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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 31)

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Episode 31.

I clenched my fists and cursed under my breath “I mean, you can’t have a boyfriend.” Drew paused then continued “you’ll break his bones before he can even tell you I love you.” He joked and Tom laughed.
“Ha you’re right! Imagine Skylar with a boyfriend.” He paused and both of them burst out laughing “Yeah that would totally be a disaster man.” Agreed Drew and I raised my eyebrow.
“She would make him commit suicide before their second date.” Laughed Tom and Drew nodded in agreement “Ah, nice one Skylar. That was an awesome joke.” Drew patted me on the shoulder and I put his hand away.
I turned around and looked at him glaring. I can have a boyfriend, even though I would kill him if he does something wrong but I can have a boyfriend. You see every boyfriend I had lasted for two weeks or so, not because I had my eye on someone else but because he would have a black eye by the end of those two weeks… or a broken nose.
Brent, my last boyfriend was a sweet guy at first but this was two years ago. He was the perfect boyfriend that anyone could as for but then he started getting controlling. He didn’t like the face that I spent a lot of time with the guys that he started questioning me about it.
He started asking if I was cheating on him and why wasn’t I sitting next t him at lunch. I kept on telling him that they are my friends since kindergarten and I would never leave them, which seemed to tick him off. On our fourth date he started talking about it and made me choose between me and them. Of course I picked them with no hesitation and while I was leaving he grabbed my arm roughly and pinned me against the wall.
I laugh ed when Brent told me what happened today in class.
“Really? Wow, I can’t believe that.” I laughed and saw him nod smiling.
‘Yeah me too, we were all laughing in class and you should have seen the teacher’s face he was red.” Brent leaned against the table then sat up straight.
We continued talking about what happened with us today and in the past week. I was on a date with Brent, my boyfriend. He’s so sweet that I can’t believe why he wants to date me. We were in a five star restaurant and we just finished eating.
Brent paid the bill and we decided to go to the park, it’s so peaceful at night. Once we reached the park I opened the car door and got out. It was dim outside and I heard the rustling of trees. I love the park at night, you can lie down and look at the stars thinking of anything and no one will disturb you.
Brent and I walked slowly, neither of us talked but enjoyed the peaceful moments.
“Skylar, I didn’t see you this week. You’re always with those boys that it annoys the hell out of me.” He started saying and I looked at him confused. Why is he saying that?
“Yeah of course, they’re my best friends Brent. What do you expect me to do? Stay with you all the time?” I questioned and saw him clench his fists.
“Yes it is; that’s what you should do. It’s either me or them Sky, pick one.” He looked at me in the eye and waited for me answer.
-End of Flashback-
I grimaced at the memory. If you are asking what happened to Brent then… well let’s just say that he ended up putting a piece of meat on his eye. That night I went to Ryder’s house and poured my heart out.
I shook my head and looks at Drew scowling. “And why is that? I have a boyfriend Drew. I am not joking” I lied through my teeth. I feel bad lying to them but Drew pushed me to my limits. Drew and Tom stopped laughing and looked at me seriously.
“Oh my gosh, my baby is growing up.” Drew cried and hugged me so tight that I couldn’t breathe anymore. I heard Ryder chuckle but he shut up quickly, wonder why. I pushed Drew away from me and put a hand on my throat.
“Don’t you ever do that again Drew,
ever.” I warned and Drew nodded putting his hands on his hips looking like my mom when she’s mad.
“And why didn’t you tell us missy?” He demanded and I smiled awkwardly. Oh my now I will not sleep tonight because of the guilt. Before I could answer Tom grabbed both of my arms and turned me to look at him. He looked angry but there was a little spark in his eyes. Tom always scared the guys off, he got pretty ticked off because of my last boyfriend two years ago that any guy who flirted with me ended up in a hospital bed. He didn’t like me hanging aroung with guys other than themselves because of the state I came in two years ago after the encounter with Brent.
“Who’s that son of a gun that you’re dating?” He said deadly and I looked at Ryder for help. Ryder instantly leaned off of the theater red wall and stood between me and Tom. I thanked him with my eyes and he nodded cracking a smile.
“Okay people, let’s give Skylar some space.” He stood between me and Tom and in a flash we started running. I followed him confused, why are we running?
“SKYLAR BROWN, YOU GET BACK HERE.” Boomed Tom and I ran faster catching up to Ryder. We kept on running with Tom following us and we reached the hallway. There were a lot of doors there so I opened the door on my right and pushed Ryder inside.
The room was so dark so I didn’t see a thing, I took a step ahead and someone cursed.
“Ow” hissed Ryder and I covered my mouth to stop me from laughing. So that was the thing that I stepped on, his foot.
“Sorry” I whispered and out my hands in front of me trying to reach a wall but instead it collided with something soft.
“Ow.” Ryder cried out and I bit my lip, it must be ‘unlucky Ryder day’ because that’s what he seemed to get. I murmured my apology and we both sat in silence. After a few minutes of comfortable silence Ryder stepped up and said.
“You know you don’t have to lie to us Skylar.” He said and I leaned back on a wall shocked. The lights went on and I saw him looking at me with a disappointed expression on his face. Guilt consumed me and I looked down glaring at the ground. Stupid Raidon, because of him I’m glaring a lot. Damn, why is he always on my mind, when I think of something he just pops up in my head.
“Lie about what?” I asked dumbly and saw him raise his eyebrow.
“Don’t play dumb Skylar; you know what I’m talking about.” I heard him sigh before continuing “I know you don’t have a boyfriend Skylar and it’s all just an act to prove the guys wrong but don’t you lie to me, I know you very well.” Ryder explained and I crossed my arms still looking down.
Arms engulfed me and I leaned against Ryder “I know how hurt you’ve been Skylar; you can always come to me when you feel like you need someone.” He said softly and I nodded. I always confess to Ryder about anything but this time I was too much of a coward to say nothing.
“You’re my sis Sky, and sisters tell their brothers everything okay?” He asked and I nodded yet again.
“Okay so no more secrets.” I released me and fixed his shirt “First we have to get rid of Tom the hulk out there” He pointed to the door “Then we go out and race tonight, we have to kick some ass.” I laughed and followed him outside. Ryder’s the only one that has seen me cry. I never cry in front of people and Ryder knows that so he always comes and comforts me about it.
Ry opened the door and stepped out “The cost is clear” He said and I nodded stepping outside.
“Oh there you are.” Someone said and I turned around to see Drew “Tom is searching the house like a mad man for you two.” He looked at Ryder then at me. He kept on looking at me and I returned the favor.
“Oh my baby’s growing up.” He cried and I rolled my eyes…Here we go again, Drew and his drama.

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To Be Continued….

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