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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 9)

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Episode 09.

Skylar’s P.O.V.
Raidon looked at me confused and I started sweating.
Come up with something Skylar come on. I mentally cursed myself.
“Uh…” That’s it!
“I had a school play and they wanted me to wear a wig.” Shit, he will never believe that.
“A wig that has a boys haircut?” He raised an eyebrow and I froze. What now?
“Yah. I had the part of a boy so…”I fiddled with my fingers “Yeah.”
His gaze made me uncomfortable so I looked down.
Damn him.
I looked up to see him nod. I have to get out of this room.
“So do you wanna go down?” I asked hoping he would say yes and he did. Finally god answered my prayers.
I walked downstairs with Raidon behind and got in the kitchen.
“Skittles?” I asked and he shrugged
“Sure.” He answered and sat on the kitchen counter.
“Which one?”
“Red.” So he liked the red ones huh? Don’t blame him they’re the best. I tossed the skittles to him and sat on the chair. We sat in an uncomfortable silence for a minute so I decided to break the ice.
“Who is your favourite band?” Oh very creative Sky, favourite band?
He leaned back and ate another skittle “I like All time low, Hollywood undead, My chemical Romance but mostly Black Veil Brides.” So we have something in common? Who knew?
“You?” He asked “I like Paramore, Linkin Park, BVB and Coldplay.” I replied and sunk deeper in my chair.
“Favorite color?” I asked again and mentally slapped myself. I’m such a dork sometimes. Favorite color? FAVORITE COLOR, REALLY?
“Lime green, black and blood red.” He answered, oh wow, he actually answered. After that we stayed in silence before Raidon decided to go since its getting dark. I walked him to the door and returned to the living room skipping through channels until I found sponge Bob.
What? Don’t judge Sponge Bob is cool, and funny.
I let my mind return to Raidon. There is something about him; it is as if I know him. But a dangerous vibe radiates off him.
Oh Skylar, you’re going crazy, I scolded myself.
My phone rang, it was Drew. Mother f*cker, he’ll see.
“What do you want?” I grunted.
“Doctor Drew on the way. What is your emergency, choking, unconsciousness, hit on the head? Please tell.” Drew replied imitating a nurse’s voice when they’re talking on the phone.
“Give me that you moron.” I heard someone say in the background. I think it was Tom? Not really sure.
“Hey I wanna know if she killed him yet.” Drew answered “So what happened?” He asked looking for details as a high school girl.
“Nothing.” I replied shrugging.
“You’re no fun.” I imaged Drew pouting when he said this. I shuddered, not a good sight. “Anyways, there’s a race tonight. It’s between Dark blood, the Phantom Riders and us so be ready.” He said and I rolled my eyes,
“Sure.” I replied and closed the phone not caring for his reply.
Uh another race.
Raidon’s P.O.V. (Finally, I know)
Something’s weird. Those eyes, I know those eyes from somewhere.

Who is it, who is it?
Those eyes, wait, no it can’t be… could it?
Speed? Could Skylar be Speed? They have the same eyes.
She had the same wig.
She’s muscular.
She is… Speed?
Tonight I’ll know…
Who are you Speed?

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To be continued..

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