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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 26)

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Episode 26.

“ Don’t touch anything.” Raidon’s voice echoed through my head and I lowered my hand a bit.
Should I really press it? I asked myself.
Well I wasn’t really the one that followed rules; I snorted and raised my hand putting a finger on the green button. I anxiously but slowly pressed it but nothing happened.
I looked at the button puzzled and sighed. I shook my head, why would he even hide a button behind a book?
A mechanic voice filled the room so I turned around and gasped at what I saw…
Oh my gosh, what the hell?
I looked at what was in front of me wide-eyed. The wall disappeared to view a huge room filled with leather jackets, sun glasses, boots, everything you ever wished for. I stood there dumbstruck not knowing what to do. The room was all black which had a gangster style in.
In front of me was a huge wall that had amazing Graffiti on. The wall had ‘Phantom’ written over it in white and red.
I took a step inside carefully while looking around. I looked at my left and saw a black wall that had black leather streaks on while black leather jackets were hanging on it.
There were like fifty leather jackets hanging which make me gasp. Why would a person need fifty jackets?
I looked to my right and took a few steps ahead. Tons and tons of glasses mostly Giorgio Armani and Ray bans dangled making my eyes bulge.
Seeing a big mirror on the wall that had lion’s claws on I took a Ray Ban and tried it on. I walked till I reached the mirror and looked at myself.
Damn I look good.
I smiled at that, it reminded me of the time when Tom was putting on his brand new very expensive Ray Ban checking himself out which was really weird, then his two little cousins came running in the room bumping by him.
Tom being so busy checking his ugly self out didn’t notice them and fell on his seat breaking five of his Ray Bans.
I sighed falling face front on Tom’s bed. Can you believe it? He always talks about girls taking so much time in getting dressed, well he’s even worse.
“Hey Sky, what is better this one.” He said lifting up his big black shaded Ray Ban “or this?” He picked up the yellow Ray Ban looking at me.
I mentally rolled my eyes and said anything “The black one.” I yawned and stretched on the bed.
I put my elbow on the bed and my hand under my chin in utter boredom.
Tom put his black Ray Ban and a smile made its way to his overly confused face making me cheer, mentally of course.
I pursed my lips and thought about how Drew and Ryder must be having fun right now while I’m stuck here with Tom and his Ray Bans.
“I look good.” He complimented himself and I faintly smiled while on the inside I was cursing.
Suddenly the door flew open and Tom’s little two cousins came running into the room. Tom didn’t really notice them because he was busy checking himself out.
The boys kept on running around the room till they bumped into Tom. Tom fell on the chair where he put his other Ray Bans because there wasn’t any other place left.
I closed my eyes when I heard them crack, both of the boys ran out of the room giggling. I slowly opened my eyes to see Tom slumped on the chair and shook my head.
He’s going to have a fit.
“My Ray Bans.” He screamed and I shut my eyes.
~End of Flashback~
I chuckled remembering it. Tom chased his cousins down banning them from entering his room saying “If you ever go in my room, you’ll be running on your hands.” He threatened them and left the two little boys scared to death.
I put the Ray Ban in its place and went to the watch section. I’m impressed, he really has a great taste but then again why would anyone need a secret room to put his things in?
I turned around but something caught my eye, an electronic door?
I started walking towards it eager to why would it there. The electronic door was covered with shades of black and there was a letter ‘B’ written all over it in red.
What’s with the ‘B’? Doesn’t his name start with an ‘R’? Raidon? That’s weird.
The door opened by itself and I stepped in only to be met by a staircase covered in black, the only thing that gave light were the small bulbs put in the walls.
I walked down step by step till I reached a room. I put my hand on the wall searching for a switch to turn on the lights.
I found something then clicked it and suddenly all the lights went on. My mouth dropped at what I saw.
Cars, cars everywhere. There were atleast fifteen cars in here all brand new.
This reminds me about Batman, he has a secret cave but the difference is that this is a room.
I looked at the wall in front of me which was also Graffiti but has Riders on it in blood red while the rest of the wall was black.
This is weird.
I shook my head and sighed, why would he need all of this?
Something beeped and I looked around searching for the source to see a big door open. I opened the door and gasped, guns from all kinds hanged there.
Why would he need…?
Then it clicked the secret room… The leather jackets… The Phantom Graffiti on the wall…The secret pathway… The cars… The Riders Graffiti…The guns.
“Where the hell did she go, I told her not to go anywhere but she…” Someone hissed and I heard footsteps coming this way.
I turned around and Raidon stopped in his tracks shocked but slightly scared.
I glared, all this time he was lying to me.

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To Be Continued…

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