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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 4)



Episode 04.

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“Rise and shine sleeping beauty, we have school.” Someone shook me and I groaned.
“Oh come on Ryder, sleeping beauty, really? If she can’t be a beauty in the day, how do you expect her to be a beauty in the morning?” I knew who that voice belonged to.
“Agreed!” Tom said and I can imagine him holding his hand up agreeing with the jerk Drew.
Yesterday, I crashed at Tom’s since it was late at night. Not to mention the fact that I was too lazy to get up. I wasn’t the only went who slept over, the rest of the guys did the same. I slept in one of the guest rooms while leaving the others drooling on the living room’s floor.
“I mean she could have shaken us awake to sleep on comfortable beds but No.” Drew’s voice was full of sarcasm, “she had to let us sleep on the floor all over each other like stupid monkeys.” I believe that he was giving me his famous evil eye right now.
“Yeah I mean Drew actually drools when he sleeps. You know how his breath was last night? It was horrible .” Tom exclaimed making Ryder laughed.
I peeked and saw that Drew turning red. “I do not!” He protested, narrowing his eyes at Tom. Yes, yes you do.
“Lying is a sin, my friend. Always remember, the truth will set you free.” Tom tapped Drew on the shoulder and I had a feeling Drew was so close to blowing up.
“Why thank you saint Tom. Can you give me advice about having two girls in your bed at night?” Drew threw both of his hands up in the air looking frantic.
“Well it’s easy, you-” Tom started explaining but I leaped out of the bed throwing the covers onto the floor.
“I’m up, oh and good morning!” I smiled at them. Both Tom and Drew glared.
“Where’s the good in it, huh? I woke up in the middle of the night with Tom moaning in my ear. I couldn’t sleep because he kept groaning and having fantasies about Jessica Alba.” Drew cried out and Tom looked horrified. I glanced at Ryder; his shoulders shook and he had one of his hands placed on his mouth to keep him from laughing.
“Yeah well Jessica Alba is one of the few girls that makes me feel hot. She has perfect-” Tom began but soon got interrupted.
“Just shut up already Tom. I don’t wanna hear you getting dirty with Jessica Alba in your dreams so get out.” I pointed to the door, “The woman is married and has a child for Christ’s sake.” I said but Tom is Tom, he’s stupid and does the dirty
“She’s still hot.” He pointed out licking his lips.
I shook my head and went to the bathroom sending Ryder a playful glare but he only smiled in response.
“Move your body move your body uh, dance for your Papi
Rock your body rock your body, uh dance for your Papi
Put your hands up in the air, dance for your man if you care
Put your hands up in the air, air, air, ohohohohoh .”
WHAT THE HELL? I opened the bedroom door wearing a pair of ripped jeans short shorts and a black V-neck top. Most of the time we crash at Tom’s house, so I usually bring extra clothes and keep them here.
“My rock is shinning bright, even if he ain’t by my side
He makes sure that I glow. I make sure everybody knows.
Now all my super ladies I got my baby if you got your baby, baby.” I heard someone sing.
Why does it sound like a grieving dolphin wailing?
I looked around and saw Tom and Ryder peeking through the key gap in the bathroom knob and laughing silently.
“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded crossing my arms over my chest and the guys shushed me.
Tom mouthed come here and I did. He pointed to the gap so I looked in it and started laughing.
Guess what? Drew was singing Papi by Jennifer Lopez rocking his hips while combing his hair.
“Move your body move your body uh, dance for your Papi
Rock your body, rock your body uh, dance for your Papi
Put your hands up in the air dance for your man if you care
Put your hands up in the air, air, air, ohohohohoh.”
And so he continued the song moving his ass and rocking his hips while Tom, Ry , and I laughed uncontrollably that tears started to fall down our faces.
“Oh-My-God” Ryder said clutching his stomach while tears kept falling.
“I-know” I laughed gasping for air.
“Is-Drew-Gay?” Tom said lying on the floor looking at us smiling. Ryder and I looked at each other before bursting out into fits of laughter, again. The bathroom door opened and Drew stood there looking confused, angry and then embarrassed.
“H-how much did you hear?” Drew asked and I got up.
“Move your body move your body uh. Dance for your Papi.” I sang while swaying my hips and Drew turned red.
“Tell anyone and you’re dead.” He threatened which made Tom laugh even harder.
“Oh yah imagine how the girls would look like when I tell them that you were swaying your hips and moving your ass while singing terribly by the way.” Tom rubbed his ears, “my eardrums exploded hearing you singing dude. Never and I do mean NEVER sing again.” Tom said.
“Yeah man at first I thought someone was screaming for help gasping for his last breath so I came to see what’s wrong to find you singing, horribly might I add in the bathroom.” Ryder said wiping the tears away and Drew turned crimson.
“Let’s go to school.” Drew muttered walking to the door
“But I didn’t eat breakfast yet!” I whined.
“It’s not my fault you’re so hard to wake up Sky.” Drew yelled back and I rolled my eyes.
“So today we’re going to talk about William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You are all familiar with the story, would anybody like to share their opinion or quotes about this story?” Mrs. Andrews said. The woman was short, had brown hair that reached the middle of her back and big brown eyes.
We were late , again but thankfully the boys had the same class with me so the teacher let it slip. A boy with jet black hair and bright brown eyes raised his hand. Mrs. Andrew nodded and the boy started speaking.
“Oh Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” He said in a high pitch voice while putting his hands on his heart blinking rapidly. The class broke into fits of laughter and Mrs. Andrews rolled her eyes.
“Anyone else?” Mrs. Andrews asked but no one answered. She sighed and I zoned out. English literature isn’t my favourite subject, never had and never will.
I got a message so I opened my iPhone and read it
Won’t she ever shut up? Ry texted.
Don’t know, I just wanna get the hell out of here. I sent but he didn’t reply.
I started tapping my fingers on the table waiting for the class to end. Tick tock tick tock , ugh this is useless.
I walked down the hall and saw students running around frantic. I stood there confused but followed them nonetheless.
“FIGHT…FIGHTS…FIGHT…” I heard the student body chant forming a large circle around a group of people. I started pushing my way through them, when they saw me, they stood on both sides making me pass. What can I say? I have a large history with fights and all the school knows that I can kick some ass.
Tom, Ryder and Drew were fighting the new kid that I remember was Raidon and a bunch of other guys that I assume were his friends. They were four against three which didn’t look fair.
Raidon was about to punch Tom but I quickly ran, grabbed his fist and kicked him in chin. I looked at Tom and he nodded saying that he can take it from here so I went to Ryder who was fighting two.
I quickly grabbed the brown boy’s hair and punched him in the face which made his nose bleed. Then I kicked him in his family jewels that made his drop to the floor holding his ‘little friend’.
I saw someone approaching me so I held my fist and hit him in his stomach hard. The blond boy groaned and I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed a chunk of his hair and punched him in the eye. The poor boy dropped to the floor and I spit on him.
I turn around to see a fist collide with my face which sent me moving backwards. I saw another fist coming my way but I dodged it but before I could kick him where the sun doesn’t shine. That’s when a voice boomed in authority.

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To Be Continued….

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