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[STORY] Love And Revenge (Episode 1)

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Episode 01

Running heavily and hastily with the hope of leaving the bush… Oh I mean the forest alive was indeed something terrible and tragically unimagined.
What was I wearing? I wasn’t in the mood to know as tiredness and dizziness cruised all over my body without weakness being left out… But I could recall what I wore before THEY took us away was shorts and a white top. No wonder I could feel the windy cold breeze on my body even up to my brain.. Where was I heading to? That wasn’t my concern because I needed to survive first. I couldn’t run anymore as I gasped for breath unending.. I couldn’t move anymore “oh my God! What is happening to me? Why is my body trembling and going down? ” these I asked myself as I fell flat on the ground and it was lights out for me..
I opened my eyes slowly because of the bright light shining to my face.. “What is this light? Am I already in heaven? ” I thought as I finally opened it to see the best room ever!
I tilted my head to the right, where the window was. The window was a glassy one wide and clear. More like office glass windows. Beside the window was a small mirror that had a table and chair filled with different cosmetics and so on. I looked after the table setup and saw a very big wardrobe and a button beside it which I don’t know the reason its being there. After the wardrobe was a small locker that had a big lamp and a huge teddy bear on it. After that was the bed I laid on, a very big bed, to be precise a king sized bed that had the best scent ever! And after that was another door I guess to be the bathroom though it was locked. In front of the bed was a portrait and tall mirror resting on the wall making me to see myself and the bed. The floor sparkled. It was tiled shining brown which had the smoothest surface ever. The room was painted cream and brown same for the curtains. The room is just perfect. I sat on the bed and attempted to walk around to see if I was in a castle but as soon as I stepped on the floor the pain I felt was unexplainable.. I had to sit back on the bed and check my legs. I saw my foot swollen and it had a couple of cuts then the previous event flashed through my head. I remembered I was running. Yes! I was running then I fell on the ground and I woke up here! Where are my clothes!! Because I was now wearing a pyjamas…. Who took off my clothes??? Maybe am in heaven maybe I died and am in heaven but why am I wearing a pyjamas? Who brought me here?
I kept thinking until someone entered the room. It was a boy or a man, I don’t really care to know but his looks are captivating.
He is a light complexed person like me, have charming dark eyes, brown hair and long lashes, with a dark brown brows and thick too. His pink lips are so tempting he is tall and not that slim his teeth are white I wouldn’t mind staring at his smile all day long. Whoever he is he must be enjoying life real good. He kept smiling at me with his arms folded behind him… Idiot!! I am supposed to ask him questions and not admire him!! A voice said in my head so I shoved the fantasies aside.
Me:what are you doing in my room? (Oops I called this place my room.. Whatever he will understand)
Boy: don’t you think you are the stranger here?
Me: I never asked to be brought here and you barging into my room like DAT(oops again??) Without even knocking.. Who do you think you are????

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To be continued..

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