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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 8)

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Episode 08.

“Like I said before, name each of them as X, Y, and Z.” I said looking at Raidon.
“But why can’t I call them by their own names?” Raidon cried and I pulled my hair out in frustration.
If you’re wondering, I’ve been tutoring Raidon for the past TWO hours and we only finished a page. A page out of four. He’s driving me insane, the boy’s stupid.
“YOU’RE USELESS.” I shouted throwing the papers on the table. To tell you, I was ready to murder right now.
“And you suck at tutoring.” He yelled getting angry by the second.
“It’s not my fault you have a brain of a fish.” I threw my hands up and he huffed.
“And it’s not my fault that you’re damn annoying.” He started cursing and I was about to choke him. I closed my eyes and took in deep breathes.
I opened my eyes and screamed “AH”
Raidon’s face was staring at me and he looked like an ax murderer. He suddenly burst out laughing.
“You-should-have-seen-your-face-ha-ha.” He said in between laughs lying on the floor clutching his stomach.
I scowled and stood up making my way to the kitchen leaving butthead behind laughing his ass off. He’s unbelievable, a total ass and a total flirt. I can’t believe the principal chose ME to do it. Of all people, he had to choose me?
I want to rip his head off, get a gun out and shoot him between the eyes but tragically I can’t.
Trust me when I say this but the guy’s dumber than fat cow. I don’t believe how he even got accepted. I opened some Oreos and sat on the kitchen counter.
“What are you doing?” A voice asked from behind and I jumped. I turned around and looked at Raidon seeing him smirking.
I glared and put another Oreo in my mouth while saying “None of your God damn business.” He cringed a little bit before composing himself.
“Did your parents teach you any manners? You’re supposed to swallow then talk.” He said and took an Oreo. MY Oreo!
I clenched my fists. How dare he talk to about my parents like that?
“You shut the hell up Raidon or I’ll make sure you do.” I threatened poking my finger in his chest.
“Touched a nerve there didn’t I?” He smirked and I took a step forward growling.
“Never talk about my parents again, understood?” I warned but he just slumped against the kitchen counter STILL smirking.
“And what would you do if I didn’t?” He asked challenging. I smiled and balled my fist ready to knock the shit out of him but…
“Doctor Drew to the rescue. So did you kill him yet?” Drew barged in the kitchen and I mentally cursed. Tom and Ryder came next.
“So do you have any questions for Doctor Drew about Sky’s constant temper change?” Drew asked finding this funny. He was definitely enjoying this while I want to tear him apart.
“Drew if you wanna keep your balls you should shut up.” I said agitated. Drew’s a douche; he can be so childish sometimes. I looked at Raidon who was clearly amused by all of this AND was still smirking.
“Aw Sky baby, you’re just jealous that you can’t get a piece of this.” He pointed to himself and I rolled my eyes. Yeah I forgot to mention, Drew is so full of himself.
“Grow up Drew.” I said opening another Oreo and stuffing one in my mouth.
“Since you insisted.” He sighed dramatically “Drew junior is all grown up.” He winked and I choked. Someone started tapping me on the back, well more like slapping.
I heard laughter and chuckles from the guys; they’re dead meat… seriously.
“Stop hitting me.” I hissed at whoever was slapping me on the back.
“You’re welcome.” Raidon sarcastically said and I glared.
It’s getting uncomfortable here. We were sitting the living room with Raidon and the guys are glaring at each other and I’m sitting in the middle. Lucky girl aren’t I? I sighed and looked at my options here.
One, kick Raidon out and have the guys question me after or option number two, kick the guys out then kick Raidon out. I prefer option number two.
“Guys” I said in my innocent sweet voice “GET THE F*CK OUT” I roared pointing to the door. The guys jumped at my sudden temper change but didn’t argue knowing that they would lose. What can I say? Girls rule right?
Tom, Ryder and Drew got out of the room but not before saying “Make sure to use condoms!” earning him a smack on the head from Ryder.
I think, no I know that by now I was totally red. I mean doing the dirty deed with Raidon? EW, who would want that? Not me. I groaned and got up walking to the kitchen. I wanted chocolate.
After I devoured the chocolate I opened the living room door expecting Raidon to be there but he wasn’t. I looked around confused not seeing him anywhere.
“Raidon?” I screamed
I heard shuffling from upstairs so I walked up there. Once in the hallway I saw my bedroom door open. Oh no he didn’t! That boy is toasted, I swear.
I walked in and saw Raidon holding my black lacy thog. OH MY GOSH
“Put that down.” I screeched and he smirked.
“I didn’t expect you to be THAT kind of girl, Skylar.” He wiggled his eyebrows and I scowled.
“Just give me it.” I demanded my hands on my hips but he just smirked and started playing with it. Raidon started going through my closet and I started walking towards him but stopped when I saw what was in his hands.
“Skylar, why is there a wig in your closet?” He turned around and asked holding the boy cut black wig in his hands.
“I… uh, I …”

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To Be Continued….

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