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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 28)



Episode 28.

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Ryder’s P.O.V. (One of Skylar’s best friend)
“So do you think that she’s here?” Drew asked puzzled looking at the mansion in front of us with doubt. I sighed and shook my head. I just wanted to reply ‘No she’s in the dumpster looking for food’ but held back my tongue.
I glanced at Tom and saw him looking at himself in the mirror checking if he looks good. I smirked when I saw that, he probably wants to flirt with the ladies; if there are any.
I adverted my eyes to Drew who was now walking forward shamelessly whistling with his hands in his pockets.
I cursed under my breath and ran up to him and grabbed his arm catching him by surprise.
Drew looked at me with a stupid expression that said ‘and what do you want?’ and I looked at him crossing my arms.
“And where do you think you’re going?” I asked cocking my eyebrow while he kept staring at me dumbly. Is he deaf of what?
I snapped my fingers and he shook his head getting out of his trance. He looked at me with the same expression again before turning around and walking ahead.
Yeah, I think he is dumb.
I rolled my eyes and looked at Tom and nearly pissed in my pants. I put a hand on my heart and started taking deep breaths making Drew laugh hard while Tom looked at me with an ‘are you okay?’ look.
“Oh-oh wow that should have been recorded.” Drew choked while clutching his stomach and I smacked him across the head.
“Dumbass” I murmured and started walking.
“Is he PMSing or somethin’?” I heard Drew ask and Tom bursting into laughter. I whipped my head and glared at both of them. Tom covered his laughter by coughing while Drew grinned mischievously.
Idiot, I believe I repeated this word like ten times today.
I turned and looked at the house; it was really big with amazing texture. It had-
“Let’s sneak into the house with no one knowing.” Suggested Drew looking enthusiastic while Tom cracked a grin.
Oh this is not good, not good at all!
“No, no and no.” I said slowly but they weren’t listening because they already were climbing up the fence.
“Mother-f*cker.” I started cursing and grabbed Drew’s foot.
“Hey.” He cried out and I smirked. Not everything you want is everything you get Drew boy.
“Get down you ass, go knock on the door like a normal person would.” I hissed manically seeing Drew thinking of it for a moment then shaking his head.
“Nope” He popped the ‘p’ like a five year old grinning “This is so much better.” I gritted my teeth and was pulled him down with all my force making him land face first on the ground.
I heard something crackle and looked to my right to see Tom fixing his shirt whining, annoying prick.
“Ow” hissed Drew and I high fived Tom laughing.
Tom helped Drew in getting up still laughing while Drew fixed his shirt and looked up glaring at me.
Ooh, someone’s mad!
“You little pig.” Growled Drew ready to pounce but someone interrupted.
“Hey, uh what are you doing here?” asked someone and all of our heads snapped towards that person.
There were three guys. The first one had brown hair, the second had black hair and the third had blond hair.
I returned my gaze to the brown haired dude and answered him.
“We’re just looking for Skylar, she tutors Raidon?”
Now, we’re walking into a really small hallway. When Drew first pointed out that there’s a door opened, the guys looked nervous.
The was another door opened when we stepped in we saw a lot of modern, very expensive cars.
“Holy Shit” chorused Drew and Tom seeing all the racing cars. Both of them ran and started touching several cars admirably.
I rolled my eyes then groaned thinking of staying here for the whole day while Drew and Tom praise those cars.
“Yo people theres another door.” Said Drew then ran and stood in front of the door frozen then … smirked?
Tom and I looked at each other before walking up to him. What I saw made my jaw drop, Raidon on top of Skylar. I looked at both of them wide-eyed only to see them smirk, Tom’s smirk turned to a frown then a mad expression. I turned around to look at the others.
Steve and Luke had the same expression on their faces while Chad was standing with his arms crossed, leaning on the door frame smirking.
Drew decided to cut in and say “Oh wow I didn’t know it’s that heated up in here.”
I clenched my fists; they have a lot of explanation to do.
Skylar’s P.O.V.
I looked up to see all of the guys; Drew, Ryder, Tom, Steve and Luke stood there looking at us in shock, except Chad who was smirking.
Why is he smirking?
I looked down at myself and saw that Raidon was still on top of me. Raidon was looking at the guys confused then his expression turned to angry.
I pushed Raidon off of me then stood up dusting myself. I looked up to see Ryder and Tom’s furious faces.
“It isn’t what it looks like.” I defended myself but they still didn’t look convinced.
“Oh really, then how can you explain what we just saw?” asked Tom with a raised eyebrow and I looked, practically pleading him with my eyes but he didn’t soften one bit.
“I-well, Raidon-” I looked at Raidon and saw him fuming. What’s wrong with him?
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?” He roared and I flinched a bit.
Before I could talk Ryder butted up “WE CAME HERE TO SEE OUR FRIEND ONLY TO SEE HER UNDER AN ASSHOLE THAT DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYONE.” Ryder screamed and my eyes went wide in shock. Ryder rarely loses his temper, he’s usually very calm.
What Ryder said seemed only to make Raidon even angrier. Raidon clenched his jaw and tightened his fists; he took dangerous steps towards Ryder.
“What did you say?” Raidon hissed and Ryder narrowed his eyes. I can practically see smoke coming out of Ryder’s ears.
It reminds me of an episode of Tom and Jerry, when Jerry hits Tom on the foot with a pan then smoke comes out of Tom’s ears; so funny.
“Are you deaf? I said we came here to see our friend only to see her under an asshole that doesn’t give a shit about anyone.” Ryder said slowly looking at Raidon in the eye threateningly.
Ryder’s statement made Raidon madder and the next thing we knew was a fight between Ryder and Raidon. I ran and pulled Ryder off of Raidon while the others pulled Raidon.
Ryder tried to be free “Let me finish that sucker up, Skylar let me go.” He tried to push me away but I kept my grip tight on him.
“You wanna beat me you b-tch, then come and show me if you have any balls.” Raidon screamed trying to yank himself out of Chad and Luke’s grip.
“Ryder calm down, you don’t need any more fights.” I warned Ryder who was still trying to pull himself out of my grip but it only made me pull him away more.
I cursed under my breath and made up my mind, I’ll probably regret this later but it’s what I need to do.
I turned Ryder around and pulled my knee up to hit him in the stomach which made him clutch his stomach in pain; I threw Ryder on the ground and went to Raidon.
I stood in front of Raidon who was too busy glaring at Ryder and slap him in the face making him freeze in place.
“Watch it around my friends Raidon or something really bad is going to happen.” I threatened and nodded in Tom and Drew’s direction that were helping Ryder to stand up.
Skylar’s P.O.V.
“Ow” Hissed Ryder for the hundredth time today.
I’ve been helping Ryder with the bruises and his broken nose all day long and he can’t stop whining saying that I’m too rough.
I gritted my teeth and held my tongue. I just wanted to say ‘Be a man and suck it up’ but with the look Tom was giving me I backed down.
We’ve been in a lot of fights with other gangs and had lots of bruises and broken bones but we never got into a real fight with the Phantom Riders a.k.a. Raidon’s gang.
I put the cloth on Ryder’s nose and he flinched scowling.
“Could you be a little gentler?” He demanded and I narrowed my eyes.
I flashed a fake smile and pressed the cloth harder on his nose making him hiss. He deserved that!
“What the hell is wrong with you?” He scowled and I chuckled but continued cleaning his wounds.
‘I’m just throwing all of my frustration on you’ I thought, I mean did he have to go in a fight with Raidon? Of all people he just had to pick Raidon.
“Skylar go easy on him, the poor guy got hit by a bull.” Drew mused and I smiled.
“True.” I tilted my head to the right and threw the cloth on the ground.
“All done.” I said and Ryder breathed out a sigh of relief.
“Hallelujah.” He threw his hands up in the air and I glared.
“You know” I started and all the guys’ attention was focused on me. “I could always give you some extra help with your bruises Ryder.” I paused waiting for Ryder’s reaction.
Once Ryder let it all sink in his eyes grew wide and he darted out of the room. Tom and Drew chuckled shaking their heads then turned back to the movie.
I walked and jumped landing on Drew lap making him cuss.
“Why do you weigh so much?” He panted and I raised my eyebrow then looked at Tom who raised his hands as a sign of surrender.
I crossed my arms and whispered in Drew’s ear.
“Are you saying I’m fat?” I questioned and saw him turn pale. I don’t know how but Tom burst into laughter and both of our heads snapped in Tom’s direction with a smile threatening to take over Drew’s face and me clenching my fists.
I am not fat! Of course there are muscles here and there but I’m not fat. I stood up and made my way towards Tom who was busy laughing his ass off so he didn’t notice me coming his way.
I bent down to wear Tom was laughing and pinched him. The douche felt it and sat up straight only to see me in front of him making him scream like a little girl.

To Be Continued…

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