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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 5)

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Episode 05.

All of the students turned silent and the guys instantly stopped fighting.
“MY OFFICE NOW! AND ALL STUDENTS RETURN TO YOUR CLASSES THIS MOMEN!.” Principal Hynes shouted making everyone run to their classes in fear. I was about to go with them but…
“And where do you think you’re going Ms. Brown?” Principal Hynes asked and I froze in place. I turned around and laughed awkwardly.
“Bathroom?” I squeaked and the guys chuckled.
“Is there something funny?” The principal roared facing the guys with an angry look on his face.
“No sir.” Tom, Ruder, and Drew replied saluting the principal while stomping their foot as if they were in the army.
“To my office, now.” The principal repeated already walking towards his office. We silently followed not daring to speak a word.
“So what happened now?” The principal asked looking at the boys. Why do they always think it’s the guys’ fault, it could have been the new boys for all they know.
The office was big and had beige colored walls. There was a big wooden desk with family pictures and a laptop. Behind it was a black leather seat the principal was sitting on.
Drew was about to answer but I piped in before because we all know that if Drew spoke a word, we’ll be screwed.
“Oh it’s both of our faults Mr. Hynes. We were walking down the hall and Tom accidently bumped into Raidon and his books fell. Raidon told him to pick them up and Tom refused to, and we all know how Tom can be. Then they fought, right guys?” I asked daring anyone of them to disagree.
All the boys in the room nodded and the principal sighed. I looked at the new kids, they were four. The first had wavy black hair and big brown eyes. He was tall and built. Boy number two had short blond hair black eyes, tall and muscular. The third douche had ruffled black hair, dark blue eyes, tall, built and hot.
Not bad but my boys could beat them any day. The principal dismissed us and one by one we started getting out.
“Oh and Ms. Brown?” The principal said from behind.
“Yes?” I turned and looked at him.
“Try not to get in any more fights this semester.” He said and resumed to whatever he was doing. I rolled my eyes and got out finding the guys and the new kids talking in the hallway.
I walked forward and heard them talking, “Don’t get in our way dipshit, or you’ll regret it.” Someone hissed.
“I should probably say the same to you, you mother-.” But I stepped in before Tom could continue. We didn’t need another fight.
“Okay…” I clapped my hand once looking at them with a sweet smile on my face but soon turned into a frown when I saw, Raidon held Tom by the collar. I gripped his hand and pushed it away.
“Look at me right now, scumbag,” I said, “I don’t advise any of you to mess with us, do you hear me? Cause trust me you’ll regret the day you grew balls.” I threatened glaring at Raidon who was glaring back. I heard snorts and knew that the boys were enjoying the show.
“You think you can beat us? You’re just a girl, you can do nothing. May be you should make yourself useful and entertain me in bed?” He smirked and I glared.
“I may be just a girl but I totally kicked your ass out there and you know it. The only way I’ll entertain you is when you end up on a hospital bed with a few broken ribs and me saying I told you so.” I grinned giving him the finger leaving with the boys.
But Raidon gripped my arm, “Fiesty, I’ll make you want me.” It sent tingles down my spine but I kept my posture rigid.
“Not even in your dreams.” I glared. With that we went to class waiting for school to finish.
I’m sitting in class, bored out of my mind scribbling down my notebook while the teacher kept blabbering about human body parts and all the body shit.
Unfortunately for me none of the guys have this class with me so Raidon and his crew kept glancing my way and to tell you it’s getting uncomfortable.
I started writing whatever on the notebook.
I snapped out of my thoughts when the bell rang. FINALLY, oh I have detention. Do you know what I wanna do? I wanna chop Mr. Herman’s dick with an ax and feed them to dogs. Bloody Mr. Herman, I never liked that guy. He’s always too serious and to cut the slack, I just hate him.
I gathered my stuff and got out of class. Tom, Ryder and Drew were waiting outside surrounded by of group of girls drooling over them once again, with their muscles flexed. As I approached them they started giving glares but I ignored them and kept going.
It was Drew the first to talk “Detention?” He guessed and I nodded. The guys gave me pity glances and I just scowled making them chuckle.
“I heard that you got into a fight today, you bad boys.” Lindsey’s high pitched squeaky voice spoke and I closed my eyes calming myself before I slap her across the face.
I said bye to the guys and told them that I’ll meet them later. They directly understood because we have a race tonight. I’m not going to race but tonight Hunter (a.k.a. Drew) and Spear will race.
The Phantom Riders have four members: Blaze, Sharp, Slash and Spear. You might think that for a gang, four is a small number but it doesn’t matter, they’re deadly. Much to my dismay, both gangs, theirs and ours cover part of our faces with scarves.
I parked the car in front of my house and got out; by their cars I know that the guys are in there.
I opened the front door, “Honey, I’m home.” I hollered and the guys ran downstairs.
“Well hello darling, do you need anything?” Drew said kissing my palm.
“Oh shut up.” I took my hand away and threw my bag on the couch.
“Race tonight.” Tom said and I nodded.
“Yeah, I know. Now stop chitchatting and let’s do our homework” I replied and started finishing the assignments. Did I mention that I hate school? If not, I hate it. There, now you know.
Midnight soon fell and I put on the black wig and my jacket on. I ran downstairs to find the guys already waiting for me each wearing their sunglasses and scarf. Tom wore an over sized black hoodie and black pants, a typical gangster. Ryder was wearing a black shirt with a leather jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans.
Drew was wearing a white shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans and a shiny leather jacket with sunglasses.
“Ready to go?” Tom asked
“Let’s go kick some ass.” I smirked and got in the car.
To be continued..
Am sorry for the delay i was really busy…And secondly the comments are no longer encouraging…Don’t just hit like Alone…Once u read please try to comment one or two things before going…

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To Be Continued….

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