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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 27)

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Episode 27.

Raidon’s P.O.V.
Where the hell did she go? I told her not to do anything, yet she wanders around doing the exact opposite.
Can this girl be more pain in the ass…? Don’t answer that!
I sighed and rubbed my temples. I know something bad is going to happen, I just feel it.
First, I went to the living room expecting her to be there but unfortunately that brat wasn’t. I looked around the garden, still nothing. Then I went and searched the kitchen, gym and game room but I didn’t find her.
Where did she go?
“Skylar?” I shouted and my voice echoed through the entire house but there was no answer.
I feel like I’m in a freaking horror movie, you know when the character opens the door of a haunted house and asks ‘is anybody there?’ If you ask me it pretty cliché. Fortunately this isn’t a haunted house so no monster will come out and kill me.
I shoved my phone into my pocket and growled. Where could she be?
I left her for 5 minutes expecting her remain where she is but no… Skylar has to be an arrogant b-tch and ignore everything I say.
Damn her, all the guys in our school say she’s hot and all that shit but trust me if they talk to her she would scare them away. The thought of them thinking of her that way disgust me, but hey I’m not any better.
I bet the guys would cover their family jewels every time she walks by-ha that would be a sight to see.
I opened the dining room door but didn’t see her. I cursed under my breath closing the door then walking down the hall. Each wall had a different color, blue, red, black, yellow, golden, pink, green and many more.
Sometimes I think that I’m in a circus.
I continued walking searching every room I passed by but still nothing.
I walked down the hall frustrated gritting my teeth. I’m going to kill her if she touches anything that is for me which reminds me.
I stopped and turned around walking in the direction of my bedroom.
“Where did she go?” I groaned but kept on walking.
Once I reached my room I opened the door and threw my shirt on the ground walking to the closet to get a new one.
I took out a red plain sleeveless shirt and wore it quickly.
“Damn Skylar and her schemes, I swear I’m going to kill her. That mother-“I turned around cussing but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the secret room opened.
She’s dead meat; I’m going to kill her!
Wait, why is she there? She can’t know that I’m Blaze that would be a disaster! I was suddenly nervous but sighed.
Calm down Raidon, she won’t realize that you are Blaze; she’s stupid. I kept chanting in my head hoping it’s true.
I stormed towards the room and screamed
“Skylar Brown you get out of here right now” but my voice faded when I didn’t see anyone there.
Where the hell did she go now? I swear if she keeps on doing that I will go insane.
“Skylar?” I asked but there was no answer.
I walked around the room but saw no one.
Ugh this is hopeless. I was about to walk out but something caught my eye.
Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.
Holy SHIT…
The door where all the guns and cars are was opened.
I ran down the stairs as fast as possible hoping that she didn’t figure it out yet.
“Where the hell did she go, I told her not to go anywhere but she…” I grumbled but stopped when I saw the door of the gun room open.
I ran there and barged in the room only to see Skylar glaring at me hard. She had fire in her eyes and looked like she could kill. Hey facial expression told me that she figured it out but I decided to play dumb. Here goes nothing…
R.I.P. Raidon Fox
She kept on glaring and I felt scared a little but managed to put a straight face, never show weakness in front of your enemy.
“What are you doing here?” I asked in a cold voice.
Skylar’s P.O.V.
“What are you doing here?” He asked in a monotone voice and I glared.
Is he serious? That guy is dead. D.E.A.D.
Dead, that’s the end of it.
You should know that what I hate the most is a liar. I never trust liars and if someone lies to me, then there’s hell to pay.
I kept on glaring till I cracked an evil smile and strolled towards him each step more dangerous than the other.
No one messes with Skylar Brown, no one!
I avoided his question and smiled sweetly at him.
“Well Raidon I never thought you were…” I paused for a second making him go nervous before continuing “a CIA agent.” I said and saw him blow out a breath of relief.
Huh! He actually believed that? I’m not stupid you know…
I took another step forward, balled up my fists and sighed.
“Being a CIA agent is so hot.” I breathed out a felt him stiffen.
It was so hard not to gag when I said those words.
EW, calling Raidon hot is so BLAH.
“Yeah I know, all of the girls seem to like it.” He replied smirking looking more comfortable than before. I looked at him and saw that he changed his shirt and looked stressed out.
Are you talking about girls or sluts Raidon?
“You know what I hate the most Raidon?” I asked my voice low but didn’t wait for his answer.
“Liars” I hissed and his blue eyes widen.
Shock was written all over his face so I took the opportunity and kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine. He took a few steps back till he reached the wall putting his hand on it for support.
I dangerously walked up to him and punched him in the nose making blood leak out.
“When someone lies to me…” I whispered then punched him in the stomach making him grunt.
“There’s hell to pay.” I smiled evilly.
Suddenly I was on the floor with Raidon on top of me. The first thing I knew was a great pain that was coming from my jaw. I put my hand on it and hissed in pain, it was incredible. I felt like there’s something burning but I didn’t show weakness.
Of course a lot have hit me and lost their heads but Raidon’s hit was a lot stronger than any of those people but then again he’s Blaze, the second most powerful gang leader here.
I rolled so I was on top of him then punched him in the jaw but Raidon was quick enough and rolled then grabbed my hair and punched me again in the jaw.
We kept on rolling and hitting each other, Raidon was on top right now and was strangling me. I gritted my teeth and was about to push him off of me and make him regret the day he was born but someone had to interrupt us.
“Oh wow I didn’t know it’s that heated up in here.” Someone said and both of our heads snapped in the direction of the door.
Great! Can this day get any better?

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To be continued..

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