a chameleon
Me: let me fill you everything(I told him everything preserving Cassey’s own part)
Roy: I am ready boss.
Me: lemme get ready.
I got ready in few minutes took three guns took two and gave Roy one.
Roy: why am I getting just one gun?
Me: I know you already you are too cunning. Wanna tell me you came here without a weapon?
Roy: you got me! Is Derek not coming?
Me: he is(exiting my room with Roy behind me).
We left the corridor to the sitting room. Derek was waiting already with a frown on his face I wasn’t surprised cos Tania was sitting close to him. Immediately he saw Reynard and I he used it as an excuse and walked up to us Reynard on seeing Tracy went to her.
Derek: (whispering) you never told me that this devil will be around!
Me: (also whispering) I had no idea her brother brought her along.
Derek:(normal voice) what took you so long?
Me: I was getting ready.(then Tania walked up to us)
Tania: Reynard good morning
Me:(not even a Mr) morning to you. How was your night?
Tania: awesome. It was awesome when my brother told me we were coming here
Derek: don’t worry Tracy will keep you company
Tania: what about you?
Derek: you must be dreaming to think I will stay here with you. I am going out with my brother.
Tania: that’s not fair!
Derek: suit yourself(walking away)
I went to meet Roy who was already carried away with his talks with Tracy.
Me: it’s time. Let’s go now.
Roy: just a minute more
Me: Roy now! You will see her later she is not gonna run away.
Roy: I have to go goodbye(he pecked her and walked towards Derek)
Me: uhmmmm Tracy..
Tracy: yes sir
Me: Cassey’s still sleeping. Please do not wake her up allow her wake herself give her food and calm her down. Don’t tell her our whereabouts. Maybe I might be back before she wakes.
Tracy: okay sir.
I left and we all entered my car and drove off to rescue Cassey’s sister.
I slept and woke up happy still reminiscing what my brother told me about her. I haven’t rescued a girl before but I just pray she is very beautiful. My happiness vanished immediately I saw that witch Tania! She’s too rude, skinny and mannerless. She Always feels on top of the world simply cos her brother is also in the same job circle as my brother. I felt like strangling her when she came to sit near me. She is beautiful but not attractive what I don’t understand about her is her green eyes. They are something else.
My hopes are very high cos so long Cassey’s beautiful, then her sister will be a goddess. But if we get the free passage how are we going to escape with her.
Me: Tracy have you ever seen Derek with any girl before?(sitting on the freezer)
Tracy: no why do you ask?(washing some utensils)
Me: why can’t he just look at me with respect. I mean he is so proud! Proud of what?
Tracy: that’s the Myles family for you
Me: then they should go to hell!
Tracy: do not speak of them that way you have no right to do that!
Me: and who are you to tell me what to do and whom to insult? Is it because I am even here whiling away my time with you? Or is it because my brother have eyes for you you think you can boss me around? Well I don’t blame you I blame my brother who don’t have eyes for good things.(I left)
I went into the sitting room to watch TV but the programmes were not interesting to me so I opted for music.
There’s nothing a person will not see in this life o it’s is a wahala something. Imagine this sixteen years old girl insulting me. Well am just in a good mood and if not for the respect I have for Roy and this building I would have dealt with her. somebody that will not even give me satisfaction if I should beat her. Well I won’t let her spoil my mood cos Roy just asked me to be his girlfriend. All I could say was I WILL THINK ABOUT IT. I am missing him already. I can’t hide how much I love him anymore. I really do love him.
If other guys were to be in my shoes they will date her out of pity. But what I feel inside of me is more than pity I really love her. I only hope she doesn’t finds out the truth else she will hate me forever. My poor Tracy. I hope Reynard’s not taking me on a suicide mission. I started feeling cold about this mission immediately I told Tracy I loved her. I better ask Reynard his plans.


To Be Continued….

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